2020 Super 32

Super 32 Wrestlers By State

Super 32 Wrestlers By State

Check out which wrestlers from your state are registered for Super 32. Plus a bonus heat map!

Oct 18, 2020 by JD Rader
Super 32 Wrestlers By State
With a total of 1,522 wrestlers in the high school division alone, Super 32 will once again be massive this year. Without sacrificing quantity for quality there will be 300+ state champions, 63 Division I-committed wrestlers, and 128 nationally ranked wrestlers, including 62 in the top 10, 31 in the top five, eight in the top two, and four #1s.

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With a total of 1,522 wrestlers in the high school division alone, Super 32 will once again be massive this year. Without sacrificing quantity for quality there will be 300+ state champions, 63 Division I-committed wrestlers, and 128 nationally ranked wrestlers, including 62 in the top 10, 31 in the top five, eight in the top two, and four #1s.

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Saturday & Sunday, October 24-25, 2020

Now, you probably came here to see what wrestlers will be representing a certain state. To quickly find the entries from the state that most interests you, hit command+F/ctrl+F, type in your favorite state, and be taken to the appropriate section of the article at the speed of light. Or you can scroll as the states are listed alphabetically. 

Wrestlers are listed in order of weight class with nationally ranked wrestlers at the top.

It should be noted that an athlete is listed under whatever state they registered with. Meaning, a wrestler could go to high school in a different state than what they will be representing this weekend at Super 32 and there could be errors as well.

But first, a beautiful and interactive heat map! If you are on a mobile device, turn it to landscape mode. Pennsylvania has the most registered wrestlers of any state with 153 and Virginia comes in second with 127 while Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Vermont are the four states with zero wrestlers. Tap on a state to see how many entries it has.


113Cory Land11th11 (126)
106Brodie Christmas9th
106Daishun Powe9th
113Zachary McFarland11th
113Bentley Briscoe10th
113Isaiah Powe10th
126Melton Powe11th
132Kyler Adams12th
132Maney Havis12th
132Xander McWilliams12th
132Ryan Summerlin11th
132Oliver Howard10th
138Brody Scoggins11th
138Logan Reaves11th
138Trent Gilham11th
145Gray ortis11th
145Jaden New11th
152jason minchew12th
160Carson Kim12th
195matt franks12th
220Jacob Ebner12th


113Caleb O'Hara12th
113Benjamin Pope11th
113Matthew Mitchell9th


138Ramon Ramos12th5
138Benjamin Alanis12th11
106Daniel Guanajuato11th
106Damian Moreno10th
113Davian Guanajuato12th
113Luis Pastoriza12th
126Emilio Ysaguirre jr11th
126Colby Ryan10th
132Isaias Jimenez9th
145Juan Sierra12th
145Kaleb Larkin11th
152Markell Rivera12th
152Dalton Loyden10th


132Caleb Winston12th


132Maximo Renteria12th3
182Rocco Contino12th5 (170)
170Joseph Martin11th8
126Jack Gioffre11th14 (120)
126Maxximus Martinez10th14
145Henry Porter12th18
120Beau Mantanona10th20 (113)
106Aden Valencia9th
106Alek VanBebber9th
106Grigor Cholakyan9th
106Isaiah Quintero9th
106Jayson Victoria9th
106Christopher Creason7th
106Brandon Baldonado11th
113Collin Guffey9th
113Ethan Perryman11th
113Ethan Qureshi11th
113Isaiah Kainoa Medina11th
113Logan Valledor11th
113Aidan Munoz10th
120Cisco Cabrera10th
126Carter Bailey12th
126Devin Avedissian11th
126Fernando Barreto11th
132Miguel Estrada jr.9th
132Christian Cabuag12th
132AJ Gaitan11th
132Jose Farias Jr10th
138Jayden Gomez12th
138Alec Peralta11th
138Nicco Ruiz10th
145Alex Ramirez12th
145Cade Lucio12th
145Gabriel Schumm12th
145Julian Victoria12th
145Bill Takara11th
145Noah Tolentino11th
145Oscar Aranda III11th
152M.J. Gaitan11th
160Ethan Aguiniga12th
160Marcus murabito12th
170Trent Houle12th
182Christian Landin12th
285Jake Andrews12th


132Vince Cornella12th7
152Daniel Cardenas11th8 (145)
195Franklin Cruz12th11
106LJ Herburger10th
113Jeremiah steele11th
113Kobi Johnson11th
120Jacob Myers9th
120Eric Griego12th
120Angelo Lozado11th
120Dillon Roman11th
126Michael Atencio12th
126Jacob Bostelman10th
126Matthew Fasbender10th
126Vincent Cabral10th
126weston dalton10th
132Oran Huff12th
132Elijah Olguin11th
132Murphy Menke11th
132Jakob Romero10th
132Lain Yapoujian10th
138Brayden Wilkens12th
138Cody Thompson12th
138Rudy Lopez12th
138Xavier Mendoza12th
145Anthony Flores12th
145Randall Myers12th
152Karter Johnson11th
170Gage Bernall12th
170Justin Cullen10th
182Jacob Judd11th
182Roman Cruz11th
195Jack Forbes12th
220Kyle Hanson12th
220Jose Rosales10th
285Matthew Moore10th


113Josh Brault12th
120Evan Lindner11th
120Angelo Pellicci10th
126Michael Rapuano12th
126Kailan O'Dell11th
138Matthew Lucas12th
145Logan Kovacs11th
152Caleb Ferland12th
152Ty Finn12th
152Peter Kane11th
160Breon Phifer12th
160Saul Pera12th
170Jaylen Hawkins12th


120Jack Thode11th
145Michael Frederick11th
152Carson Kammerer11th
152Nicholas Hall11th


132Tom Crook10th10
138Ethan Mojena10th16 (126)
182Tylynn Lukens11th17
195Michael Talshahar11th17
132Danny Nini11th19
106Ethan Rivera9th20
106Anderson Heap9th
106Gabriel Tellez9th
113Cameron Gallivan9th
113Christopher Albo12th
113Aiden Poe11th
113Kyler Peraza11th
113Tyson Lane11th
113Egan Gustilo10th
113Nicholas Yancey10th
120Corey Gallivan12th
120Elijah Lusk12th
120Nathaniel Luders12th
120Tyler Perrow12th
120Christopher Minto10th
120Cooper Haase10th
126Dalton Huckelberry12th
126Elijah Ortiz12th
126Morgan Cole12th
126Noah Wadle12th
126Robert Dusendang12th
126Sebastian Melguizo12th
126Andrew Austin11th
126Braden Basile11th
126John McNichols11th
126Russell Raabe11th
126David McClelland10th
126Eligh Rivera10th
132Andrew Wittenberg9th
132Angel Fernandez12th
132Braden Baxter12th
132Jared Dinh12th
132Jayden Tapia12th
132Vincenzo Napolitana12th
132Alex Couto11th
132George Duncan11th
132Alexander Soto10th
132Michael Farrelly10th
132Ronald Theilacker10th
138Alan Diaz12th
138Chase Gillis12th
138Myles Griffin12th
138Preston Walls12th
138Will kennedy12th
138Jaekus Hines11th
138Jack Crook10th
138Tyler Smith10th
145Garrett Hughes12th
145Marcus Patrick12th
145Tyler Cabral12th
145Joseph Gallo11th
145Kenneth Deford11th
145Kyle Peacock11th
145Michael Shannon11th
145Nick Hejke11th
145Rafael Romero11th
145Cordell white10th
145Nathan Furman10th
152Bas Diaz8th
152Cam Komat12th
152Daniel Ferreira12th
152Darian Estevez12th
152Lucas Willis12th
152Josiah Jenkins11th
152Koen Hoffman10th
152Timothy King10th
160Dylan Kohn12th
160Jack Dinberg12th
160Nick Kendrick12th
160William George12th
160Cory Cannan11th
160Dominic Rodriguez11th
160Jonathan Ley11th
160Riley Orr11th
160Sergio Desiante11th
170Bailey Flanagan12th
170Cody Rice12th
170James Cale Hoskinson12th
170Khalil Mitchell12th
170Daniel Williams10th
182Sawyer Bartelt9th
182Alexzander Owens12th
182Jeremiah Mauras12th
195Chance Gorman12th
195Dedric Marshall12th
195Ryan Cody12th
220Donnie Shoup12th
220Ozkan Aydin12th
220Chase Thompson11th
220Nelson Toro10th
285Adrian Sans11th
285Matthew Jimenez11th


285Chase Horne11th1
160Matthew Singleton11th4 (170)
145Garrison Dendy11th7
152Kamdyn Munro12th8
138Caden McCrary10th9 (145)
152RJ Weston12th9
220Noah Pettigrew11th9
182Jaxon Smith12th10
152Caleb Henson10th14 (145)
145Michael Kilic11th15
113Cole Hunt11th16
170Alex whitworth12th16
113Nick Corday11th17
106Braydon Mitchell9th
106Hayden Santora9th
106Drew Gorman8th
113Jake Crapps9th
113Christopher Fincher12th
113Josh Noble12th
113Malik Hardy12th
113Dominic DiTomasso11th
113jacob silka11th
120Connor Castillo9th
120Michael Roe12th
120Antonio Del Vecchio11th
120Art Martinez11th
120Austin Thiel11th
120Carson Chalk11th
120Dawson Thompson11th
120Jackson Bond11th
120Oran Decker11th
120Robert Austin Westbrook11th
120Thomas Termini11th
120Wyatt Sligh11th
120Amantee Mills10th
120Tyson Mccullough10th
126Caden Prater9th
126Easton Bishop12th
126Nick Cambria12th
126Bryce Kresho11th
126Ethan Sellers11th
126Mason McClung11th
126Reese Jones11th
126Carson Bailey10th
126Conner Kimbrough10th
126Gunner Chambers10th
132Christopher Garcia9th
132Emil Necula9th
132CJ Murphy12th
132Eli Knight12th
132Mark Metz12th
132Tucker Kinsaul12th
132Andrew Cory11th
132Beau Branand11th
132Colton Bishop11th
132Connor Powell11th
132David Panone11th
132Gavin Bates11th
132Joseph Kindred11th
138Hunter Noland12th
138Jackson Whitmire12th
138Quay Goldsborough12th
138tyler garrett12th
138Garrett Wood11th
138Jake Swink11th
138Tyler-Xavier McNight10th
145Jacob Bergman12th
145Jarrod Pominville12th
145Samuel Bowers12th
145Jordan Lee11th
145Sam Harris11th
152Jake Piccirilli12th
152Sam Johnson12th
152Jeremy Paradice11th
152William Hames11th
152Miles Watts10th
160Dalton Battle12th
160Dawson Lee12th
160Colby Cochran11th
160Gunner Filipowicz11th
160James Eldridge10th
160Zachary-Daniel McKnight10th
170Jack Dyess12th
170Tate Evans12th
170Hunter Adams11th
182Hunter Noblett12th
182Will Parker12th
182Nolan Pozzobon11th
195brandon fulford11th
195Cole Williams10th
220Dylan Galloway11th
285Brian Shaw12th
285Francisco Valle12th
285Jesus Riano12th
285Robert Joseph12th
285Collin Crosby11th


145Boltyn Taam12th


106Hans Newby10th
113Kade Orr12th
120Michael Mitchell12th
120Yusief Lillie12th
182Remington Winmill12th


160Dean Hamiti Jr12th3
285Hayden Copass12th3
195Brandon Hoselton12th5
138Nasir Bailey10th7
152Vinny Zerban12th7
106Benjamin Davino9th9
152Connor Gaynor12th13
120Diego Sotelo12th17
106Edmund Enright9th
106Luqman Masud12th
106Jameson Garcia10th
113Tallen pawlak9th
113Charlie Farmer12th
113Colton King12th
113Benjamin Aranda11th
113Caelan Riley11th
113Joseph Fernau11th
113Gylon Sims10th
113TYLER Evans10th
120Elon Rodriguez12th
120Josh Koderhandt12th
120Nain Vazquez12th
120Nick Renteria11th
120Brock Smith10th
120Santino Robinson10th
126Cole Rhemrev11th
126Chris Moore10th
126Vince Robinson10th
132Collin Carrigan9th
132Danny Curran11th
132Dylan Gvillo11th
132Ethen Doty11th
132Kole Brower11th
138Jaydon Robinson9th
138Bryce shelton12th
138Caleb Tyus12th
138Jeremy Jakowitsch12th
138Jorden Johnson11th
138Tommy Curran11th
145Matthew Jens9th
145Adam Thebeau12th
145Caine Tyus12th
145Grant Hansen12th
145Jake Matthews12th
145Scott Burke12th
152Sincere Bailey12th
152Braden Stauffenberg11th
152Brody Hallin11th
152brayden thompson10th
160Gaetano Console12th
160Michael Caliendo III12th
160Allen Catour11th
160Dominic Thebeau10th
170Joey Jens12th
170Luke Daly12th
170Pate Eastin12th
170william white12th
170Joshua Knudten11th
182Andrew Wenzel12th
182Chase Baczek12th
182Drew Gvillo12th
182Raymond Arebalo12th
182Tommy Evans12th
195Noah Wenzel9th
195Joey Braunagel12th
220Joseph Swanson12th
285Apollo Gothard12th
285Ryan Boersma11th


126Zeke Seltzer11th5
195Evan Bates12th7 (220)
120Sergio Lemley10th19
106Preston Haines9th
106Evan Dickey11th
106Keaton Morton10th
113Alex Cottey12th
113Dylan Driver12th
120Tony Wood9th
120Brac Hooper11th
120Cheaney Schoeff10th
120Logan Frazier10th
126Christian White12th
126Stephen Roberson Jr12th
126Matteo Vargo11th
132Cameron Clark8th
132Alecsander Freeman12th
132David Pierson12th
132gavinn alstott12th
132Ian Heath12th
132Kysen Montgomery12th
132matthew Koontz11th
138Luke Goodwin12th
138Hayden Watson11th
145brady mckivitz12th
145Jaden Reynolds12th
145Javen Estrada12th
152Jajuan Anderson12th
152Trae Anderson12th
152J Conway11th
152Orlando Cruz10th
160Jakob Sheets12th
160Brody Baumann11th
160Kade Law11th
160Tyler Jones11th
170Sam Morrill12th
182Johnny Parker12th
182Keon Sullivan12th
195Aiden Warren12th
195Joshua Howell12th
195Connor Barket11th
195Christian Carroll10th
220conner specht9th
285Jacob Johnson11th


126Drake Ayala12th1
106Nathanael Jesuroga10th2
132Aidan Noonan12th11
106Dru Ayala9th
113Garret Rinken10th
113Jaiden Moore10th
113McKinley Robbins10th
120Bailey Roybal12th
120Cole Whitehead12th
120Lane Cowell12th
120Garrett Funk11th
120Trever Anderson11th
120Ryder Block10th
126Damon Huston12th
126Thurman Christensen12th
126Jace Rhodes11th
132Hagen Heistand11th
138Damarion Ross9th
138Aiden Riggins11th
138Carter Martinson11th
138Hunter Garvin11th
138Jace Anderson10th
145Cael Rahnavardi12th
145Dreyzon Phillips12th
145carson martinson11th
152Brent Slade9th
160Jack Gaukel12th
160Tate Naaktgeboren10th
170Mickey Griffith11th
182Adam Ahrendsen12th
182Fernando Villaescusa11th
182Griffin Gammell11th
220Luke Walker12th


106Jonathan Morrison9th
113Bishop Murray12th
113Bubba Wright11th
113Jacob Tangpricha11th
138Trace Lawler11th
152Trig Tennant12th
160Cayleb Atkins12th
170Nolan Craine12th
182Jared Simma12th
220Mack Hubbel12th


113Spencer Moore12th7
120Adam Williams12th
126Cole Thomas11th
138Rusty Craddock12th
145Zac Cowan12th
145Nick Giompalo10th
160Cole Nance12th
160Brayden Giannone11th
160carter messerly11th
182Noah Duke11th
195Rodriguez Levid11th


106Ethan Boudreaux10th
113Brandon Gainey10th
113Hayden Tassin10th
120Glenn Price11th
126Evan Frost11th
126Jacob Frost11th
138Jacob Ramirez12th
145Michael Seal12th
152Todd Ritter11th
182Jude Monaco11th


120Jake Craig11th
138Aiden Clark10th
145Magnus Heisler12th


285Kyonte Hamilton12th2
132Richard Fedalen11th17
106Tyson Sherlock9th
106Henry Benitez12th
120Brady Pruett11th
120Dominic Ambrosino10th
120Jacob Brenneman10th
126Judah Aybar9th
126Ike Guttentag11th
132Brogan Kealy12th
132Carson Kist11th
138Caleb Chaves12th
138Nico D'Amico12th
138Richard Davis12th
138John Reho11th
138Matthew Walsh11th
145Matthew Lawrence12th
152Andrew Guttentag12th
160James Parana12th
170Tristen Dagstani12th
220Ty Broadway12th


106Isiac Paulino11th
113Cam Soda12th
113Evan Kinney12th
113Nicholas Curley12th
113Zack Soda12th
120Maximilian Leete12th
126Danny Lightfoot12th
126Joseph Perna12th
132Jimmy Harrington11th
138Kevin Keegan12th
138Trevor Nugent12th
145Rawson Iwanicki10th
160Chase Anestis12th
170Mark Thomas12th
170Joshua Cordio10th
182CJ Glaropoulos12th
195Declan Griffin12th


132Casey Swiderski11th9
170Manny Rojas11th10
106Braeden Davis10th11
152Josh Barr10th11 (160)
113Caden Horwath10th15
126Dylan Gilcher10th18
106Drew Hansen9th
106Nolan Wertanen11th
106Drew Heethuis10th
106Marcello Milani10th
113Mason Stewart9th
113Anthony Walker11th
113Clayton Jones10th
113Kaden Chinavare10th
113Manus Bennett10th
120Brendan Ferretti12th
120Connor Cahill11th
132Mason Shrader12th
132Ty Cowen12th
132Aiden Davis10th
138Micah Hanau11th
138Nathan Jerore11th
138Evan Herriman10th
145Camden Trupp12th
145James Johnston12th
145Mike Loney12th
145Philip Burney12th
145TJ Bunn10th
152Kenny Snyder12th
152Tyler Swiderski12th
152Kent McCombs11th


220Bennett Tabor12th4
113Blake West12th5
182Bennett Berge11th6
120Cash Raymond9th7 (106)
195Gavin Nelson10th10
182Quayin Short12th13 (195)
132Derrick Cardinal12th14 (138)
106Alan Koehler10th18
113Jore Volk11th18
106Caleb Thoennes11th19 (106)
106Logan Swensen9th
113Landon Robideau8th
113reid nelson12th
120Koy Buesgens10th
120Parker Janssen10th
120Zach Hanson10th
126Matt Hogue12th
126Chase Deblaere11th
126Calvin Lonnquist10th
126Colton Bornholdt10th
132Austin Gabbert12th
138Cole Becker11th
138Maxwell Petersen11th
138Kyler Wong10th
145Nick Novak12th
152Bryce Dagel12th
152Cael Swensen12th
152Jude Link11th
152Adam Cherne10th
160Hunter Lyden11th
160Landen Johnson11th
170Adam Sylvester12th
170Ryder Rogotzke10th
182Roman Rogotzke12th


113Cael Keck11th10 (106)
220Xavier Doolin12th11
138Kyle Dutton11th16 (145)
106Zan Fugitt10th17
106Hunter Taylor9th
113Brayden Dubes10th
113Sam Ewing10th
120Christopher Coates9th
120Dillon Witt12th
120Jack Lage11th
120Owen Uhls11th
120Carter McCallister10th
126Jacob Sinn12th
126James Homfeld12th
126Easton Hilton11th
126Ethan Barr11th
126Kody Ketchum11th
126Kyshin Isringhausen10th
132Jacob Mann12th
132Eli Ashcroft11th
132Eli Rocha11th
132Braxton Strick10th
138Callum Sitek12th
138Teague Travis12th
138Brayden Shelton10th
145Nathaniel Pulliam12th
152Tyson Moore11th
160Brant Whitaker12th
195Dorian Walters12th
195Jack Darrah11th
220Cole Gripka12th
285KJ Miley Jr.11th


113Brandon Baustert Jr.11th
113Keith Smith11th
113Kael Lauridsen10th
120Christopher Williams12th
126Drew Arnold12th
138Trevor Reinke11th


106Saoul Prado11th
113Ben Miller11th
120Chase Milligan12th
120Jahaun Hicks12th
120Carter Tate11th
120Sam Gallardo11th
126Zethery Kinterknecht12th
126Luke Van Orden11th
132Devin Griffen12th
132Anthony Aniciete11th
132Preston Harn10th
138Tyler Grady12th
138Kasius Graham11th
145Shane Hepner10th
152Beau Chacon12th
152Raymin Hosseini11th
160Isaac Garcia11th
170Jackson Chapin12th
170Caleb Uhlenhopp11th

New Hampshire

113Samuel Oakes11th
126Konrad Parker11th
138Codey Wild11th
138Connor MacDonald11th
145Nicholas Pallaria12th
145Zachary Rioux12th
152Anson Dewar12th
160Colby Isabelle10th
182Aiden Hanning11th
195Conor Maslanek12th

New Jersey

132Nico Nardone11th4
182Brian Soldano11th8
195Martin Cosgrove11th9
138Alex Almeyda11th13
160Aaron Ayzerov12th13
126Kelly Dunnigan12th15
152Andrew Troczynski11th15
106Alessandro Nini9th
106Ryan Ford9th
106Sebastian Ortega9th
106Donny Almeyda8th
106Leo DeLuca8th
106Aidan Carmody10th
106Conor Collins10th
106Ricky Gomez10th
106Ryan Hartung10th
106Tyler Lucia10th
113Daniel Rella9th
113Brett Blaess12th
113Jared Brunner11th
113Joe Sciarrone11th
113Nick Cottone11th
113Sam Kotch11th
113Colin Bradshaw10th
113John Hildebrandt10th
120Maxwell Martinez12th
120Merlin Senat12th
120Vincent Principe12th
120Jackson Sichelstiel11th
120James Day11th
120Patrick Adams11th
120Tyler Vazquez10th
126August Hibler9th
126Jonathan Fuller9th
126Damianlee Torres12th
126Ethan Fernandez12th
126Jack Maida12th
126Joseph Cangro11th
126Joseph Innamorato11th
126mike pescatore11th
132Conner Quinn12th
132Patrick Phillips12th
132Chase Casey11th
132Felix Lettini11th
132Salvatore Palmeri11th
132Ty Whalen11th
132Alex Zimmermann10th
138Josh Gervey12th
138Daniel Wask11th
138Giovanni Rivera11th
138George Hufnagel10th
145Anthony White12th
145carson barry12th
145Finnegan McFadden12th
145nick stampoulos12th
145Tanner Peake11th
152Colton Washleski12th
152Cooper Pontelandolfo12th
152greg croce12th
152Nate Camiscioli12th
152Colin Calvetti11th
152K J Sherman11th
152Tyler Barrett10th
160Blake Bahna12th
160Conner Decker12th
160Dakota Morris11th
160Luke Tully11th
160Owen Disbrow11th
160Michael Dellagatta10th
170Pantaleo Varga9th
170Austin Raynor12th
170Chris Fanelli12th
170Jack Farinaro12th
170Jacob Gerish11th
170Justin Griffith10th
182Anthony Derosa12th
182Isaac Dean12th
195Daniel Pereira12th
195Remy Brancato11th
220Keith Simon12th
220John Vinciguerra10th
285Shane Whitney12th

New Mexico

120Dallas Dunn11th
145Joseph (Anthony) Fuentes11th
152Alexander Holguin12th
160Mason Alley11th
170Jacob Fuentes11th
195Ivan Villareal12th

New York

126Jordan Titus12th2
120Troy Spratley11th4 (126)
170Kole Mulhauser11th14 (160)
152Nick Sanko11th16
138Jayden Scott11th17
120Chase Liardi12th19 (126)
106Gianni Silvestri9th
113Caden Bellis9th
113PJ Duke8th
113Tyler Ferrara10th
120Chris Petteys12th
120Jace Schafer12th
120Justin Fortugno11th
120Max Gallagher10th
120Ryan Eckerle10th
126Cody Merwin12th
126Cooper Rice12th
126Danté Rigal12th
126Jackson Polo11th
126Jaime Jarquin Duarte11th
126Jared Weinhaus11th
126Nicholas LaMorte10th
132Avery Leonard12th
132Chris Perry12th
132Robert Horan12th
132Sean Wang12th
138Devlin Blanchard9th
138Jordan Soriano11th
138Rocco Camillaci11th
145Zack Ryder9th
145Carter Schubert11th
145nick fea11th
145Timothy Bova11th
152Brody Oleksak12th
152Carter Baer11th
160Jack Spahn12th
160Marino Mancuso12th
170Christian Hansen12th
170Gaven Bell12th
170Gabriel Monroe11th
182James Araneo12th
182Nicky Bell12th
220Nino Prisco12th
285Sebastian Garibaldi12th
285Ryan Stein11th

North Carolina

132Joseph Sealey8th15 (138)
113Cj Watson12th
113Jorden Schlossman12th
113Kyle Montaperto11th
113Matthew Rowland11th
113Noah Luna11th
113Damon Landreth10th
113Ryley Goble10th
113William Gibson10th
120Chance Cottingham12th
120Elijah Boyd12th
120Samineo Myers12th
120Jacob Cox11th
120Logan Tortual11th
120Noah Tocaben10th
120Tyler Tracy10th
126frank Bianco9th
126Caden Hagler12th
126Hunter Ross12th
126James Joplin12th
126Richard Treanor12th
126William Cline12th
126Adam Szewczyk11th
126JT Richards11th
126Stephen Cotton11th
126Gregory Merriman10th
132Louis Mehaffey12th
132Riley Edwards12th
132Ian Murdock11th
132Jacob Woodburn11th
132Davis Freeze10th
132Elijah Ybarra10th
138Eli Murray9th
138Isaac Stoker9th
138Cole Combs12th
138Dominick Molinari12th
138George Johnson12th
138Grant Kahlenberg12th
138Michael Lowry12th
138Zachariah Lewis12th
138Cameron Rivera11th
138David Makupson11th
138Jeremiah Price10th
138Logan Fite10th
145Ethan Binckley9th
145Aaron Faison12th
145Greyson Harris11th
152Jack McDermid12th
152wayde sibley12th
152Brady Ross11th
152Jayden Dobeck10th
160Daniel Shoaf12th
160David Varner12th
160Luke Goodin12th
160Noah Rupp12th
160Oren Bost12th
160Aiden Curry11th
160Caden Earley11th
160Eli Foster11th
160Elijah Brown10th
170Luke Artz12th
170River Carroll12th
170Tony Torres12th
170caleb campos11th
170Jordan Ruedi11th
170Julian Rodriguez11th
182Colin Pettine12th
182Joe Zovistoski12th
182Devon Bell11th
182Kyle Combs11th
195Dean Omirly12th
195Jaron Greer12th
195Levi Kluttz12th
195Holden Cypher11th
195Kyle Fink11th
195Tkaii Gaither11th
220Triston Norris12th
220Carson Floyd11th
220Chase Crayton11th
220Sakarri Morrison11th
285Emmanuel Bell12th
285Nicolas Jimenez12th
285Cody Hardy11th
285Jamier Ferere11th
285Jarek Stewart-Karolewics11th

North Dakota

138Clay Radenz12th


195Seth Shumate11th2
160Derek Fields12th4
182Jake Evans12th4
145Gavin Brown11th5
160Enrique Munguia12th5
126Dustin Norris12th6
138Nick Moore12th6
120Jacob Moon12th12
106Beric Jordan9th15
170Logan Messer12th15
182Hudson Hightower12th16
126Camron Lacure11th18 (132)
220Logan Shephard11th18
145Alek Martin12th19
138Jake Niffenegger11th20 (145)
106Dillon Campbell9th
106Jaxon Joy9th
106Reese Stephen9th
106Tanner Spalding9th
106Tyler Hisey11th
106Austin McBurney10th
106Max Hermes10th
106Micah Medina10th
113Ashton Homan9th
113Daxton Chase9th
113Omar Ayoub9th
113Dakota King8th
113Colin Noel12th
113Daniel Hurt12th
113Grayson McLellan12th
113Jared Fantauzzi12th
113Marlon Yarbrough12th
113Alexander Crane11th
113Gavin Caprella11th
113Mason Brugh11th
113Nicholas Rodriguez11th
113Peyton Fenton11th
113Trevor Hisey11th
113Wesley Wydick11th
113Cooper Shore10th
120Caleb Edwards12th
120Cole Skinner12th
120Brendan McCrone11th
120Cameron Deiter11th
120Damion Ryan11th
120Max Shore11th
120Anwar Alli10th
120William Bein10th
126Jeremy jr Ginter9th
126Mikey Lewarchick12th
126Alec Homan11th
126Brandon Sauter11th
126Griffen Stephen11th
126Luke Acuna11th
126Matt Ellis11th
126Nolan Gessler11th
126Roman Jones10th
126Sam Cartella10th
132Brayden Brown9th
132Brayden Zenni12th
132Casey Wiles12th
132Conner burrus12th
132Kody Beal12th
132Kyren Butler12th
132Ismael Ayoub11th
132Quentin Whitehill11th
132Te'Andre Allen11th
132Andrew Huck10th
132Christopher Earnest10th
132Hunter Vogus10th
132Nathan Kulbe10th
138Casey Barnett12th
138Lincoln Kuba12th
138Nikolas Kiley12th
138Ethan Smith11th
138Nate Burnett11th
138Boede Campbell10th
138Kayden Kralik10th
145Kael Voinovich9th
145Austin Shepherd12th
145Logan Ours11th
145Joey Blaze10th
152Anthony Trivisonno12th
152Douglas Terry12th
152James Baumann12th
152Lucas Uliano12th
152Peyten Kellar12th
152Tommy Ungrady12th
152Caden Stout11th
152Carter Chase11th
152Noah Ewen11th
152Ethan Cooper10th
160Hayden Pummel12th
160Nicolas Alvarez11th
160Shadrick Slone11th
170Dillon Walker12th
170Rob Boley12th
170Timothy Greenhouse12th
170Bryce Keckley11th
170Remington Bauer11th
182Carter Neves9th
182Alex Hobbs12th
182Cole Hivnor12th
182Wyatt miller12th
182William HASH11th
195Julien griffith9th
195Jon List12th
195Dillon Smith11th
220Mason Cover12th


152Anthony Ferrari11th4
113Clay Gates10th
120Cameron Steed11th
126Matthew Garcia11th
145Angelo Ferrari9th
145Braden Anderson12th
145Drake Acklin11th
170Jaxon Randall11th


132Chance Lamer12th5
170James Rowley11th11
138Daschle Lamer10th
160Tyson Resko12th
182Hayden Walters10th


106Vinny Kilkeary10th1
132Nic Bouzakis11th1
106Nikolaus Oneill9th4
120Gary Steen12th4
120Mason Gibson9th7
160Erik Gibson11th7
145Rocco Welsh10th8 (132)
120Tyler Kasak10th9
160Carson Manville12th9 (170)
138Levi Haines11th10
120Mac Church10th11
182Joey Milano12th12 (195)
138Kelvin Griffin11th15 (132)
126Jackson Arrington11th16 (132)
152Tyler Lillard11th16 (160)
152Paniro Johnson12th18
138Finn Solomon11th20
285Jalen Stephens12th20
106Antonino Walker9th
106Brock Weiss9th
106Mason Kernan9th
106Parker Sentipal9th
106Weston Pisarchick9th
106Nathan Desmond8th
106Joshua Jasionowicz12th
106Carson Wagner10th
106Chase Burke10th
106Ethan Lebin10th
106Logan Sallot10th
106Luke Sirianni10th
106Tyler Chappell10th
113Cody Wagner9th
113Gunnar Myers9th
113Joseph Simon9th
113Kollin Rath9th
113Mason Ziegler9th
113Nick Jones9th
113Luke Ankney8th
113Vince Bouzakis8th
113Cayden Walter12th
113Aidan Oshea11th
113Sean OToole11th
113Troy Hoan11th
113Anthony Ferraro10th
113Charlie Bunting IV10th
113Coen Bainey10th
113Jaden Pepe10th
113Kade Davidheiser10th
120Gaven Suica9th
120Joey Bodnar9th
120Jordan Butler9th
120Luke Simcox9th
120Kelvin Rodriguez12th
120Parker Davidson12th
120Braxton Appello11th
120Dylan Coy11th
120Mason Leiphart11th
120Owen Reinsel11th
120Trevor Husick11th
120vince Citrano11th
120Zander Phaturos11th
120ashton campbell10th
120Brandon Dami10th
120Matthew Repos10th
120Ty Watters10th
126Lucas Kapusta9th
126Anthony Evanitsky8th
126Andrew Johnson12th
126Dylan Chappell12th
126Owen Woolcott12th
126Dominic Findora11th
126Luke Passarelli11th
126Joe Sentipal10th
126Nick Gorman10th
126Scott Johnson II10th
132Pierson Manville9th
132Dawson Miller12th
132Nathan Lucier12th
132Colton Stoneking11th
132Eric Alderfer11th
132Jude Swisher11th
132Luke Geibig11th
132Kelly Kakos10th
132Kobi Burkett10th
132MJ Turi10th
132Nathan Monteparte10th
132Nathan Stone10th
138Hunter Horton12th
138Joshua Miller12th
138Kyle Hauserman12th
138Maximos Stedeford12th
138Noah Frack12th
138Zack Witmer12th
138Kelin laffey11th
138Trey Miletics11th
138Andrew Harmon10th
138Tyler Withers10th
145Conner Harer9th
145Amonn Ohl12th
145John Altieri12th
145Kaeden Berger12th
145Kyle Vernon12th
145Nathan Higley12th
145Ty Cymmerman12th
145Logan Newell11th
145Nicholas Foster11th
145Tyler Soule11th
145Dagen Condomitti10th
152Bailey Gimbor12th
152chanz shearer12th
152cooper warshel12th
152Dalton Gimbor12th
152Evan Gleason12th
152Christian Scheller11th
152Hunter Mays11th
152Jack Pletcher11th
152Jared Keslar11th
152Justin Richey11th
152Samuel Beckett11th
152AJ Rohan10th
152Grant MacKay10th
160AJ Corrado12th
160Antonio Amelio12th
160Collin McCorkle12th
160Ryan Weyandt12th
160Wyatt Griffin12th
160Enzo Morlacci11th
160Jacob Cherry11th
160Nicholas Nettleton11th
160Nolan Lear11th
160Ben Beckett10th
160Gabriel Stafford10th
170Ethan Richner12th
170James Brown12th
170Joey Arnold12th
170Nathan Ridgley12th
170Sammy Starr12th
170Sean Getty12th
170Matthew Furman10th
182Aidan DeLuca12th
182andrew vogelbacher12th
182Isaiah Reinert12th
182Maxwell Gourley12th
195Ajay Hiller12th
195Brayden Roscosky12th
195Ethan Finch12th
195Luke Duthie12th
195Caden Rogers11th
195Leo Muzika11th
220Samuel Rodriguez11th
220Zachary Evans10th
285Max Harar12th
285Nathan Taylor12th

Rhode Island

160Aidan Faria12th20
106Jacob Joyce10th
126Michael Joyce12th
126Timothy Cook12th
132Aidan Robichaud11th
138Jmari Lowman12th

South Carolina

106Jermaine Peace9th
106Ty Tice10th
113James Levy12th
113Aedan Mendoza10th
113Will Hendricks10th
120Joseph Morris9th
120Brandon Flory12th
120Christopher Compton12th
120Gavin Butler11th
120Max Yegge11th
126Dylan Layton11th
126Lukas Crosby10th
132Aden Leonard12th
132Spencer Cox11th
138Solomon Cortez12th
138Zaid Miller12th
138Brayton Killiri11th
138CJ Heiselman11th
138tyler nelson10th
145Brandon Jacoby11th
152Chandler Amaker12th
152Isaiah Poppe12th
152David Hunsberger11th
152Garrett Williams10th
160AJ Dickerson11th
170David Rundell12th
170Zane Van Vleet12th
170Dawson Cashier11th
182Navruz Ibragimov12th
182Brendan Ross10th
195Javin Hackett11th


120Cooper Flynn12th3 (126)
106Bryson Terrell10th
106Caleb Uhorchuk10th
113Hunter Gentry11th
120Noah Creque9th
120Thomas Borders12th
120Keyveon Roller11th
120Daniel Uhorchuk10th
126Ben Tucker10th
126Caleb Gumlick10th
126Hunter Mason10th
132Brennan Watkins12th
132James Dayne Dalrymple12th
132Brayden Ivy11th
138Alan 'Cole' Fort12th
138Ethan Hylton11th
138Josh Parton11th
138Sean Pitts11th
145Braxton Mann12th
145Bronson Clark11th
145Garrett Foreman11th
145Kodiak Cannedy11th
145Maclain Otting11th
152Jackson Hurst12th
152Aidan Bowers11th
152Colby Dalon11th
152Rance Horton11th
160Gavin Cagle12th
160Tre Morrisette12th
170Clint Morrisette12th
170Matheson Meade12th
182Gervacio Gonzalez11th
195Connor Billingsley12th
195Ethan Sutton12th
220Ryver Shelton12th
220Noah Todd10th


126Noah Gochberg12th20
106Dragon Davila12th
106A.J. Marino10th
113Zarek Hernandez12th
120Kolten Oborny9th
120micah white12th
120Corey Camden11th
120Trebor Moreno10th
126Donovan Fisher12th
132Gavin Ramos9th
138Jaren Powell12th
138Sebastian Jimenez12th
138Joel Jesuroga11th
145DeShawn Cosby12th
145Joseph Hendershot12th
145Jaxson Gonzalez11th
145Julian Solis11th
152Aaron Lofton12th
182Eli Sheeren12th
182Ethan Wilson12th
182Jonathan Wertz12th
182Farid Mobarak11th
220Mason Ding12th


106Jacob Carson10th
106Kyison Garcia10th
113Quade Smith12th
113Kaden Ercanbrack11th
120Bridger Ricks11th
132Jacob Finlinson12th
132Cooper Sanders10th
138Ryan Bullough12th
138Channing Warner11th
145Gabe Sanders11th
152Zeke Kelley12th
152Moses Espinoza-Owens10th
152Riggin Boger10th
160Marcus Espinoza-Owens10th
170mark rausch12th
182Lucas Cochran12th
195Talmage Carman12th


113Billy Dekraker9th5 (106)
152Nick Vafiadis11th17
106Brycen Arbogast9th
106Daniel Parkulo12th
106Jack Parker10th
113Carson Main9th
113Isaiah Osborne12th
113James Haynie12th
113Karon Smith12th
113Trevon Gray12th
113Joshua Dragovich11th
113Hunter Salomon10th
113Owen Rawls10th
113Patrick Burdsall10th
120Jared Galang9th
120Robert Owens9th
120Evan Rawls12th
120Jacob Seale12th
120Mac Cafurello12th
120Nicholas Kauffman12th
120Riley Stevens12th
120Foster Cardinale11th
120Logan Robinson11th
120Max Martin11th
120Nikolas Voros11th
120Owen Greslick11th
120Raymond (Manny) sanchez11th
120Keegan McMahon10th
120Matthew Eberly10th
120Trace Ragland10th
126Mitchell Faglioni9th
126Tyler Conrad9th
126Brenden Barnes12th
126Elijah Moshenek12th
126Logan Shanor12th
126Mason Barrett12th
126Raymond Goode12th
126Dyson Dunham11th
126Eli Blevins10th
132Alex Noblin9th
132Dustin Smith12th
132Mason Ingram12th
132Evan Holloway11th
132Joshua Pence11th
132Trenton Campos11th
132Colin Dupill10th
132Jake Cline10th
132Luke Roberts10th
138Brandon Latta12th
138Finnian Sofield12th
138Jack Zampi12th
138Tyler Schaller12th
138Alex Frowert11th
138Braxton Lewis11th
138jack Myers11th
138Kaleb Doshier11th
138Liam Murphy11th
138Luke Robie11th
138Seth Stoddard11th
138Tanner Jones11th
138Austin Weeks10th
138Cale Roggie10th
138Cody Cash10th
138cooper lockhart10th
138Patrick Jordon10th
138Tyler Haley10th
145Thomas Potter9th
145Andrew McDougal12th
145Austin Manning12th
145Benjamin Latimer12th
145Blaize Bryant12th
145Damon McGee Jr.12th
145William Harris12th
145Bradyn Waddell11th
145Christopher Taft11th
145Colin Bridges11th
145Jack Hawbaker11th
145Joseph Chiappazzi11th
145Travis Ragland11th
145Owen Cherry10th
145Trey Lawrence10th
152Luke Hart12th
152Blake Frost11th
152Ethan Baker11th
152John Koroma11th
160Brayden Hoan12th
160Taylor Jenkins12th
160David Reid11th
160Josh Seaton11th
160Nathan Mallery11th
160Nicholas Goenner11th
160RJ May11th
160Zane Cox11th
170Austin Glockner12th
170Eric DeWald12th
170Harrison Smith12th
170Kaine Morris12th
170Matthew Lochli12th
170Ryan Henderson12th
170Ryan Tremain12th
170Steven Martinos12th
170Caden Mason11th
170Domonic Baker11th
170Riley Finck10th
170Toby Schoffstall10th
182Parker Ferrell9th
182Carter Shipp12th
182Colton Oliver12th
182Mauro Pellot-Vazquez12th
182Nolan Gerwitz12th
182Staley Hampton12th
182William Lankford12th
182Christopher Barber11th
182Kingsley Menifee10th
195Jason Heming9th
195Benjamin Bell12th
195Joshua Evans12th
195Luke Estes12th
195Carder Miller11th
195Jacob Jimenez11th
195Marlen Wilson11th
195Brady Colbert10th
220Bryan Taylor12th
220Eli Fortuner11th
285Jake Thompson12th
285Mason Thomas12th
285Gavin Womack11th


182Rylan Rogers11th2
106Elijah Barajas12th
113Joshua Neiwert9th
113Oscar Alvarez11th
113Reyden Huizar11th
120Christian Davis11th
120Collin Jack11th
126Jesus Sanchez12th
126Jaden Sanchez11th
126Alex Fernandez III10th
132Andrew Macias12th
132Conor Goucher12th
132Francisco Ayala10th
132Q'veli Quintanilla10th
138Lars Michaelson9th
138Owen Cline11th
152Lorenzo Gonzalez12th
152Steele Starren12th
152Mateo DE LA PENA11th
152Thor Michaelson10th
160Maximus Zamora12th
160Aidan Villarreal11th
170Darion Johnson11th
182Gilbert Marquez12th
195Mark Bonilla12th
195Isaiah Anderson11th
220Levi Kovacs12th
220Gage Cook11th

West Virginia

160Gavin Quiocho12th19
106Matthew Dolan10th
113Gunner Andrick8th
120Isaac Short12th
120Dylan Tachoir11th
126Matthew Mcafee9th
126Devin Easton12th
126Michael Dolan12th
126Nathan Ford10th
132Kaleb Ramirez11th
138Joseph Cook11th
138Justin Bartee11th
138Colton SPRADLING10th
145Nicholas Serrano12th
145Derek Raike11th
152Hunter Dodson12th
152Gabriel Carman11th
152Jude Childers11th
160Dakota Hagedorn10th
170A.J. Dempsey12th
170Nevin Milburn11th
170Seth Anderson11th
182Ian Bush11th


120Nicolar Rivera11th12 (126)
170Clayton Whiting11th13
106Dawson Johnson9th
106Reid Spurley9th
106Tyler Klein12th
106Luke Dux10th
113Easton Cooper9th
113Jake Stoffel9th
113Shane Corrigan11th
113Brayden Sonnentag10th
120Alec Hunter12th
120Aiden Crawley10th
120Greyson Clark10th
126Michael Smith12th
126Cody Goebel11th
126Treyton Ackman11th
132Blaine Brenner12th
132Jack Severin12th
132Jager Eisch12th
132Michael Parker12th
132Caleb Meunier11th
132Tanner Gerber11th
138Aeoden Sinclair9th
138Bryce Jankowski12th
138Tyler Goebel12th
138Cael Erickson11th
138Gavin Drexler11th
145Bailey Thelen12th
145Brody Lee12th
145Connor Thorpe12th
152Zach Gunderson12th
152Mitchell Mesenbrink11th
152Braeden Scoles10th
152Ethan Riddle10th
160Aiden Vandenbush12th
160Cole Hansen12th
160Jack Ganos12th
160Luke Mechler12th
160Bowen Rothbauer11th
170Brody Hemauer11th
170Samuel Schwabe11th
182Mason Diel12th
195Max Ramberg11th
285Ben Kawczynski12th


113Sefton Douglass11th
120Clayson Mele12th
145Analu Benabise12th