2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings

InShane In the Membrane Griffith

Shane Griffith did a wonderful job illuminating the heartlessness of the Stanford admins by winning a natty while wearing a logo-less black singlet. 

We didn’t punish Mekhi and Alex for medical forfeits but Wentzel, by dint of his wins over O’Toole and Smith, has quality wins that move him into the #2 spot.

True freshman O’Toole’s run to third place over Wittlake, Valencia, Amine and Weber secured him the #5 spot. Wittlake, Smith and Valencia fall into place behind him. Hartman was the beneficiary of Lewis’ medical forfeit and his wins over Hall and Mosely aren’t enough to pass Valencia, despite outplacing him. 

The aforementioned Peyton Hall enters the rankings after beating Keating, Nijenhuis and Monday. Monday falls below Hall and Amine after losses and Weber passes Bullard after beating him. 

Keating falls after his loss to Rodrick Mosley, who enters the rankings at #24, held back by losses to unranked wrestlers earlier in the season.

Nijenhuis defeated Skidgel, moving the former up and the latter down. Ditto for Tucker and Sparks. 

Austin Yant debuts in the rankings thanks to a win over Formato. And David Ferrante grabs the last spot thanks to a win over Dan Braunagel, who falls out of the top 25. Andrew Nicholson beat Joe Lee, which pushed Lee, Nick South and Cole Moody out of the rankings. 

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