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Mike Macchiavello & Matt Kolodzik

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Mike Macchiavello & Matt Kolodzik | The Bader Show

Nov 30, 2020

0:01 Macchiavello’s summary of 2020 and what he’s been learning
0:06 Applying Phil Jackson lessons about ego to wrestling
0:13 When Mike Macch’s heard about the RTC Cup
0:15 What Macch learned from his match with Kyle Snyder
0:16 Macch is ready to compete
0:17 Mike’s last dual meet against Haught
0:18 Macch’s thoughts on his upcoming matches with Dudley and Zillmer
0:21 The last time Macch and Zillmer wrestled
0:22 How Wolfpack WC approaches these duals
0:24 Mike Macch wants to get better at in-match adjustments
0:26 How Coach Vinson and Coach Hall are leading the team into the RTC Cup
0:27 The trajectory of wrestlers getting paid
0:34 Mike Macch’s thoughts about free agents at the RTC Cup
0:35 What’s happening with Ed Ruth0:39 Mike Macch asks Matt Kolodzik if he likes Jersey or Ohio better
0:41 Matt Kolodzik asks Macchiavello if his world has sped up since the pandemic
0:44 Kolodzik’s training during the pandemic
0:45 When Kolodzik decided to pull his Olympic redshirt
0:51 The Princeton team progression made NCAA cancellation extra devastating
0:52 When NCAA cancellation finally felt real
0:54 Matt has had a desire to wrestle post college for a long time
0:55 The Princeton pitch when Kolodzik was a recruit
0:57 When Kolodzik heard about the RTC Cup
0:59 Kolodzik hasn’t thought much about Yianni, Echemendia, or Sasso
1:01 Watching wrestling is stressful for Kolodzik
1:03 The collaboration between the NJRTC and SERTC
1:05 Comparing dual meets to individual tournaments
1:08 balancing an analytical mind with being in the moment
1:11 prioritizing wrestling and academics at Princeton
1:15 engineering and wrestling talk with Adam Coon
1:17 Matt Kolodzik’s wins & whoopins
1:20 Kolodzik’s final word