NCAA Rankings 2017-18

149: Choo Freaking Choo

Anyone with half a clue expected the Zain Train to chug along to a third straight NCAA title. What few expected was that his final NCAA opponent would be Ronnie Perry. But Perry took out the #2-seeded and #2-ranked wrestler, Brandon Sorensen, in the second round and never looked back. 

Sorensen would settle for fifth, capping off a great four-time All-American career for the Hawkeye. And winning the Comeback Wrestler of the Year Award (which I just made up but is still a very real thing) is Jason Tsirtsis, who was still fighting for a starting spot on Arizona State's team weeks before the tournament. Tsirtsis, a former national champion, finished seventh.

As Iowa State's lone representative at the NCAAs, Jarrett Degen acquitted himself well, winning three matches and advancing to the blood round despite being unseeded and unranked. Cortlandt Schuyler got revenge on Jared Prince from an EIWA loss, knocking the Midshipman out of the rankings and earning a spot in the top 20 for himself. 

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