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Everyone knows Super 32 is the toughest high school folkstyle tournament every year. This year will be no different. 

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Saturday & Sunday, October 24-25, 2020

Below are the top contenders, notes, and picks for all 14 weights. Fill up on all the Super 32 intel and then buckle up to watch it unfold. A pro tip from Andrew Spey: don't miss the quarterfinal round on Sunday at 8 AM. It's perhaps the best round of high school wrestling all year.

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106: Entries - 99

Last Year’s Final: Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania) DEC Cory Land (Alabama), 5-4

Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Vinny Kilkeary, 10th, PA

#2 Nathanael Jesuroga, 10th, IA

#4 Nikolaus O'Neill, 9th, PA

#9 Benjamin Davino, 9th, IL

#11 Braeden Davis, 10th, MI

#12 Drew Heethuis, 10th, MI

#15 Beric Jordan, 9th, OH

#17 Zan Fugitt, 10th, MO

#18 Alan Koehler, 10th, MN

#19 Caleb Thoennes, 11th, MN

#20 Ethan Rivera, 9th, FL

Unranked To Watch

Caleb Uhorchuk, 10th, TN

Gianni Silvestri, 9th, NY

Jacob Carson, 10th, UT

Jaxon Joy, 9th, OH

Marcello Milani, 10th, MI

Dillon Campbell, 9th, OH

Anthony Knox, 9th, NJ

Drew Gorman, 8th, GA

Isaiah Quintero, 9th, CA

Aden Valencia, 9th, CA

Max Hermes, 10th, OH

Logan Swensen, 9th, MN

Conor Collins, 10th, NJ

Reid Spurley, 9th, WI

Commentary: A whole lot of depth and a potential #1 vs #2 matchup makes the lightest weight one of the most fun. #1 Vinny Kilkeary is must-watch wrestling every time he takes the mat. His gunslinging style can sometimes get him in trouble, however. #2 Nate Jesuroga, an Iowa state champion, has a bit more tightened up style of wrestling.

One of the top threats to dethrone #1 and #2 is 4th ranked Nikolaus O'Neill of Malvern Prep. The freshman went 9-0 in a deep field a few weeks ago at Battle at the Burgh. He's been wrestling up at 113 during the pre-season, but he'll be coming down to 106 for this event and for the season.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Jesuroga 2. Kilkeary 3. O'Neill 4. Davino

Bray’s Full Breakdown: Super 32 Could Determine The #1 Spot At 106

113: Entries - 154

Last Year’s Final: Jacob Rivera (California) DEC Nico Provo (Connecticut), 9-3

Ranked Wrestlers

#5 Blake West, 12th, MN

#5 (106) Billy Dekraker, 9th, VA

#7 Spencer Moore, 12th, KY

#10 (106) Cael Keck, 11th, MO

#11 (126) Cory Land, 11th, AL

#15 Caden Horwath, 10th, MI

#16 Cole Hunt, 11th, GA

#17 Nick Corday, 11th, TN

#18 Jore Volk, 11th, MN

Unranked To Watch

PJ Duke, 9th, NY

Kollin Rath, 9th, PA

Landon Robideau, 9th, MN

Kael Lauridsen, 10th, NE

Joseph Fernau, 11th, IL

Vince Bouzakis, 8th, PA

Sefton Douglas, 11th, WY

Oscar Alvarez, 11th, WA

Joey Fernau, 11th, IL

Jaden Pepe, 10th, PA

Commentary: A year ago, Mason Gibson made history when he became just the second eighth-grader to win a high school Super 32 title when he won the belt at 106. Now, PJ Duke, fresh off a win over #3 at 120, Stevo Poulin, is looking to make it back-to-back years with an eighth-grade champion. Duke is no stranger to making history either. Back in March, Duke became the first wrestler in New York history to win a high school state title as a seventh-grader. 

He’s going to be in for a challenge, however, with nine ranked high schoolers and non ranked guys to watch like Fargo All-American Joseph Fernau, Nebraska state champion Kale Lauridsen, and Nic Bouzakis’ little brother Vince Bouzakis.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Land 2. Hunt 3. Duke 4. Moore

Bratke’s Full Breakdown: 113 Is Wide Open At Super 32

120: Entries - 164

Last Year’s Final: Jordan Williams (Oklahoma) DEC Maximo Renteria (California), 5-3

Ranked Wrestlers

#3 (126) Cooper Flynn, 12th, TN

#4 (126) Troy Spratley, 11th, OK

#4 Gary Steen, 12th, PA

#7 Mason Gibson, 9th, PA

#7 (106) Cash Raymond, 9th, MN

#9 Tyler Kasak, 10th, PA

#11 Mac Church, 10th, PA

#12 (126) Nicolar Rivera, 11th, WI

#12 Jacob Moon, 12th, OH

#17 Diego Sotel, 12th, IL

#19 Sergio Lemley, 10th, IN

#19 (126) Chase Liardi, 12th, NY

#20 (113) Beau Mantanona, 10th, CA

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Greyson Clark, 10th, WI

Yusief Lilli, 12th, ID

Brady Pruett, 11th, MD

Cameron Steed, 11th, OK

Jackson Bond, 11th, GA

Owen Uhis, 11th, MO

Ryder Block, 10th, IA

Bailey Roybal, 12th, IA

Josh Koderhandt, 12th IL

Carter McCallister, 10th, MO

Cole Whitehead, 12th, IA

Max Gallagher, 10th, NY

Koy Buesgens, 10th, MN

Trever Anderson, 11th, IA

Ty Watters, 10th, PA

Santino Robinson, 10th, IL

Commentary: Six top-10 wrestlers here. The top four have separated themselves a bit from the other two. Cooper Flynn is National Prep champion and Virginia Tech commit. Troy Spratley is an Oklahoma state champion and recently committed to Minnesota. Gary Steen is Ironman champion and committed to Pitt. However the possible real future star of this weight is Mason Gibson. As previously mentioned, Mason Gibson won 106 last year as an eighth grader. He just defeated Steen, 3-2, at PA Power’s True event.

Another potential intriguing True Power rematch between Mac Church and Tyler Kasak could be in the works this weekend. The two split matches in the 2019-2020 season, but Church won a rather dominant 6-1 match at True Power. Can Kasak respond?

Rader’s Picks: 1. Gibson 2. Spratley 3. Flynn 4. Steen

Rader’s Full Breakdown: Ranked Wrestlers And Returning Champ At 120

126: Entries - 150

Last Year’s Final: Nic Bouzakis (Pennsylvania) DEC Nicholas Nardone (New Jersey), 7-3

Ranked Wrestlers

#1 (120) Drake Ayala, 12th, IA

#2 Jordan Titus, 12th, NY

#5 Zeke Seltzer,11th, IN

#6 Dustin Norris, 12th, OH

#14 Maxximus Martinez, 10th, CA

#14 (120) Jack Gioffre, 11th, CA

#15 Kelly Dunnigan, 12th, NJ

#16 (132) Jackson Arrington, 11th, PA

#18 Dylan Gilcher, 10th, MI

#18 (132) Camron Lacure, 11th, OH

#20 Noah Gochberg, 12th, TX

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Vince Robinson, 10th, IL

Hunter Mason, 10th, TN

Braden Basile, 11th, FL

Joseph Cangro, 11th, NJ

Chase Deblaere, 11th, MN

Dylan Chapell, 12th, PA

Commentary: One of the best weights of the tournament, this one could be for the #1 spot. Ayala is coming up from 120 lbs were he defeated former P4P #1 Richie Figueroa at Who’s #1. This sets up a highly anticipated finals match between #2 at 126 Jordan Titus. Both guys are already committed: Ayala to Iowa and Titus to West Virginia. 

There’s a total of 11 ranked guys and five freshman or sophomore big boarders that aren’t ranked, meaning at least three top-20 wrestlers in the nation as well as some of the best underclassmen in the country will not make the podium. That's a pretty gnarly bracket no matter how you slice it. 

Rader’s Picks: 1. Ayala 2. Titus 3. Seltzer 4. Arrington

Spey’s Full Breakdown: Can Ayala Keep The Momentum Rolling Up At 126?

132: Entries - 150

Last Year’s Final: Joel Vandervere (Illinois) DEC Kenny Herrmann (Pennsylvania), 6-2

Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Nic Bouzakis, 11th, PA

#3 Maximo Renteria, 12th, CA

#4 Nico Nardone ,11th, NJ

#5 Chance Lamer, 12th, OR

#7 Vince Cornella, 12th, CO

#9 Casey Swiderski, 11th, MI

#10 Tom Crook, 10th,  FL

#11 Aidan Noonan, 12th, IA

#14 (138) Derrick Cardinal, 12th, MN

#15 (138) Joseph Sealey, 8th, NC

#17 Richard Fedalen, 11th, MD

#19 Danny Nini, 11th, MD

Unranked Guys to Watch

Anthony Aniciete, 11th, NV

Blaine Brenner, 12th, WI

Casey Wiles, 12th, OH

Christian Cabuag, 12th, CA

David Panone, 11th, GA

Eli Ashcroft, 11th, MO

Ethen Doty, 11th, IL

Evan Holloway, 11th, VA

Francisco Ayala, 10th, WA

Hagen Heistand, 11th, IA

Ismael Ayoub, 11th, OH

Jacob Mann, 12th, MO

Jager Eisch, 12th, WI

Jimmy Harrington, 11th MA

Jude Swisher, 11th, PA

Kyren Butler, 12th, OH

Lain Yapoujian, 10th, CO

Miguel Estrada Jr., 9th, CA

Pierson Manville, 9th, PA

Q'veli Quintanilla, 10th, WA

Ty Whalen, 11th, NJ

Commentary: A very deep weight, but with a clear favorite: Nic Bouzakis. Bouzakis is the #1 junior in the country and will be the best uncommitted wrestler at the tournament. He combines strength and technique as good as anyone.

However, with 11 other ranked wrestlers, including six in the top 10 obtaining a Super 32 belt will be no easy task for Bouzakis. He’ll have to outplace three-time California state champion Maximo Renteria, returning finalist and Penn commit Nico Nardone, Fargo finalist Chance Lamer, young hammer Jude Swisher, and many others.

Rader's Picks: 1. Bouzakis 2. Renteria 3. Lamer 4. Nardone

Bray’s Full Breakdown: Can Anyone Take Out The Champ At 132?

138: Entries - 157

Last Year’s Final: Lachlan Mcneil (Pennsylvania) DEC Justin Rivera (Florida), 3-1

Ranked Wrestlers

#5 Ramon Ramos, 12th, AZ

#6 Nick Moore, 12th, OH

#7 Nasir Bailey, 10th, IL

#9 (145) Caden McCrary, 12th, GA

#10 Levi Haines, 11th, PA

#11 Ben Alanis, 12th, AZ

#13 Alex Almeyda, 11th, NJ

#15 (132) Kelvin Griffin, 11th, PA

#16 (126) Ethan Mojena, 10th, FL

#16 (145) Kyle Dutton, 11th, MO

#17 Jayden Scott, 11th, NY

#20 Finn Solomon, 11th, PA

#20 (145) Jake Niffenegger, 11th, OH

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Nicco Ruiz, 10th, CA

Kayden Kralik, 10th, OH

Teague Travis, 12th, MO

Hunter Garvin, 11th, IA

Commentary: This weight is wide open. Double-digit top 20 kids and four of the top 10. Along with the returning Super 32 placers; Alex Almeyda, Caden McCrary, and Nick Moore; you have two-time Pennsylvania state runner-up Levi Haines, NHSCA Freshman Nationals runner-up Justin Bartee, New York state runner-up Jayden Scott, Illinois state champion Nasir Bailey, and Missouri state champion Kyle Dutton just to name a few. Also keep an eye on Arizona hammers Ramon Ramos and Ben Alanis.

Rader’s Picks: 1. McCrary 2. Ramos 3. Moore 4. Travis

Bratke’s Full Breakdown: Who Will Bring Home The Belt At 138?

145: Entries - 129

Last Year’s Final: Bretli Reyna (Florida) DEC Joshua Saunders (Missouri), 8-7 UTB

Ranked Wrestlers

#5 Gavin Brown, 11th, OH

#7 Garrison Dendy, 11th, GA/TN

#8 (132) Rocco Welsh, 10th, PA

#15 Michael Killic, 11th, GA

#18 Henry Porter, 12th, CA

#19 Alex Martin, 12th, OH

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Alex Ramirez, 12th, CA

Zack Ryder, 9th, NY

Derek Raike, 11th, WV

Nathaniel Pulliam, 12th, MO

Dreyzon Phillips, 12th, IA

Cael Rahnavard, 12th, IA

Nick Fea, 11th, NY

Nathan Higley, 12th, PA

Kael Voinovich, 9th, OH

Kaleb Larkin, 11th, AZ

Angelo Ferrari, 9th, OK

Joey Blaze, 10th, OH

Conner Harer, 9th, PA

Commentary: Georgia always shows out at Super 32 and this weight class will be Exhibit A. Between Garrison Dendy, Michael Killic, and Zack Ryder, the Peach State will be bringing home some hardware from 145. 

Young Pennsylvania stud Rocco Welsh is coming up from 126 where he made the state finals last year. Two more young guns to watch are Kael Voinovich and Angelo Ferrari. They are the younger brothers of Oklahoma State commit Victor Voinovich and Oklahoma State freshman AJ Ferrari. Kael made the Super 32 middle school finals last year at 136 lbs and some people are predicting that Angelo may be the best Ferrari of the three brothers.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Welsh 2. Dendy 3. Killic 4. Brown

Rader’s Full Breakdown: 145 Could Be A Breakout Tournament For Multiple Wrestlers

152: Entries - 123

Last Year’s Final: Chase Saldate (California) DEC Peyton Hall (West Virginia), 3-2

Ranked Wrestlers

#4 Anthony Ferrari, 10th, OK

#7 Vinny Zerban, 12th, IL

#8 (145) Daniel Cardenas, 11th, CO

#8 Kamdyn Munro, 12th, GA

#9 RJ Weston, 12th, GA

#11 (160) Josh Barr, 10th, MI

#13 Connor Gaynor, 12th, IL

#14 (145) Caleb Henson, 10th, GA

#15 Andrew Troczynski, 11th, NJ

#16 Nick Sanko, 11th, NY

#16 (160) Tyler Lillard, 11th, PA

#17 Nick Vafiadis, 11th, VA

#18 Paniro Johnson, 12th, PA

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Thor Michaelson, 10th, WA

Jared Keslar, 11th, PA

Mitchell Mesenbrink, 11th WI

Grant MacKay, 10th, PA

Carter Baer, 11th, NY

Brayden Thompson, 10th, IL

Sincere Bailey, 12th, IL

Evan Gleason, 12th, PA

Tyler Swiderski, 12th, MI

Commentary: Back-to-back weights with a Ferrari brother and a couple of Georgia hammers. This time Anthony Ferrari will be the favorite. We haven't seen Ferrari wrestle much since he won the Reno Tournament of Champions in December of 2019. Prior to that, he finished runner-up to Jesse Mendez at the Cadet World Team Trials at 60kg.

Kamdyn Munro, RJ Weston, and Caleb Henson are all Georgia state champions who can make deep runs in Myrtle Beach.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Ferrari 2. Henson 3. Zerban 4. Cardenas

Spey’s Full Breakdown: Can Anthony Ferrari Survive The 152-Pound Gauntlet?

160: Entries - 102

Last Year’s Final: Cael Valencia (California) DEC Thayne Lawrence (Pennsylvania), 7-5

Ranked Wrestlers

#3 Dean Hamiti Jr, 12th, IL   

#4 Derek Fields, 12th, OH

#4 Matthew Singleton, 12th, GA          

#5 Enrique Munguia, 12th, OH

#7 Erik Gibson, 11th, PA

#9 Carson Manville, 12th, PA    

#13 Aaron Ayzerov, 12th, NJ

#19 Gavin Quiocho, 12th, WV          

#20 Aidan Faria, 12th, RI

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

AJ Corrado, 12th, PA

Antonio Amelio, 12th, PA

Brant Whitaker, 12th, MO

Brayden Giannone, 11th, KY

Cayleb Atkins, 12th, KS

Dylan Kohn, 12th, FL

Enzo Morlacci, 11th, PA

Gunner Filipowicz, 11th, GA

Hunter Lyden, 11th, MN

Jack Ganos, 12th, WI

Landen Johnson, 11th, MN   

Tate Naaktgeboren, 10th, IA

Commentary: Of the nine ranked wrestlers in this weight, seven are seniors, and two are juniors. These guys have been around the block which could set up some incredible matches between savvy guys who know a lot about one another. Hamiti, Fields, and Singleton have the rankings and results to make them on-paper favorites to finish at the top here, but they'll have their work cut out for them.

The pack of ranked guys chasing the favorites is a hungry group that seems poised to break through in Myrtle Beach. Elyria, Ohio, senior #5 Enrique Munguia has had a productive offseason. He was 5-0 at Battle at the Burgh where he had a nice win over AJ Corrado. Erik Gibson, the #7 ranked 160-pound junior from Pennsylvania went 17-0 between Battle at the Burgh and the Olympic Club Duals.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Hamiti 2. Singleton 3. Fields 4. Gibson

Spey’s Full Breakdown: The Parity At 160lbs Makes It A Must-Watch Weight

170: Entries - 87

Last Year’s Final: Greyden Penner (Missouri) DEC Gavin Kane (Georgia), 5-3

Ranked Wrestlers

#8 Joseph Martin, 11th, CA

#10 Manny Rojas, 11th, MI

#11 James Rowley, 11th, OR

#13 Clayton Whiting, 11th, WI

#14 Kole Mulhauser, 11th, NY

#15 Logan Messer, 12th, OH

#16 Alex Whitworth, 12th, TN

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Bailey Flanagan, 12th, FL

Ryder Rogotzke, 10th, MN

Mickey Griffith, 11th, IA

Commentary: While there are plenty of accomplished and successful wrestlers in the bracket, none of the ranked wrestlers or top contenders have broken through and won a big-time national event on the high school level like a Super 32-caliber event.

Joseph Martin is the only ranked returning placer after taking seventh at 160 last October and was a Cali state runner-up this year. Other top contenders include Fargo runner-up Manny Rojas, U15 World Team member James Rowley, Fargo third Cole Whiting, NHSCA placer Kole Mulhauser, Ohio state placer Logan Messer, and Tennessee state champion Alex Whitworth.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Rojas 2. Martin 3. Rowley 4. Whiting

Bratke’s Full Breakdown: Who Breaks Through At 170?

182: Entries - 73

Last Year’s Final: Gerrit Nijenhuis (Pennsylvania) DEC John Poznanski (New Jersey), 4-3

Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Rylan Rogers, 11th, NJ

#4 Jake Evans, OH, 12th

#5 (170) Rocco Contino, CA, 12th - Virginia

#6 Bennett Berge, MN, 12th

#8 Brian Soldano, NJ, 11th - Rutgers

#10 Jaxon Smith, GA, 12th - Maryland

#12 (195) Joey Milano, PA, 12th - NC State

#13 (195) Quayin Short, MN, 12th

#16 Hudson Hightow, OH, 12th - Princeton

#17 Tylynn Lukens, FL, 11th

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Adam Ahrendsen, IA, 12th - Northern Iowa

Jared Sima, KS, 12th - Northern Iowa

Roman Rogotzke, MN, 12th - South Dakota State

Isaiah Reinert, PA, 12th - Bucknell

Andrew Wenzel, IL, 12th

Cole Hivnor, OH, 12th

Griffin Gammell, IA, 11th

Hayden Walters, OR, 10th

James Araneo, NY, 12th

Mason Diel, WI, 12th

Roman Rogotzke, MN, 12th

Nolan Craine, KS, 12th

Sawyer Bartelt, FL, 9th

Commentary: Similar to 132, there’s a clear favorite here in Rylan Rogers, but his Super 32 belt is far from a done deal. Rogers defeated probable #2 seed Jake Evans for the Ironman title last year, but nine ranked wrestlers and a whole lot more right on the cusp is a lot of landmines to navigate.

There will be plenty of future D1 talent in this bracket. While Rogers is still undecided, nine wrestlers have already made their college decision. Rocco Contino to Virginia. Brian Soldano to Rutgers. Jaxon Smith to Maryland. Joey Milano to NC State. Hudson Hightow to Princeton. Adam Ahrendsen and Jared Sima to UNI. Roman Rogotzke to SDSU. Isaiah Reinert to Bucknell.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Rogers 2. Contino 3. Evans 4. Smith

Rader’s Full Breakdown: Rylan Rogers Will Have To Navigate An Incredible 182 Field

195: Entries - 58

Last Year’s Final: Santos Cantu (Oregon) DEC Brandon Hoselton (Illinois), 3-2

Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Seth Shumate, 11th, OH

#5 Brandon Hoselton, 12th, IL

#7 Evan Bates, 12th, IN     

#9 Martin Cosgrove, 11th, NJ

#10 Gavin Nelson, 10th, MN

#11 Franklin Cruz, 12th, CO

#15 Christian Carroll, 10th, IN

#17 Michael Talshahar, 11th, FL

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Aiden Warren, 12th Perry Meridian, IN          

Caden Rogers, 11th Malvern Prep, PA 

Conor Maslanek, 12th Pelham, NH     

Dorian Walters, 12th Lathrop High School, MO - Wyoming

Holden Cypher, 11th Millbrook High School, NC        

Isaiah Anderson, 11th Chiawana, WA - Oregon State

Jack Darrah, 11th CBC  MO - Cornell

Jack Forbes, 12th Columbine High School, CO            

Joey Braunagel, 12th Althoff Catholic High School, IL 

Jon List, 12th Wadsworth, OH 

Luke Duthie, 12th Wyoming Seminary, PA     

Noah Wenzel, 9th Dakota, IL   

Talmage Carman, 12th Herriman High School, UT

Commentary: Seth Shumate is the #2 man at this weight, and his titles at Fargo and Iron Man give him the strongest resume of anyone in the bracket. He's the favorite, but it's worth noting that he hasn't made it on the podium in his first two attempts. He had 3-2 performances as a freshman and as a sophomore, but the Buckeye bound junior is too good to count out.

The #5-ranked Brandon Hoselton knows how to get it done at Super 32 as he was a finalist at this weight a year ago. Hoselton's path to the finals last year went through Indiana champ #7 (220lbs) Evan Bates.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Shumate 2. Hoselton 3. Cosgrove 4. Bates

Bray’s Full Breakdown: At 195lbs, Will Shumate Punch Through At Super 32?

220: Entries - 34

Last Year’s Final: Braxton Amos (West Virginia) DEC Chase Horne (Georgia), 8-2

Ranked Wrestlers

#4 Bennett Tabor, 12th, MN

#9 Noah Pettigrew, 11th, GA

#11 Xavier Doolin, 12th, MO   

#18 Logan Shephard, 11th, OH

Unranked Wrestlers to Watch

Chase Crayton, 11th, NC        

Cole Gripka, 12ht, MO 

Eli Fortuner, 11th, VA  

Gage Cook, 11th, WA

Levi Kovacs, 12th, WA

Luke Walker, 12th, IA

Mason Ding, 12th, TX

Ty Broadway, 12th, MD

Commentary: Big man brackets in the fall aren't typically as big as the light and middle weights due to football, and while that is true this year as well, we have some pretty spicy entries that will make 220lbs a really fun weight. The top five in this bracket are rock-solid, and a number of guys with regional success will look to shake things up on the national level.

Xavier Doolin and Bennett Tabor had a wild match this off-season at Rocky Mountain Nationals. Doolin looked dominant against Tabor for two and a half periods, running out to a 9-1 lead, but then Tabor reminded everyone why he's so dangerous when he took Doolin down and power-halfed him to his back late in the third. The match ended 9-6 and set the stage for an exciting potential rematch. Pettigrew and Shepard might have other plans, however.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Doolan 2. Tabor 3, Pettigrew 4. Shepard

Bray’s Full Breakdown: High-Flying Big Men Headline 220lbs

285: Entries - 30

Last Year’s Final: Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania) DEC Hayden Copass (Illinois), 8-2

Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Chase Horne (West Laurens, GA)

#2 Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep, MD)

#3 Hayden Copass (Westville, IL)

#20 Jalen Stephens (Meyersdale, PA)

Unranked Wrestlers To Watch

Collin Crosby, 11th, GA

Ryan Boersma, 11th, IL

Nathan Taylor, 12th, PA

Commentary: Too many times heavyweight is the overlooked weight class in a tournament, but that won't be the case this weekend. I'm officially putting the must-watch tag on this weight as the nation's top three ranked wrestlers will be battling to bring home the belt. 

Hayden Copass was the #1 ranked wrestler at 285 at the end of last season, but after Kyonte Hamilton bumped up and Chase Horne defeated him at Grand River Rumble, he moved to #3. This allowed Hamilton and Horne to square off at Who’s #1 with Horne winning 10-6. Now Copass and Hamilton will both be looking for revenge and prove they belong at the top spot.

Rader’s Picks: 1. Horne 2. Hamilton 3. Compass 4. Stephens

Bratke’s Full Breakdown: A Big Super 32 Preview For The Big Boys

The Prince Of Providence: Johnson & Wales Assistant Coach Brian Allen

Brian Allen_2.jpg

The Johnson & Wales University wrestling program has been around since 1997 and has become one of the top programs in Division III. The JWU program had small beginnings, Head Coach Lonnie Morris started with just four wrestlers in the inaugural season. It didn’t take long for Coach Morris to build a roster and start to create buzz around the Wildcat program but he knew he needed help to make his vision a reality. Coach Morris didn’t just find help, he found his right-hand man in Brian Allen.

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Post Junior & U23 Nationals Division III Wrestling Round-up


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It was a busy weekend in the wrestling world and Division III programs around the country were taking advantage of the opportunity to compete. Multiple DIII wrestlers made the trek to Omaha, Nebraska to compete in freestyle and Greco-Roman at UWW Juniors and Universities. #19 Adrian College also hosted a competitive invitational this past weekend, this was the first NCAA competition that took place this season. The field included DIII Trine University, #7 NAIA-Indiana Institute of Technology, and NAIA-Thomas More University.

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The Iowa Hawkeyes Are Preparing For 2021 However They Can

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For schools across the country, college wrestling is going to look a little different this year. The kicker is, however, even as basketball schedules are expected to be released soon and the calendar ticks down to the holidays, no one knows for sure just how different it will be.

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How The Hawkeyes Can Gain Momentum For The NCAA Season After Omaha


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For Iowa wrestling, finishing the 2020-21 season on the NCAA team leaderboard starts now.

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The Top 6 Uncommitted Michigan High School Wrestlers In The Class Of 2021

Nathan Jerore

Led by one of the nation's best wrestlers, Davison's Alex Facundo, Michigan will be sending at least eight Class of 2021 grapplers to the NCAA Division 1 ranks next season.

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Complete Preview - FloWrestling: RTC Cup Presented By Titan Mercury


The pools are set for next week's RTC Cup Presented by Titan Mercury where we'll see two days of incredible action. Here's a breakdown of the matches we expect to see during pool competition and how they could set up Saturday's bracket.

Darian Cruz To Represent Wolfpack WC At RTC Cup!


In the last couple of days, Nahshon Garrett and Seth Gross have been added to the field at 57kg for the RTC Cup. Wolfpack Wrestling Club has added its own NCAA champion at the weight in Darian Cruz.

Bader Show: Nahshon Garrett

Nahshon Garrett

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On this episode of the Bader Show, Bray goes solo with Nahshon Garrett, the newest member of the Southeast RTC.

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FRL 579 - How RTC Cup Came To Be & Oklahoma State On Fire Recruiting

579. How The RTC Cup Came To Be

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On episode 579 of FRL, the boys are joined by Jonny Ruggiano of TMWC to talk all about the RTC Cup, and then Ben and Bratke talk about the day one matchups they are most excited for at the RTC Cup, Oklahoma State's hot streak on the recruiting trail, some transfer news, and Ben goes to war on Thanksgiving food again.

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All Rosters Set For FloWrestling: 2020 RTC Cup Pres. by TMWC On Dec. 4-5


The RTC Clubs Cup rosters were already incredible, but 57kg has gotten even crazier in the last couple of days. On Sunday, The Southeast RTC announced the addition of Nahshon Garret, and yesterday on The Bader Show, Sean Bormet announced that Seth Gross would be competing for the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club next weekend. Check out full rosters below.