2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings


Every weight class explanation will include the following preseason caveats. Chiefly, that it is far too early to know the weight classes in which every wrestler in the NCAA will be going. A great many wrestlers themselves probably do not know that with any amount of certainty. Furthermore, Covid-19 and the postponed 2020 Olympics through yet more uncertainty into the mix. 

As more information about if and where wrestlers will be competing becomes publically available, we will update the rankings accordingly. For the most part, we will be assuming that no redshirt years will be taken, neither will any weight classes be changed. However, as noted, all that will very likely change in the ensuing months, as will the rankings. 


NCAA camps Yianni and Mekhi return to challenge Spencer for the title most dangerous man in college. They are also all recognizable by their first name alone by the wrestling community, perhaps not coincidentally. 

NCAA finalists Daton Fix, Stevan Micic, and Max Dean also return to action and figure to be in the top P4P conversations. Nick Suriano will join them should he return to action in the fall. Three-time All-American Jaydin Eierman is right there, too.

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