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John Clark & Pat Lugo

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John Clark & Pat Lugo | The Bader Show

Dec 29, 2020

0:01 John Clark’s memories of the 90’s Gable era
0:02 What it’s like to coach during the craziest year ever
0:05 How Sacred Heart feels about a year without many EIWA teams
0:07 Coach Clark’s book on improvement
0:12 The women’s program at Sacred Heart
0:15 Coach Clark’s thoughts on Gray vs Mensah-Stock
0:17 Women’s wrestling is completely freestyle. Will men ever follow?
0:20 Working With Bobby Valentine at Sacred Heart
0:26 John Clark grew up in a wrestling family
0:29 John’s wrestling style
0:31 John’s recruiting process
0:33 Clark’s career at Ohio State
0:35 The important decision to become a wrestling coach
0:37 Coach Clark loves his 4 hours in the car each day0:43 John Clark asks Pat Lugo what it was like to be coached by the Brands brothers
0:44 Pat Lugo asks John Clark about his favorite match when he competed for Ohio State
0:47 The Hawkeyes have switched diners
0:48 Lugo’s thoughts on his match with Bajrang
0:51 The little positions Lugo is focusing on
0:53 Lugo’s decision to wrestle James Green on January 9
0:54 Lugo knows how to stay composed during a match
0:56 If Lugo couldn’t win the 8-Man, he wanted Green to win
0:57 How Lugo is preparing for Green
0:59 Lugo’s thoughts on Burroughs vs Taylor
1:01 Pat Lugo’s thoughts about Dan Gable
1:02 Lugo needs to be pushed instead of coddled
1:08 Lugo compares the wrestling cultures in Iowa City, Edinboro, and South Florida
1:10 Pat Lugo’s crazy match with Kaleb Young
1:11 Lugo compares wrestling environments with and without fans
1:13 Pat Lugo’s wins & whoopins