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Tamyra Mensah-Stock & Adeline Gray

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Tamyra Mensah-Stock & Adeline Gray | The Bader Show

Dec 30, 2020

0:01 Adeline Gray’s process of agreeing to this match with Tamyra Mensah-Stock
0:04 Adeline’s training situation
0:08 Gray’s recent training with Kayla Harrison at American Top Team
0:18 Adeline talks about her longevity in the sport
0:20 How Adeline deals with disagreements with her coaches
0:23 The moment Adeline knew she needed to advocate for different training
0:25 How Adeline balanced both Junior and Senior level competition in 2009 and 2011 and what the experience taught her
0:30 Adeline’s thoughts on Tamyra
0:38 This match feels different for Adeline
0:40 Adeline asks Tamyra Mensah-Stock what her victory dance would be if she wins next week
0:42 Tamyra asks Adeline who she thinks will score first next week
0:45 Is Tamyra a goofball?
0:46 Tamyra has wrestled Adeline in the past
0:48 How Tamyra has improved during her career
0:50 What Tamyra remembers from the time she bumped up to 76 kg to wrestle Adeline in 2017
0:52 How Tamyra is approaching this match with Adeline
0:55 Tamyra’s mental development in the last quad
0:58 What Tamyra gained from being at the Olympics as a training partner in 2016
1:02 When Maya Nelson slapped Tamyra into shape at Worlds
1:05 Tamyra’s favorite match since the pandemic
1:06 The last time Tamyra hit a throw in a match
1:09 Tamyra’s training situation
1:15 Tamyra’s Hello Fresh meals
1:17 How big a factor will the weight be next weekend
1:21 Tamyra’s final word