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Alec Pantaleo

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Alec Pantaleo | The Bader Show

Dec 14, 2020

0:03 What Alec Pantaleo heard about Dan Gable growing up
0:06 How Pantaleo heard he was in the 150 lb 8-Man Challenge
0:08 Pantaleo’s thoughts about the format of the 8-Man Challenge
0:10 Pantaleo hasn’t wrestled many people in this bracket
0:11 What Pantaleo thinks about a match with Jordan Oliver
0:15 RTC Cup thoughts
0:18 How cutting weight can make the sport suck
0:20 How Pantaleo feels about his performance the RTC Cup
0:24 Breaking down Pantaleo’s match with Kolodzik
0:33 Training with Bajrang
0:34 Why Alec Pantaleo is excited for a potential match with James Green
0:36 Pantaleo’s thoughts on the top half of the bracket