2019 Russian Federation Rankings - Men's Freestyle

79: Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov

Rankings by Seth Petarra (@SethPetar).

Returning world medalist Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov held down his top spot by earning his fourth Yarygin title over #2 Magomed Ramazanov before getting a knee injury at the European championships. Gadzhimagomedov has stated he will be cutting down to 74 KG for nationals if he is healed in time once this is confirmed he will be moved to 74 KG but as it stands now he’s #1 here. Magomed Ramazanov recovered from rough showings at Russian Nationals and the Alans to recover by taking silver at the Yarygin and gold at the Ali Aliev and beating #1 Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov, #3 Alan Zaseev, #6 Artur Bichenov, and #10 Khalil Aminov. #3 Alan Zaseev beat Russian national runner-up #4 Khusey Suyunchev at the Mindiashvili GP to qualify for the Yarygin and at the Yarygin he beat Alans champ #5 Gadzhi Nabiev in the qualifying round before taking fifth after losses to #2 Magomed Ramazanov and #3 (INT) Alex Dieringer (USA). 

Gadzhi Nabiev takes the #5 spot after winning the Alans in December where he beat Amkhad Tashukhadzhiev, #3 Alan Zaseev, and #8 Atsamaz Sanakoev but failed to place at the Yarygin and the Ali Aliev after losses to #3 Zaseev and Ermak Kardanov. Artur Bichenov is at #6 after an impressive runner-up showing at the Ali Aliev where he beat #7 Tazhidin Akaev and #11 (INT) Rashid Kurbanov (UZB). #7 Tazhidin Akaev avenged a loss from Russian nationals to #8 Atsamaz Sanakoev at the Ali Aliev before going onto take fifth after losses to Bichenov and Kurbanov. #8 Atsamaz Sanakoev has great wins over the likes of #1 Gadzhimagomedov, #2 Ramazanov, #7 Akaev, #8 (74) Suchkov, #9 Khubezhty, and #10 Aminov the losses he’s taken to Aminov, Amanulla Gadzhimagomedov, Akaev, and Omarashkab Nazhmudinov he has to be lower. Khubezhty is a 2018 Russian nationals bronze medalist with past wins over #1 Gadzhimagomedov, #2 Ramazanov, #3 Zaseev, 3x world champ Denis Tsargush (RUS), and #5 Nabiev but just lost at the Ali Aliev to #11 (INT) Rashid Kurbanov (UZB) who was beaten by Bichenov. Aminov was 5th at Russian nationals and has past wins over Radik Valiev (RUS), #2 Ramazanov, #3 (74) Darsam Dzhaparov, and #8 Sanakoev but lost to Sanakoev at the Alans and the Dan Kolov and while he beat Ramazanov at the Alans and at the Mindiashvili GP, he lost to him in the qualification round of the Yarygin and failed to place.

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