NCAA Rankings 2018-19

133 Seth Gross

At last! Roman Bravo-Young enters the top 20! After beating Ryan Millhof last weekend, RBY now has a win over an All-American. However, Millhof is a career 125-pounder who bumped up just for the dual. Nonetheless, it is a quality win, and with zero blemishes on his record, the Penn State true freshman has finally cracked the rankings. 

No other movement in the weight class save for the talented Casey Cobb of Navy getting bumped into the bubble thanks to Bravo-Young, who's emergence makes an already crowded weight class even tougher. 

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RankGradeNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1SRSeth GrossSD State1
2JRNick SurianoRutgers2
3JRStevan MicicMichigan3
4SOTariq WilsonNC State4
5FRMicky PhillippiPittsburgh5
6JRLuke PletcherOhio State6
7FRDaton FixOK State7
8SREthan LizakMinnesota8
9SRJohn ErnesteMissouri9
10FRAustin GomezIowa State10
11SOAustin DeSantoIowa11
12SOMontorie BridgesWyoming12
13JRKorbin MyersVirginia Tech13
14SRChas TuckerCornell14
15SODylan DuncanIllinois15
16JRCameron SykoraND State16
17FRRoman Bravo-YoungPenn StateNR
18JRNoah GonserCampbell17
19SRJosh TeraoAmerican18
20SRSean NickellCSU Bakersfield19