2023 World Championship Rankings

57kg - Zaur Uguev

Three world champs sit atop the 57kg rankings in Zaur Uguev (2020 Olympic champ, 2018/2019 World Champ), Zelimkhan Abakarov (57kg 2022 world champ) and Rei Higuchi (61kg 2022 world champ). After that, Zane Richards earns the #7 spot based on his recent wins over Thomas Gilman at Final X but recently loss to Almaz Smanbekov in Budapest. World bronze medalist Stevan Micic comes in at #9 and will likely be back down at 57kg after he tested the waters at 65kg at the European Championships in March. 

RankNameCountryPreviousProjected Seed
1Zaur UguevAIN (RUS)1
2Rei HiguchiJPN3
3Arsen HarutyunyanARM8
4Zelimkhan AbakarovALB22
5Aliabbas RzazadeAZE6 (at 61)
6Aman AmanIND4
7Wanhao ZouCHN51
8Almaz SmanbekovKGZ65
9Zane RichardsUSA7
10Stevan MicicSRB96