2019-20 Prospect Rankings - NCAA


Apologies for the delay!

I tried to get these out before Fargo, but Fargo gonna Fargo and it just wasn't in the cards.

There was a time when I thought Ferrari's athleticism made him a clearly better prospect than Braxton. After Fargo, and the speed and quickness Braxton displayed, I'm revisiting that matter. Perhaps it's a 'what have you done for me lately' reaction with Braxton so dominant and AJ rehabbing. I still have AJ as the top prospect in the country at any weight, but for me, Braxton's stock jumped if even within his own elite tier.

I have Rogers projected as a 197 at this time, though 184 might be in play too. Just entering his sophomore season, he's already shown outstanding skills. I look for him to make a massive jump over the next 12 months.

Allred, Elam, Stout , and Poznanski give this weight a group of seven deep that I consider certainties. They'll contend for AA's for you.

Swartz has a limited body of work but I love his potential. I put him just ahead of fellow PA Champ Garcia because I'm just not sure what his wrestling/football split will be at Michigan.

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