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Mason Parris & Jordan Oliver

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Mason Parris & Jordan Oliver | The Bader Show

Dec 9, 2020

0:01 - Mason Parris hops on the call to discuss his experience with the RTC Cup.

0:08 - Football vs Wrestling. Why did Mason choose wrestling instead of a football scholarship, and how FloNationals played a part. 

0:15 - Mason went to Junior Worlds in Estonia without a lot of freestyle experience. Winning gold was a big confidence booster.

0:19 - Sergei Beloglazov is the funniest coach on the Michigan staff, and also has some wrestling insights.

0:24 - Mason was pumped when he saw all the great heavyweights at the RTC Cup. Now he wants another crack at Gable Steveson, either at Big Tens, NCAAs or the Olympic Team Trial. 

0:30 - Mason Parris’ best wins and worst whooping. 

0:34 - Overlapping questions: Why Jordan Oliver took on the Joker persona, and how Mason adjusted for match #2 against Gwiz.

0:40 - It was bulking season for JO after Olympics got canceled. Things got serious again after he accepted a match to wrestle Nolf.

0:44 - How is Jordan’s weight right? Is managing weight different now than in the past? It sure was, and Jordan has some great stories about that.

0:55 - Training with Olympic legends: Kenny Monday, Coleman Scott and Jamill Kelly. And how a rivalry with Tony Ramoss turned into a trusted freindship. 

01:00 - JO reflects on his history with Bajrang and how he’s looking forward to potentially wrestling him again at the 8-Man. 

01:10 - Thoughts on the RTC Cup and 8-Man competitor James Green.

01:15 - What would JO do with the $25K if he wins the 8-Man Challenge.