NCAA Rankings 2018-19

149: Mob Rule

The placement matches in Pittsburgh made for quick and easy rankings of numbers one through eight. Jarrett Degen picked up the most ground with his seventh-place performance, moving up from #13 to #7.

Tommy Thorn was unable to get back on the podium in his senior campaign, but the former All-American battled valiantly to the bloodround and improved his ranking thanks to a clutch win over Brady Berge. 

Jared Prince and Michael Sprague both outperformed their seed and ranking by finishing in the round of 12 for Prince and in the round of 16 for Sprague. They move into the final top 20 of the season as a result. Going in the opposite direction are Josh Heil and Kaden Gfeller. Gfeller went 0-2 despite spending most of the season in the top 10, while Heil fell to Sprague in the second consolation round. 

Sprague and Prince's performances in Pittsburgh means there is no room in the top 20 anymore for West Virginia's Christian Monserrat and Arizona State's Josh Maruca, showing how deep a weight class 149 was this past season. Several other worthy contenders, such as Khristian Olivas of Fresno State, Russell Rohlfing of CSUB, and Ryan Blees of Virginia Tech, also finished the season on the bubble. 

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