2020-21 NCAA DI Rankings

133 Pounds

Every weight class explanation will include the following preseason caveats. Chiefly, that it is far too early to know the weight classes in which every wrestler in the NCAA will be going. A great many wrestlers themselves probably do not know that with any amount of certainty. Furthermore, Covid-19 and the postponed 2020 Olympics through yet more uncertainty into the mix. 

As more information about if and where wrestlers will be competing becomes publically available, we will update the rankings accordingly. For the most part, we will be assuming that no redshirt years will be taken, neither will any weight classes be changed. However, as noted, all that will very likely change in the ensuing months, as will the rankings. 


Big news from Sebastian Rivera, as he transfers to Rutgers and announces he's going to wrestle 141. That leaves the #1 and #2 for Daton Fix and Stevan Micic, who we are leaving penciled in at 133 in the Cowboy and Wolverine lineups, respectively. Nick Suriano has not returned to the rankings as it is unclear if he will return to Rutgers this fall, but if he does (and we would very much like to see him in a Scarlet singlet this fall), he will return to the rankings posthaste. 

Iowa State has a lot of questions marks regarding their lineup, as keeping Todd Small, Ian Parker, Jerrett Degen, and David Carr in the lineup (all NCAA qualifiers) and adding 2019 bloodrounder Austin Gomez would necessitate the shuffling of multiple weight classes. For now, we have everyone staying in place and Gomez starting over Small, but of course, that is all subject to what Coach Dresser and company decide when the season starts. 

We had to make a judgment call with WVU transfer Matthew Schmitt starting over Alan Hart at Missouri, but it's very close, and Hart would be ranked not far off where Schmitt ended up. Coach Brian Smith has a good problem on his hand with more quality wrestlers on his roster than lineup spots. 

Another transfer making the top 25 is Michael McGee, who had to find a new home after ODU shamefully shuttered their storied wrestling program. As he had wrestled 133 while redshirting, we're assuming McGee stays there for the Sun Devils. 

With three-time qualifier DJ Fehlman at 133 and All-American Kyle Shoop at 141, Lock Haven's CJ Manley couldn't find a way onto the formidable Bald Eagle starting lineup last season. He still had enough quality wins last season to earn a spot in the preseason top 25, right below Nick Farro, who beat Manley at the second Mat-Town Open last season.

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