2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings

David Carrpal Tunnel Syndrome

David Carr is now the man to beat at 157 after he controlled Hayden Hidlay and Jesse Dellavecchia, who pinned Ryan Deakin in the semifinals. 

Jacori Teemer is the biggest mover of the weekend after he beat Hidlay, Will Lewan, Jared Franek, and Wyatt Sheets. He did lost to Brayton Lee on the front side, but Lee would go on to lose by major to Hidlay, who Teemer almost majored earlier that day. Lee and Brady Berge pass Kaleb Young after they both knocked him off in St. Louis. 

Jarrett Jacques tumbles a few spots after he lost to Johnny Lovett in the opening round. However, he can't fall too far since he has wins over Franek and Willits earlier this season. Lovett comes into the rankings directly behind Jacob Wright, who he lost to multiple times this season, and ahead of Thomas, who also lost to Wright, but has a loss to Jacques in his career. 

Chase Saldate takes a big tumble after losing to Cade DeVos and unranked Michael Petite. Markus Hartman also falls since his best win this year is Holden Heller. 

Michael Petite is the final new face after he beating Chase Saldate in St. Louis.

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