NCAA Rankings 2018-19

133 Nicky Number 1

We'll leave the discussion for toughest weight class of all time for later, instead, we'll just say anyone who earned a spot on the podium from this bracket very much earned their All-American honors.

With wins this season over All-Americans Daton Fix, Ethan Lizak, Luke Pletcher and Tariq Wilson, Pitt's Micky Phillippi may be the most talented wrestler to not finish in the top 8 this season. A loss to Roman Bravo-Young in the bloodround was his undoing.

Despite finishing seventh, Ethan Lizak had a strong season and nearly identical wins and losses as sixth-place finisher John Erneste, and maintains a higher rank in the top 20 as a result. Sometimes that's just how the bracket breaks.

A heroic battle to the round of 12 by #31 seed Mason Pengilly of Stanford was enough to earn a top 20 ranking, but alas, not a coveted All-American award. Pengilly's run meant American University's Josh Terao was the last man on the top 20 bubble. 

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