2019-20 Prospect Rankings - NCAA

Young Free Agents At 141

There's quite a bit a difference between the 141 prospect list and our previous two weights.

For one, there shouldn't be as much movement in weight like Howard, Bartlett, Burks, Mastrogiovanni, Serrano and others. I'm pretty confident this group, for the most part, settle in to 141 for the bulk of their careers.

The next obvious difference is that they're both young and uncommitted. Within the Top 12 here there are only three seniors, only one of which, Tal-Shahar, is spoken for.

At the top, this spring hasn't been kind to these guys. Van Ness went 0-1 at Akron; Bouzakis didn't place after losing on the front side and defaulting. Crookham has been out with an injury since his state tournament. Thankfully, it didn't require surgery.

Prospect rankings and prospect evaluation is a fluid, ever-changing situation. But right now I see it as a two horse race at 141. Van Ness is the most offensive, but he also gives up a good amount of points. Crookham is the better rider. I have Bouzakis in the clear #3 spot. He's as tough as nails and very difficult to score on, but is probably the least offensive of the three.

There are a few names in the top group that might jump out at you; I have Blankenship, Titus, and Gioffre higher than I think some would imagine. Blankenship is so so good and smooth already. Someone needs to tell him to give up the football thing already ;).

Gioffre contrasts Blankenship; what I love about him most is his grit and attitude. He was the state runner-up to Richie Figs this year and I think there's a great deal of college potential there.

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