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Anthony Ashnault

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Anthony Ashnault | The Bader Show

Dec 7, 2020

0:05 Anthony Ashnault’s thoughts on the RTC Cup and the importance of duals
0:11 What does Ashnault say to himself to stay in the zone
0:12 A time Ashnault got too excited for a match
0:15 Ashnault’s preparation for the 150 lb 8-Man
0:18 What Ashnault thougth of James Green at the RTC Cup
0:22 Ashnault’s preparation and film study for uncommon opponents
0:31 Ashnault’s last competition and training since then
0:33 How Anthony built a team around himself on the senior level
0:37 The people who make up Ashnault’s team
0:41 Donny Pritzlaff still has it
0:44 Ashnault’s thoughts about the upcoming college season
0:47 Anthony didn’t study too much for his match with Kolodzik
0:50 When Ashnault’s perspective on film study changed
0:53 Anthony Ashnault’s wins & whoopins
0:57 Ashnault’s final word