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Olivia Deming & Caitlyn Walker Talk Women's Wrestling At Columbia | Everything Women's Wrestling Episode 13

Jul 13, 2022

Women's wrestling isn't officially available at many division 1 programs yet, but Olivia Deming and Caitlyn Walker still chose to wrestle at Columbia. Here's why.

0:00 - Show Introduction

1:06 - Introduction of Olivia Deming and Caitlyn Walker 

3:10 - Why Columbia University? How wrestling impacted their collegiate decision

21:50 - Internship Opportunity / Research & data collection on collegiate women's wrestling

35:44 - Junior Nationals in Fargo 

39:45 - Advice for how young women can lead now in the sport of women's wrestling 

52:20 - Message for D1 athletic directors about the impact of starting varsity wrestling programs

58:20 - Explosive numbers at the Iowa girls wrestling camp 

1:00:32 - Olivia and Caitlyn each share a high point and a low point from their wrestling season last year