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Kylie Welker Talks Iowa's Inaugural Season | Everything Women's Wrestling (Ep. 22)

Nov 28, 2022

Kylie Welker joins the show to give an inside look at Iowa's Women's Wrestling program in its first year of existence.

Sequence Of Show

0:00 - Show Introduction 

1:02 - Thanksgiving / Black Friday Shopping

2:44 - Why Iowa?  H.S. Experience & how she made her college decision

6:50 - Experiences at Iowa so far: teammates, classes, picking a major

8:36 - Coaching in the future 

12:07 - Competitions for the team & Kylie this season / Team performance at the Missouri Valley Open 

15:45 -  A typical week of practice at Iowa 

18:50 - Sharing a facility with the Iowa men's team 

20:58 - New Wrestling Facility being built in Iowa 

22:28 - The coaching team of Chun, Mayabb, and Verbeek

24:00 - Working out with the Iowa Gymnastics Team 

28:46 - Competitions in the inaugural season 

30:30 - Kylie's wish list for future D1 women's teams 

32:35 - Who Kylie follows as a fan of wrestling 

33:40 - Attending her 1st men's NCAA Championship in Detroit last year / National Collegiate Women's Wrestling Championships in Iowa this year 

35:28 - Women's and Men's World Cup in Iowa this December 

39:14 - Hobbies / Interests