2019-20 Prospect Rankings - NCAA


I led the 174lb. Prospect Rankings by noting how deep it is. As I move to 184 and 197 the depth continues to be impressive. We have a legitimate debate at the top, over twenty-five quality prospects in depth, and a youth movement at a single weight unlike I've ever seen before. 

For me, Facundo and Plott is a tough call. Facundo is such an incredible prospect, but the rate of attack and conversion that Plott has offensively should make him a force at the D1 level immediately. Either way you slice it, they are blue chip recruits and clearly the two best at 184's at this time.

The next thing you'll notice is how young the weight is - particularly surprising for an upper weight. Only ten Seniors here.  And nine, count 'em, NINE wrestlers that haven't entered their Sophomore seasons yet. The skill level and success shown by them as freshmen were remarkable.

Gavin Garcia, a multi-sport athlete with a killer top game, is my highest ranked sophomore, followed by FloNats Runner-Up Matt Singleton and NHSCA Champ TJ Stewart.

Lenny Pinto has had a killer summer after placing 3rd at PA States. He's the highest JR after Facundo followed by Tate Picklo and Cael Valencia.

State Champs from Power states - Nathan Haas and Gerrit Nijenhuis are the #2 and #3 SR's behind Plott.

If you're in the market for a 184, now is a great time to scout. Because the best prospects are so young, just 6 of the Top 25 are committed. 

*Note - There was one change at 174 where Nevan Snodgrass is now included.

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