2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings

184 Pounds

Every weight class explanation will include the following preseason caveats. Chiefly, that it is far too early to know the weight classes in which every wrestler in the NCAA will be going. A great many wrestlers themselves probably do not know that with any amount of certainty. Furthermore, Covid-19 and the postponed 2020 Olympics through yet more uncertainty into the mix. 

As more information about if and where wrestlers will be competing becomes publically available, we will update the rankings accordingly. For the most part, we will be assuming that no redshirt years will be taken, neither will any weight classes be changed. However, as noted, all that will very likely change in the ensuing months, as will the rankings. 


Zahid Valencia and Taylor Lujan have graduated, but 2019 finalist Max Dean is back from an Olympic redshirt season. The junior Cornellian makes his return at number one thanks to his impressive resume. 

We've received word that Devin Kane will be back in action and up at 184 after finishing in the round of 12 at 174 in 2019. Kane did not wrestle any collegiate matches while deferring eligibility and went 19-15 two seasons ago, so his ranking is tricky up at 184. Notable results from 2019 include a loss to Travis Stefanik and a win over All-American Jacobe Smith. We settled on placing him conservatively at #15 behind Chris Weiler, who has also made it to the NCAA bloodround before.

We also got word that Owen Webster will get another year of eligibility, so he is reinserted into the rankings for the Gophers. 

Not a lot of room for new names with so many wrestlers from 2020 still with eligibility, but as mentioned, it's May, and all that is for certain at this point is that things will change by the time the season starts. 

Michigan State will be bumping everyone from Jake Tucker to Cam Caffey up a weight class. With 184 being as deep as it is, Layne Malczewski barely clings to the #25 spot despite a solid season down at 174. 

Also moving up a weight class is Pitt's Gregg Harvey. Harvey was ranked #16 at 174, Malczewski was #15. That unfortunately means Harvey starts the season on the bubble. However, this is once again a testament to the depth of 184, and not in any way a slight on Harvey's ability. And if you're looking for Harvey's teammate, Nino Bonaccorsi, check the 197-pound rankings, as the rising junior is also bumping up a division. 

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