NCAA Rankings 2017-18

165: The Cenzone

IMar closes out a legendary career with a second consecutive NCAA finals loss to Vincenzo Joseph. 

Coming in second to Jason Tsirtsis in this year's recently made up but also very real Comeback Wrestler of the Year Award is Chance Marsteller, whose future with the sport was very much in doubt less than two years ago. 

Jon Chavez has had a quiet college career thus far but turned it on when it mattered in Cleveland. And showing off the insane depth of 165 this year, two-time All-American Chad Walsh and under-23 freestyle world champion Richie Lewis both lost in the round of 12. 

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RankGradeNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1SOVincenzo JosephPenn State2
2SRIsaiah MartinezIllinois1
3FREvan WickWisconsin6
4JRChance MarstellerLock Haven10
5SODavid McFaddenVirginia Tech3
6FRAlex MarinelliIowa5
7JRJonathon ChavezCornell18
8JRChandler RogersOK State8
9SOLogan MassaMichigan7
10SOIsaiah WhiteNebraska11
11SRRichie LewisRutgers4
12SRChad WalshRider9
13SRNick WanzekMinnesota12
14JRBranson AshworthWyoming13
15JRTe'Shan CampbellOhio State14
16SOAnthony ValenciaArizona State15
17SOAndrew FogartyND State16
18SODemetrius RomeroUtah Valley17
19SRDrew DanielsNavyNR
20JRJonathan ViruetBrownNR