2019-20 Prospect Rankings - NCAA


There may not be a weight full of prospects like 174 right now. In both quantity and quality, college coaches have a lot of options at this weight.

Leading off is Patrick Kennedy, a relentless attacker who is about as good in neutral as anyone in the country at any weight, and an Iowa commit.

Spot #2 was a toss up. I love the trajectory of both Surber and Ulrey. I had a good feeling that when Surber filled out (you could tell he had the frame for it) he would hit another gear. If his recent results are any indication - he's there. 

Likewise, I've always loved Ulrey's game. He was just always a hair short. After FloNats and Akron titles he's on point, and his leg attacks translate.

I have Drexler at #4. It's a little early on him, but I like his skill set and see him in the same vein as a Surber.

Wilner, this year's NHSCA Champ is about ready to break out. His only loss at the Cali state tourney was Matty Olguin and you've heard me gush about him. I think Wilner has all the ingredients to be a college threat.

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