2023-24 NCAA Division 1 Dual Rankings

Team Dual Rankings

Iowa moves ahead of Oklahoma State to the #2 spot after the Hawkeyes win over the Cowboys on Sunday. 

Missouri falls to #14 after losing to Northern Iowa and Iowa State over the weekend. Northern Iowa climbs to #13 for their win over the Tigers. 

Arizona State climbs to #18 for their win over Lehigh while the Mountain Hawks drop to #19 due to their loss to the Sun Devils and a previous loss on the season to Pitt.

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1Penn State12-0Big 101
2Iowa12-2Big 103
3Oklahoma State14-1Big 122
4Nebraska12-2Big 104
5Iowa State13-2Big 125
6Ohio State15-2Big 106
7Michigan8-4Big 107
8NC State16-2ACC8
10Virginia Tech9-4ACC11
11Minnesota11-2Big 1012
12South Dakota State13-4Big 1213
13Northern Iowa8-6Big 1217
14Missouri10-4Big 1210
15Rutgers12-5Big 1014
16Wisconsin9-7Big 1016
18Arizona State7-6Pac 1222
20Oklahoma5-7Big 1219
21Little Rock18-5Pac 1220
22West Virginia10-5Big 1221
23Oregon State7-5Pac 1223
24Stanford10-4Pac 1224
25Maryland5-7Big 1025
26Michigan State10-6Big 1026
28North Carolina11-7ACC28
30Indiana7-5Big 1030