NCAA Rankings 2018-19

197 Bo Knew

197 was a relative sea of tranquility compared to the volatile 184-pound bracket. The main exception to that rule would be Josh Hokit, who tore through the bracket from the #16 seed, ultimately beating former #5 Jacob Warner and former #6 Willie Miklus on his way to a fifth-place finish and the Fresno State Bulldogs' first All-American since being reinstated as a program. 

Another standout of the tournament is #21 seed Thomas Lane of Cal Poly, who upset Warner and former #10 Rocco Caywood on his way to the quarterfinals. Lane would be stopped in the bloodround by Ben Honis, who went on a dream killing sprint through the consolations. Honis lost his first match of the tournament to EIWA rival Jake Jakobsen of Lehigh but then made it to a medal match road warrior style, victorious in his subsequent four bouts. 

Ethan Laird, along with Jakobsen, also made it into the top 20 from the bubble thanks to their performances in Pittsburgh. Both Jakobsen and Laird made it to the round of 16. 

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