NCAA Rankings 2018-19

157 Nolf'ing To It

Nolf went wire-to-wire #1 to the surprise of no one. Berger finished out his career as a three-time All-American, improving his placement in each successive year. 

Pantaleo's win over Hidlay for third and Young's victory over Deakin for fifth made flipping their respective rankings an easy decision. Pagdilao gained even more ground in the rankings with his surprising (at least to some, perhaps not to others!) run to seventh place.

Taleb Rahmani moved up from #17 to #13 thanks in large part to his impressive win over Ke-Shawn Hayes. Rahmani was upset by Justin Thomas in the first round, so Thomas moves into the top 20 as a result. Jarrett Jacques had a rough go at the tournament, losing to Luke Weiland and Griffin Parriott, and falls out of the top 10.

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