2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings


Lee and Gable 1 and 2 were the only easy calls to make. We moved three of  Penn State’s four champs into the next three spots by order of seniority. Brooks passes RBY but only barely. AJ Ferrari breaks up the Nittany Lion Party as his one loss of the year was slightly better than Starocci’s two losses. Both are scary good for freshmen. 

Kemerer’s loss to Starocci doesn’t drop him too far, as he still has wins over Starcci and Mark Hall in his career, so he stays ahead of champs O’Connor and Carr. 

Similarly, Amine’s career means his loss to Ferrari doesn’t force him down below national champ Griffith. 

Fix and Eierman’s finals losses move them below Parris, who now only loses to Steveson. Cassioppi, who only loses to Steveson and Parris, moves up ahead of Deakin, Marinelli and Sasso.

Rivera drops below new entrant Tariq Wilson. Hayden Hidlay’s loss to Teemer nearly drops him out entirely but his track record is strong enough to keep him just about DeSanto. 

Brock Mauller and Boo Lewallen drop out after they both lost to Yahya Thomas. They’re all on the bubble, as are freshmen third-placers Parker Keickeisen and Keegan O’Toole.

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