NCAA Rankings 2017-18

197: Do Not Macch Him

During a weekend of wild finishes, Kyle Conel takes the cake for the most unexpected result. Not competing for nearly all of last season, Conel would also give Jason Tsirtsis and Chance Marsteller a run for their money in the Comeback Wrestler of the Year Award, an award I just invented but is absolutely a real thing. 

There was very little rhyme or reason to 197 pounds all season and the 2018 NCAA tournament was no different. Jacob Holschlag made the podium after losing twice this season to Preston Weigel and Nate Rotert, both of whom did not place in Cleveland.

Scottie Boykin beat Conel and Holschlag in the same weekend earlier this season but went 0-2 at the NCAAs and drops out of the top 20. 

Jeric Kasunic's postseason slump continued from the EIWAs and he also drops out of the top 20. 

Chris Weiler had to fight all year to make the starting lineup at Lehigh and then nearly made the semifinals before dropping two consecutive nail-biters to finish in the round of 12.

What I'm saying is that you have to do a lot of shrugging when trying to figure out this weight class. 

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