2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings

Roman Bravo-Young Sheldon

There's a new #1 for the first time this season after RBY takes out Daton Fix in the finals. 

Lucas Byrd and Chris Cannon were the biggest movers here. Even though he lost in the round of 16 to Louie Hayes, Byrd would go on to beat Micky Phillippi in the bloodround, who Hayes has a loss to, and would also beat Chris Cannon and Michael McGee, who both beat Hayes.

Chris Cannon pinned McGee on the front side before beating Hayes for seventh-place. McGee knocked off Hayes after beating Matt Schmitt in the bloodround. 

Chance Rich takes a jump after beating Jarrett Trombley and Ryan Sullivan. This also brings Zach Price up as he beat Rich at the NCAA Championships. 

Malyke Hines makes his ranking debut after beating Devan Turner, and having previous wins over Jacob Allen who entered the rankings himself after beating Anthony Madrigal.

After making the Big 12 finals and taking a big jump, Madrigal falls back to where he was after he lost to Mario Guillen and Allen.

Kyle Burwick comes in after he beat Mosha Schwartz. 

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