2020 Matteo Pellicone | UWW Ranking Series

Live This Week: January 15-19, 2020

Live This Week: January 15-19, 2020

Check out all of the live events on FloWrestling from January 15-19, 2020.

Jan 14, 2020 by Kyle Bratke
Live This Week: January 15-19, 2020

How does FloWrestling follow up a week with 20 events and 16 D1 duals? With the first ranking series event of 2020, 13 more D1 duals, two elite high school tournaments, and the nation's toughest youth tournament.

Matteo Pellicone UWW Ranking Series 

Date: Jan. 15-18 | Time: 4:30 AM ET | Where: Rome, Italy

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The first ranking series of 2020 will be a doozy. Kyle Snyder, Kyle Dake, Thomas Gilman, James Green, Bo Nickal, and so many more hammers headline the U.S squad. Add in international hammers like Frank Chamizo, Bajrang, Soner Demirtas, Deepak Punia, Stevan Micic, Myles Amine, and plenty more and you have an absolute fire tournament.

57kg Preview | 65kg Preview | 74kg Preview | 86kg Preview | 97kg Preview

Tulsa Nationals 

Date: Jan. 16-18 | Time: 7 PM ET | Where: Tulsa, OK

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Known as the toughest youth wrestling tournament in the nation, the future stars of high school and college wrestling will descend on Tulsa looking to win the second leg of the prestigious Trinity Award.

Cornell (5-4) vs Rutgers (7-1) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 7 PM ET | Where: Piscataway, NJ

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The RAC will be rocking as two young but scrappy teams square off in a fun non-conference dual.

Projected Lineups

125: Dom Lajoie (Cornell) vs #15 Nic Aguilar (Rutgers)

133: #5 Chas Tucker (Cornell) vs #11 Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)

141: Noah Baughman (Cornell) vs JoJo Aragona (Rutgers)

149: Hunter Richard (Cornell) vs Gerard Angelo (Rutgers)

157: Adam Santoro (Cornell) vs Mike Van Brill (Rutgers)

165: Jake Brindley (Cornell) vs Brett Donner (Rutgers) 

174: #15 Brandon Womack (Cornell) vs Joe Grello (Rutgers)

184: #23 Jonathan Loew (Cornell) vs #25 Billy Janzer (Rutgers)

197: #10 Ben Darmstadt (Cornell) vs #18 Jordan Pagano (Rutgers) 

285: Brendan Furman (Cornell) vs Matt Correnti (Rutgers) 

Iowa State (4-3) vs South Dakota State (6-3) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 8 PM ET | Where: Brookings, SD

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The Jackrabbits started the season 1-3 but since then have rattled off five straight wins including one in West Gym over Northern Iowa. Can South Dakota State get another top-15 win? The Cyclones will be looking to recover from a rough weekend where they lost to Campbell and Arizona State. 

Projected Lineups

125: #10 Alex Mackall (Iowa State) vs Danny Vega (SDSU)

133: #17 Todd Small (Iowa State) vs Zach Price (SDSU)

141: #7 Ian Parker (Iowa State) vs Clay Carlson (SDSU)

149: #7 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) vs #10 Henry Pohlmeyer (SDSU)

157: #3 David Carr (Iowa State) vs Colten Carlson (SDSU)

165: Chase Straw (Iowa State) vs Tanner Cook (SDSU)

174: #11 Sammy Colbray (Iowa State) vs Cade King (SDSU)

184: #15 Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) vs #17 Zach Carlson (SDSU)

197: #21 Joel Shapiro (Iowa State) vs #20 Tanner Sloan (SDSU

285: #12 Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) vs Blake Wolters (SDSU)

NC State (8-0) vs Drexel (5-4) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 7 PM ET | Where: Philadelphia, PA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Drexel continues their loaded home schedule as NC State comes to town looking to keep their perfect record alive.

Projected Lineups

125: #19 Jacob Camacho (NC State) vs Antonio Mininno (Drexel)

133: Jarrett Trombley (NC State) vs Chase Shields (Drexel)

141: #16 Tariq Wilson (NC State) vs Tyler Williams (Drexel) 

149: Matt Grippi (NC State) vs Jared Donahue (Drexel) 

157: #2 Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs Felix Belga (Drexel)

165: #13 Thomas Bullard (NC State) vs #20 Ebed Jarrell (Drexel)

174: #18 Daniel Bullard (NC State) vs Michael O'Malley (Drexel) 

184: #3 Trent Hidlay (NC State) vs Owen Brooks (Drexel) 

197: #15 Nick Reenan (NC State) vs Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel)

285: #24 Deonte Wilson (NC State) vs Sean O'Malley (Drexel) 

Northern Iowa (2-3) vs Northern Colorado (1-3) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 9 PM ET | Where: Greeley, CO

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The Panther Train looks to build off the momentum of a win over Missouri as they head West for a Big 12 showdown with Northern Colorado. 

Projected Lineups

125: #16 Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado)

133: Jack Skudlarczyk (UNI) vs #22 Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado)

141: #14 Michael Blockhus (UNI) vs Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado)

149: #11 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #18 Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado)

157: Keaton Geerts (UNI) vs Nathan Moore (Northern Colorado)

165: Austin Yant (UNI) vs Macoy Flanagan (Northern Colorado)

174: #5 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Billy Higgins (Northern Colorado)

184: #4 Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado)

197: Noah Glaser (UNI vs #25 Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado)

285: #13 Carter Isley (UNI) vs Robert Winters Jr. (Northern Colorado)

Minnesota (6-3) vs Michigan State (4-4) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 6 PM ET | Where: East Lansing, MI

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The Golden Gophers cap off a weekend road trip to Michigan with a showdown with the Spartans. 

Projected Lineups

125: #14 Pat McKee (Minnesota) vs Julian Saldana (Michigan State)

133: Jake Gliva (Minnesota) vs Garrett Pepple (Michigan State)

141: #5 Mitch McKee (Minnesota) vs Jaden Enriquez (Michigan State)

149: #4 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) vs Alex Hrisopoulos (Michigan State)

157: Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) vs Jake Tucker (Michigan State)

165: Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) vs Drew Hughes (Michigan State)

174: #7 Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) vs Layne Malczewski (Michigan State)

184: #18 Owen Webster (Minnesota) vs #20 Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

197: Hunter Ritter (Minnesota) vs Nick May (Michigan State)

285: #1 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) vs Christian Rebottaro (Michigan State)

Maryland (2-7) vs Michigan (2-2) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 7 PM ET | Where: Ann Arbor, MI

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Michigan welcomes Big Ten foe Maryland to town for their third consecutive dual inside the friendly confines of Cliff Keen Arena. 

Projected Lineups

125: Bradon Cray (Maryland) vs Jack Medley (Michigan)

133: King Sandoval (Maryland)vs Joey Silva (Michigan)

141: Hunter Baxter (Maryland) vs Cole Mattin (Michigan)

149: Michael Doetsch (Maryland) vs #12 Kanen Storr (Michigan)

157: #24 Jahi Jones (Maryland) vs #9 Will Lewan (Michigan)

165: Kyle Cochran (Maryland) vs Tyler Meisinger (Michigan)

174: #23 Philip Spadafora (Maryland) vs Max Maylor (Michigan)

184: Kyle Jasenski (Maryland) vs #16 Jelani Embree (Michigan)

197: Jaron Smith (Maryland) vs Jackson Striggow (Michigan)

285: Parker Robinson (Maryland) vs #2 Mason Parris (Michigan)

Duke (0-7) vs Fresno State (6-5) 

Date: Jan. 17 | Time: 10 PM ET | Where: Fresno, CA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

These two teams met last week at the Virginia Duals and it did not go well for the Blue Devils. Can Duke flip some results this time around?

Projected Lineups

125: Duke will forfeit vs Destin Summers (Fresno State) 

133: Harrison Campbell (Duke) vs Gary Joint (Fresno State) 

141: Ty Mills (Duke) vs DJ Lloren (Fresno State) 

149: Wade Unger (Duke) vs Greg Gaxiola (Fresno State) 

157: Eric Carter (Duke) vs #23 Jacob Wright (Fresno State) 

165: Ben Anderson (Duke) vs Adam Kemp (Fresno State) 

174: Mason Eaglin (Duke) vs #14 Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State) 

184: Kai Blake (Duke) vs Hunter Cruz (Fresno State )

197: Vincent Baker (Duke) vs Isaiah Perez (Fresno State) 

285: Jonah Niesenbaum (Duke) vs. #11 Josh Hokit (Fresno State)


Date: Jan. 17-18 | Time: 10 PM ET | Where: Gilroy, CA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Over 60 of the best high school boys teams on the West Coast and 30 of the top women's teams do battle at Gilroy High School. 

Virginia Tech (6-0) vs Binghamton (2-4)

Date: Jan. 18 | Time: 10 AM ET | Where: Vestal, NY

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

The Hokies look to remain undefeated as North for a weekend road trip to New York. 

Projected Lineups

125: #13 Joey Prata (Virginia Tech) vs Carson Sauriol (Binghamton)

133: #14 Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech) vs Tomasso Frezza (Binghamton)

141: Mitch Moore (Virginia Tech) vs Anthony Sparacio (Binghamton)

149: #22 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs Matt Swanson (Binghamton)

157: #13 B.C. LaPrade (Virginia Tech) vs Chris Barker (Binghamton)

165: #3 David McFadden (Virginia Tech) vs Jacob Nolan (Binghamton)

174: Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) vs Alex Melikian (Binghamton)

184: #2 Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) vs #6 Lou DePrez (Binghamton)

197: Stanley Smeltzer (Virginia Tech) vs Sam DePrez (Binghamton)

285: #17 John Borst (Virginia Tech) vs Joe Doyle (Binghamton)

Escape The Rock

Date: Jan. 18-19 | Time: 10 AM ET | Where: Holland, PA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Over 50 of the top high school wrestling teams will be in action at the 15th annual Escape the Rock wrestling tournament. Brett Ungar, Ryan Crookham, Dalton Harkins, Gaige Garcia, Kyonte Hamilton, and more blue-chip recruits headline the loaded field. 

Illinois (4-2) vs Ohio State (5-1)

Date: Jan. 19 | Time: 1 PM ET | Where: Columbus, OH

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Illinois becomes the next team to invade the brand new Covelli Center as the Buckeyes go for their fourth consecutive win. 

Projected Lineups

125: #24 Justin Cardani (Illinois) vs Malik Heinselman (Ohio State)

133: #8 Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) vs #20 Jordan Decatur (Ohio State)

141: #12 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) vs #1 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)

149: Mousa Jodeh (Illinois) vs #6 Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)

157: #22 Eric Barone (Illinois) vs Elijah Cleary (Ohio State)

165: #14 Danny Braunagel (Illinois) vs #12 Ethan Smith (Ohio State) 

174: #16 Joey Gunther (Illinois) vs #8 Kaleb Romero (Ohio State)

184: #11 Zac Braunagel (Illinois) vs Rocky Jordan (Ohio State)

197: Matt Wroblewski (Illinois) vs #1 Kollin Moore (Ohio State)

285: Luke Luffman (Illinois) vs Gary Traub (Ohio State)

Minnesota (6-3) vs Michigan (2-2)

Date: Jan. 19 | Time: 2 PM ET | Where: Ann Arbor, MI

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

#1 Gable Steveson vs #2 Mason Parris headline another battle between two of the sports traditional powers. 

Projected Lineups

125: #14 Pat McKee (Minnesota) vs Jack Medley (Michigan)

133: Jake Gliva (Minnesota) vs Joey Silva (Michigan)

141: #5 Mitch McKee (Minnesota) vs Cole Mattin (Michigan)

149: #4 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) vs #12 Kanen Storr (Michigan)

157: Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) vs #9 Will Lewan (Michigan)

165: Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) vs Tyler Meisinger (Michigan)

174: #7 Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) vs Max Maylor (Michigan)

184: #18 Owen Webster (Minnesota) vs Bobby Striggow (Michigan)

197: Hunter Ritter (Minnesota) vs Jackson Striggow (Michigan)

285: #1 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) vs #2 Mason Parris (Michigan)

Missouri (6-5) vs Kent State (5-7)

Date: Jan. 19 | Time: 2 PM ET | Where: Kent, OH

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Missouri looks to bounce back from a tough loss to UNI as they head to Ohio for a MAC showdown with the Golden Flashes.

Projected Lineups

125: Dack Punke (Missouri) vs Tomas Gutierrez (Kent State)

133: Allan Hart (Missouri) vs #24 Tim Rooney (Kent State)

141: #19 Grant Leeth (Missouri) vs Ian Senz (Kent State)

149: #5 Brock Mauller (Missouri) vs Kody Komara (Kent State)

157: #14 Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) vs Conan Becker (Kent State)

165: Peyton Mocco (Missouri) vs Kade Byland (Kent State)

174: Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) vs #22 Andrew McNally (Kent State)

184: #24 Dylan Wisman (Missouri) vs Shane Mast (Kent State)

197: Wyatt Koelling (Missouri) vs Colin McCracken (Kent State)

285: Rodrigo Diaz (Missouri) vs Spencer Berthold (Kent State)

North Dakota State (3-3) vs Iowa State (4-3)

Date: Jan. 19 | Time: 3 PM ET | Where: Ames, IA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Iowa State returns to Hilton Coliseum as they finish up their weekend of action against the Bison of North Dakota State. 

Projected Lineups

125: McGwire Midkiff (NDSU) vs. #10 Alex Mackall (Iowa State)

133: #12 Cam Sykora (NDSU) vs. #17 Todd Small (Iowa State)

141: Sawyer Degen (NDSU) vs. #7 Ian Parker (Iowa State)

149: Jaden Van Maanen (NDSU) vs. #7 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State)

157: Jared Franek (NDSU) vs. David Carr (Iowa State)

165: #11 Andrew Fogarty (NDSU) vs. Chase Straw (Iowa State)

174: Lorenzo De La Riva (NDSU) vs. #11 Sammy Colbray (Iowa State)

184: Noah Cressell (NDSU) vs. #15 Marcus Coleman (Iowa State)

197: Cordell Eaton (NDSU) vs. #21 Joel Shapiro (Iowa State)

285: #23 Brandon Metz (NDSU) vs. #12 Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State)

Binghamton (3-3) vs Drexel (5-4)

Date: Jan. 19 | Time: 7 PM ET | Where: Philadelphia, PA

Broadcast Info: WATCH LIVE HERE

Drexel closes out a weekend homestand against EIWA rival Binghamton. 

Projected Lineups

125: Carson Sauriol (Binghamton) vs Antonio Mininno (Drexel)

133: Tomasso Frezza (Binghamton) vs Chase Shields (Drexel)

141: Anthony Sparacio (Binghamton) vs Tyler Williams (Drexel) 

149: Matt Swanson (Binghamton) vs Jared Donahue (Drexel) 

157: Chris Barker (Binghamton) vs Felix Belga (Drexel)

165: Jacob Nolan (Binghamton) vs #20 Ebed Jarrell (Drexel)

174: Alex Melikian (Binghamton) vs Michael O'Malley (Drexel) 

184: #6 Lou DePrez (Binghamton) vs Owen Brooks (Drexel) 

197: Sam DePrez (Binghamton) vs Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel)

285: Joe Doyle (Binghamton) vs Sean O'Malley (Drexel)