NCAA Rankings 2018-19

184 Australian for Wrestling

The 184-pound division made little sense all season long and made even less sense for one all-important weekend in mid-March. Myles Martin, #1 seed and the heavy favorite to win the title, was upset by Max Dean in the semifinals. Dean was then upset by Drew Foster in the finals. Thus, Foster jumps from #10 in the rankings to #1, Dean goes from #3 to #2, and Martin drops from #1 to #3. 

The rest of the top eight go in order of finish except for Chip Ness, who had a Cinderella run to the semifinals, but did not notch enough quality wins on the way to sixth place finish to justify a higher ranking than Dakota Geer or Zack Zavatsky. 

However, this being 184-pounds, we aren't dealing in absolutes, and if someone wanted to argue a different order, we wouldn't protest too vociferously. 

The rest of the wrestlers in the top 20 all had All-American caliber seasons, but a combination of injuries, luck and timing kept them off the podium. 

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