NCAA Rankings 2018-19

285 Render Unto Cassar

The top eight at heavyweight all fell into place in the rankings according to the podium placement in Pittsburgh. Matt Stencel provided the most impressive performance, moving up from #18 to #7 thanks to wins over Demetrius Thomas, Mason Parris and Trent Hillger. 

Zach Elam rebounded from a rough stint of matches late in the regular season to advance to the round of 12 before being stopped by Hillger. Elam beat Matt Voss and Conan Jennings to make a reappearance in the top 20 at #10.

Unranked Ian Butterbrodt of Brown produced an electric performance that catapulted him into the final rankings of the season. He lost his first match as the #26 seed but then ended the seasons of Cornell's Jeremy Sweany, Demetrius Thomas, and Chase Singletary in the consolation rounds. All three vanquished foes were ranked at the time, and Butterbrodt earns the #13 ranking for his efforts. 

Finally, Tate Orndorff climbs back into the top 20 after a hiatus thanks to his wins over David Jensen of Nebraska and Joey Goodhart of Drexel.  

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