2023 NCAA Championships Watch Party

2023 NCAA Wrestling National Championship Qualifiers By The Numbers

2023 NCAA Wrestling National Championship Qualifiers By The Numbers

Tables, graphs, maps and more! All pertaining to the 330 qualifiers for the 2023 NCAA Wrestling National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Mar 10, 2023 by Andrew Spey

The 2023 NCAA Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma is just days away, which gives us just enough time to do a thorough deep dive into the 330 D1 wrestlers who qualified for the big dance. 

But before we get into that, here are links to more NCAA content provided by my illustrious colleagues.

Brackets & Schedule | Full Bracket Breakdown | Iowa Brax Reax | Penn State Brax Reax | Questionable Seeds | Qualifiers By Team & Conference 

We can start this analysis with everyone's favorite: National Qualifiers by Hometown. I found hometowns by looking up every qualifier's bio page on their wrestling team's website. 

New Jersey23
New York18
West Virginia5
North Carolina4
South Dakota1
South Carolina1
New Mexico1
New Hampshire1
North Dakota1

This is not including the three international wrestlers who qualified for the NCAAs: Iowa State's Yonger Bastida (Trinidad, Cuba), North Carolina's Lachlan McNeil (Toronto, Canada), and Harvard's Yaraslau Slavikouski (Rechitsa, Belarus). 

There are also other perfectly valid methods for determining what state an NCAA wrestler is from, but we're sticking with bio pages for this analysis. I also don't have data on qualifiers by high school (or clubs) and it's doubtful I'll acquire it between now and NCAAs, though if some kind and generous reader has it and wants to send it my way I would be eternally grateful!

Anyhow, here's a heat map of qualifiers by state.

No qualifiers from Nevada, Wyoming, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island or Maine this year. 

We can also look at heat maps using a couple of different functions available on the free version of the online mapping software I found through Google about eight years ago. 

There's the classic heat map. 

Very nifty. And apologies to Evan Bockman, Levi Hopkins and Caleb Hopkins. I had to crop out Alaska to get the map to look pretty, otherwise the greater Anchorage metropolis would have a small green blob over it!

We can also create a map of all the hometowns marked with pins, a fitting marker for a wrestling map. 

Here's a map I've decided to call the 'chicken pox' map. 

Finally, I was going to try and compile a list of qualifiers by metro area but it was taking too long, so I clustered the pins and was able to create the following map, which gives us a pretty good idea of the cities with the most qualifiers. 

I had to zoom in to get the clusters to approximate cities and then crop out a big chunk of the western and southern parts of the continental USA. There's a decent cluster around Denver and Los Angeles and a smaller cluster around Salt Lake City that didn't survive the cropping. 

Anyway, New York City produced the most 2023 NCAA qualifiers, followed by Chicago. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit and St Louis are also all bona fide wrestling 'hot beds'. 

You can quibble with some of the hometowns and whether or not they should be included in one particular metro area or another (and by all means, quibble away!) but this is how it shakes out, more or less, every year I've been doing this, so close to a decade. NYC and Chicago lead the pack with most other midwestern cities and maybe LA or Denver being not far behind. 

The next most requested topic after NQs by state is NQs by state per capita. Here we express that topic in the number of qualifiers per million inhabitants of the state as per the 2022 census estimates. 

West Virginia2.8
New Jersey2.5
North Dakota1.3
South Dakota1.1
New York0.9
New Hampshire0.7
New Mexico0.5
North Carolina0.4
South Carolina0.2

You can probably guess which measure wrestling fans in Pennsylvania prefer and which is more popular among Iowans. Justification for which measurement is more appropriate also usually lines up along similar geography.

Moving on, I think we can all recognize that knowing how all the states compare to each other in 2023 is all well and good, but what if we want to compare each state to their historical averages? I think that's also good idea and so that's what I did. Below is a table of all the states that qualified wrestlers, then the average number of qualifiers from 2003 to 2012, then the average qualifiers from 2013 to 2022, followed by 2023's qualifiers. 

New Jersey26.825.323
New York19.615.418
West Virginia2.02.45
North Carolina4.54.34
South Dakota1.42.91
New Mexico1.71.21
New Hampshire2.01.51
South Carolina1.51.01
North Dakota1.01.91

Despite leading all states in qualifiers, Pennsylvania is have a relatively down year. Illinois, in contrast, is having an excellent year for NCAA qualifiers. Iowa and especially Oklahoma are also above historical norms. 

A made a line graph of qualifiers over time for the top 5 states for 2023 but I didn't like the way it turned out so I'm not going to do anymore. Here's the one I did do though. 

Some very mild trends but mostly looks like some very established ranges and year-to-year variations that very much look like random noise. 

Okay, what else? Think I'll just start firing off random facts I found while poring over the qualifiers. 

  • There are eleven former NCAA champs in the 2023 brackets who've earned a combined 18 titles: Spencer Lee (3), Yianni Diakomihalis (3), Carter Starocci (2), Aaron Brooks (2), Roman Bravo-Young (2), Austin O'Connor, David Carr, Keegan O'Toole, Max Dean, Mekhi Lewis, and Shane Griffith. 
  • Two wrestlers (Lee and Diakomhihalis) could win their fourth NCAA title in one day (which has never been done). Spencer Lee was also the #1 seed at the 2020 tournament fwiw. 
  • Dean and Griffith are national champs and both received #9 seeds. 
  • There are three former champs in the 165 bracket: David Carr (1 seed), Keegan O'Toole (2 seed), and Shane Griffith (9 seed).
  • There are two champs in the 174 bracket: Carter Starocci (1 seed), and Mekhi Lewis (3 seed). 
  • There are 70 former All-Americans (not counting 2020 NWCA AAs) in the brackets who earned a total of 114 AA honors (numbers are approximate, I could be missing something here or there). 
  • There are more returning All-Americans (9) in the 165lb bracket than any other weight class. A bunch of other weights have 8 returning AAs. 
  • 133 has the most number of AA honors represented in the 2023 bracket, with 16 (from 8 wrestlers).
  • Eight wrestlers are attempting to become four-time All-Americans: Yiani Diakomihalis, Spencer Lee, Roman Bravo-Young, Mikey Labriola, Max Dean, Jacob Warner, Daton Fix, and Austin O'Connor.
  • Trent Hidlay and Sammy Sasso have had surprisingly similar careers so far. They both qualified for their first NCAA in 2020, then finished 2nd and 5th in their next two NCAA tournaments. They both now have #2 seeds in their respective brackets.
  • 19 wrestlers have qualified for their fifth NCAA Championships. Stupid covid created all sorts of weird situations with eligibility and I'm mostly going to avoid mentioning them. 
  • Eight wrestlers will compete in their fourth NCAA Championships having not yet reached All-American status: Zach Elam, Tate Samuelson, Micky Phillippi, Max Murin, Matt Finesilver, Jarrett Jacques, Cam Caffey, and AJ Nevills. 
  • Micky Phillippi and Max Murin are both four-time NCAA qualifiers and three-time bloodrounders. Let's hope they can pull a George DiCamillo and make the NCAA finals, or at least the podium, in their final championship tournament, after falling one match short of All-American status three other times.
  • 51 freshmen have qualified for the 2023 NCAAs. 85 wrestlers in total qualified for their first-ever NCAAs. 16 of them are seniors (I think, but who knows with eligibility these days). 
  • Nine freshmen are seeded in the top eight: Levi Haines (2), Caleb Henson (4), Paniro Johnson (5), Daniel Cardenas (6), Stevo Poulin (6), Vince Cornella (7), Michael Caliendo (7), Owen Trephan (7), Aaron Nagao (8), and Silas Allred (8). All are ranked by Flo in the top 12. Freshman Lachlan McNeil is ranked #7 but seeded #10. No other freshmen are ranked in the top 8. 
  • Over the last 22 NCAA tournaments, an average of 9 freshmen have earned All-American honors each year. Looking pretty on-trend in 2023!
  • The top five states with seeds in the top 8 (and thus projected to All-American) are Pennsylvania (14), Illinois (7), California (6), New York (5), and Colorado (5). NJ, Minnesota and Ohio have four each. 
  • Pennsylvania has three #1 seeds. WI, OH, NY, NM, IN, IL and AZ have one each. 
  • The Big Ten has five #1 and 26 top 8 seeds. 
  • The Big 12 has two #1 seeds and 18 top 8 seeds.
  • The ACC has two #1 seeds and 14 top 8 seeds.
  • The EIWA has one #1 seed and 11 top 8 seeds.
  • The Pac-12 has eight top 8 seeds, the MAC has two top 8 seeds, and the SoCon has one top 8 seed.
  • The Big Ten has four top 8 seeds at 174, the most of any conference in any weight. 
  • The national qualifiers per team ratios of each conference are as follows: Big Ten 7.0; Big 12 5.9; ACC 5.8; Pac-12 3.8; EIWA 3.2; MAC 2.1; SoCon 1.9.

Here's a fun notable from the great Andy Hamilton.

And here's another!

Okay that's all for now. Tweet at me if you think of something that should be included in this blog and if I agree I'll post it here. 

Finally, here's all the data I'm working with. Holler if you see anything that needs correcting!

12511SRSpencer LeeIowaMurrysvillePABig Ten11, 1, 119, 20, 21
12522SRPat GloryPrincetonRandolphNJEIWA16, C, 219, 20, 22
12533SRLiam CroninNebraskaOrangeCABig Ten2C, 2420, 21
12545SOMatt RamosPurdueLockportILBig Ten31222
125511SOCaleb SmithAppalachian StateHigh PointNCSoCon12422
125612FRStevo PoulinNorthern ColoradoBallston LakeNYBig 121

12578JRBrandon KaylorOregon StateBonney LakeWAPac-12132, 821, 22
125810SOAnthony NotoLock HavenLimaNYMAC12422
12596SREric BarnettWisconsinGreenvilleWIBig Ten58, 721, 22
125109SRBrandon CourtneyArizona StateGoodyearAZPac-122C, 2, 620, 21, 22
125117SRPatrick McKeeMinnesotaSt MichaelMNBig Ten6C, 3, 520, 21, 22
125124SRMichael DeAugustinoNorthwesternPalm CoastFLBig Ten4C, 12, 420, 21, 22
1251317FRDean PetersonRutgersBarnegatNJBig Ten7

1251413SONoah SurtinMissouriEdwardsvilleILBig 12224, 1221, 22
1251515FRBrett UngarCornellBethlehemPAEIWA2

1251618SRJack MedleyMichiganChesterfieldMIBig Ten8C20
1251721FREthan BergincArmyJeannettePAEIWA4

1251820SORyan MillerPennStroudsburgPAEIWA32422
1251922FRBraxton BrownMarylandAllenTXBig TenWC

1252016SOJarett TrombleyNC StateOwossoMIACC1C, 16, 1620, 21, 22
12521HMFRJore VolkWyomingLakevilleMNBig 125

12522HMSODiego SoteloHarvardPlainfieldILEIWA6

12523HMSRJake FerriKent StateBillericaMAMAC22421
12524HMJRNick BabinColumbiaEmersonNJEIWA5

1252524SRJoey PrataOklahomaRichmondVABig 124C, 1220, 22
12526HMSRJack WagnerNorth CarolinaBettendorfIAACCWC

1252719FREddie VentrescaVirginia TechRoxburyNJACC2

1252814SRKillian CardinaleWest VirginiaBristowVABig 12WCC, 7, 1220, 21, 22
12529HMFRNico ProvoStanfordStratfordCTPac 12WC

12530NRSOAntonio LorenzoCal PolyAntelopeCAPac-1233222
1253123JRReece WitcraftOklahoma StateBroken ArrowOKBig 123C20
12532NRJRTanner JordanSouth Dakota StateSt ParisOHBig 12WC

12533HMFRTucker OwensAir ForceMustangOKBig 126

13311SRRoman Bravo-YoungPenn StateTucsonAZBig Ten18, C, 1, 119, 20, 21, 22
13322SRDaton FixOklahoma StateSand SpringsOKBig 1212, 2, 219, 21, 22
13333JRVito ArujauCornellSyossetNYEIWA14, 319, 22
13344SRMichael McGeeArizona StateBolingbrookILPac-12124, 12, 6, 418, 19, 21, 22
13357SOKai OrineNC StateImperialMOACC11622
13368JRSam LatonaVirginia TechAlabasterALACC36, 1221, 22
13376JRMichael ColaioccoPennSpartaNJEIWA2C, 2420, 22
133810FRAaron NagaoMinnesotaLa HabraCABig Ten2

13399SRMicky PhillippiPittDerryPAACC212, C, 12, 1219, 20, 21, 22
1331011SOLucas ByrdIllinoisCincinnatiOHBig Ten35, 521, 22
133115SRConnor McGonagleLehighDanvilleNHEIWAWC32, 3221, 22
1331212SODylan RagusinMichiganElk Grove VillageILBig Ten524, 1221, 22
1331313JRChris CannonNorthwesternOceanportNJBig Ten47, 721, 22
1331414FRJesse MendezOhio StateCrown PointINBig Ten6

1331518JRZach ReddingIowa StateManorvilleNYBig 1223221
13316HMJRKyle BiscogliaNorthern IowaWaukeeIABig 1242422
1331716SRJoe HeilmannRutgersSouth PlainfieldNJBig Ten81622
1331820SOBrayden PalmerChattanoogaHendersonTNSoCon13222
1331917JRJason ShanerOregon StateHood RiverORPac-122

1332021JRDomenic ZacconeCampbellOrland ParkILSoCon23322
13321HMFRBrendan FerrettiNavyMacombMIEIWA4

13322HMJRChance RichCSU-BakersfieldValenciaCAPac 12WC12, 1621, 22
13323HMSRCody PhippenAir ForcePlatte CountyMOBig 12WC

1332415JRBrody TeskeIowaDuncombeIABig Ten712, 1621, 22
13325HMFRWyatt HensonOklahomaWaynesburgPABig 123

13326NRJRKurtis PhippsBucknellIrwinPAEIWAWC

1332722JRConnor BrownMissouriOak GroveMOBig 1262418
1332819SRTaylor LaMontWisconsinMapletonUTBig Ten912, C, 5, 1618, 20, 21, 22
13329NRSOGable StricklandLock HavenBentonPAMAC1

1333024SOAngelo RiniColumbiaKirtlandOHEIWA3

13331NRSREthan RotondoCal PolyVancouverWAPac-123

13332NRSOJack MaidaAmericanOceanportNJEIWA5

13333HMSRMcGwire MidkiffNorth Dakota StateCarter LakeIABig 125

14112SRReal WoodsIowaAlbuquerqueNMBig Ten1C, 12, 620, 21, 22
14121JRAndrew AlirezNorthern ColoradoGreeleyCOBig 121C, INJ, 1220, 21, 22
14133SRCole MatthewsPittGreenvillePAACC1C, 24, 520, 21, 22
14145SOBrock HardyNebraskaBringham CityUTBig Ten2

14154SORyan JackNC StateDanburyCTACC21622
14166JRBeau BartlettPenn StateTempeAZBig Ten32422
141711FRVince CornellaCornellLafayetteCOEIWA1

14188SRAllan HartMissouriAkronOHBig 122C, 12, 2420, 21, 22
14199JRMosha SchwartzOklahomaFranktownCOBig 126C, 3221, 21
141107FRLachlan McNeilNorth CarolinaTorontoCANACC3

1411113SRClay CarlsonSouth Dakota StateWillmarMNBig 1238, 1221, 22
1411214SRParker FiliusPurdueHavreMTBig Ten5C, 16, 2220, 21, 22
1411312SOCarter YoungOklahoma StateStillwaterOKBig 1253222
1411415SOCael HappelNorthern IowaLisbonIABig 12WC

1411510FRTom CrookVirginia TechTampaFLACC4

1411622SOJosh KoderhandtNavyBellevilleILEIWA32422
1411717JRDylan D'EmilioOhio StateCurticeOHBig Ten416, 2421, 22
1411818JRFrankie Tal ShaharNorthwesternDelray BeachFLBig Ten62422
1411923SRMatt KazimirColumbiaAuburnOHEIWA5C, 2420, 22
1412019SRJakob BergelandMinnesotaHugoMNBig Ten8722
1412116JRCleveland BeltonOregon StateCoronaCAPac-121

1412224SOMalyke HinesLehighKissimmeeFLEIWA416, 3221, 22
14123HMSRCole MattinMichiganDeltaOHBig TenWC

1412420FRCasey SwiderskiIowa StateDundeeMIBig 124

1412521SRCarmen FerrantePennNewtonNJEIWA22419
14126NRJRMcKenzie BellRiderSwedesboroNJMACWC3221
14127HMSRShannon HannaCampbellLakelandFLSoCon13222
14128NRSRSaul ErvinSIU-EdwardsvilleMorganfieldKYMACWC3221
14129HMFRJordan TitusWest VirginiaCenter MorichesWVBig 127

14130NRSRSeth KolenoClarionClarencePAMAC1

14131HMSOJoseph ZargoWisconsinSouth RiverNJBig Ten72422
14132HMFRKal MillerMarylandKansas CityMOBig Ten9

14133NRSRJosh MasonBloomsburgNew RinggoldPAMAC23222
14911SRYianni DiakomihalisCornellRochesterNYEIWA11, 1, 118, 19, 22
14922SRSammy SassoOhio StateNazarethPABig Ten1C, 2, 520, 21, 22
14933SOKyle ParcoArizona StateDanvilleCAPac-1216, 821, 22
14944FRCaleb HensonVirginia TechCartersvilleGAACC1

14957FRPaniro JohnsonIowa StateEriePABig 121

14968JRBrock MaullerMissouriColumbiaMOBig 1226, C, 519, 20, 21
14975SRYahya ThomasNorthwesternChicagoILBig Ten6C, 3, 1220, 21, 22
149810SRMax MurinIowaEbensburgPABig Ten312, C, 12, 1219, 20, 21, 22
14996SRJonathan MillnerAppalachian StateGreensboroNCSoCon1C, 8, 620, 21, 22
1491014JRJaden AbasStanfordSan DiegoCAPac-1227, 2421, 22
1491111SRMichael BlockhusMinnesotaCrescoIABig Ten2C, 24, 2420, 21, 22
1491215SRDoug ZapfPennDowningtonPAEIWAWCC, 2420, 22
1491312FRShayne Van NessPenn StateSomervilleNJBig Ten4

1491419JRKellyn MarchNorth Dakota StateCantonSDBig 124

149159SRAustin GomezWisconsinCarol StreamILBig TenWC12, 419, 22
1491616JRColin RealbutoNorthern IowaSomersNYBig 1251622
1491713FRJackson ArringtonNC StateSidmanPAACC2

14918HMJRQuinn KinnerRiderMullica HillNJMAC32422
1491922SRMitch MooreOklahomaSt ParisOHBig 12324, C, 1219, 20, 21
1492017JRJohnny LovettCentral MichiganMiamiFLMAC116, 2421, 22
1492118SRGraham RooksIndianaColumbusINBig Ten5C, 2420, 21
14922HMFREthen MillerMarylandKansas CityMOBig Ten7

1492320FRChance LamerMichiganCorvallisORBig Ten7

1492423FRVictor VoinovichOklahoma StateBrecksvilleOHBig 126

14925HMJRRyan BurgosEdinboroRochesterNYMAC4

14926HMSOCaleb TyusSIU-EdwardsvilleBethaltoILMACWC

14927NRSONate HigleyGeorge MasonSullivan CountyPAMAC2

1492824SRJarod VerkleerenVirginiaGreensburgPAACC3C20
14929HMSRAlec HaganOhioEurekaMOMAC5C20
14930HMFRDylan ChappellBucknellCranberryPAEIWA2

14931NRSRDylan MartinezAir ForceGrand JunctionCOBig 12WC

14932HMFRTony WhiteRutgersSouth PlainfieldNJBig Ten9

14933NRJRIsaiah DelgadoUtah ValleyEl PasoTXBig 127

15711SRAustin O'ConnorNorth CarolinaLockportILACC13, C, 1, 819, 20, 21, 22
15722FRLevi HainesPenn StateArendtsvillePABig Ten1

15733JRPeyton RobbNebraskaOwatonnaMNBig Ten2C, 16, 420, 21, 22
15744SRJared FranekNorth Dakota StateHarwoodNDBig 121C, 12, 1220, 21, 22
15755SRJosh HumphreysLehighParkersburgWVEIWA112, C, 1219, 20, 22
157611FRDaniel CardenasStanfordArvadaCOPac-121

15776SRBryce AndonianVirginia TechKirtlandOHACC2C, 12, 320, 21, 22
15787SOEd ScottNC StateDuBoisPAACC31222
15798SRWill LewanMichiganChicagoILBig Ten3C, 16, 520, 21, 22
1571010SRKaden GfellerOklahoma StateOklahoma CityOKBig 12232, 1219, 22
157119JRChase SaldateMichigan StateGilroyCABig Ten532, 3221, 22
1571213SRKendall ColemanPurdueSouth HollandILBig Ten6C, 24, 3220, 21, 22
1571312SOTrevor ChumbleyNorthwesternSt CharlesILBig Ten4

1571414JRCobe SiebrechtIowaLisbonIABig Ten7

1571515SRJacob WrightWyomingDinubaCABig 123C, 12, 2420, 21, 22
1571621SRAnthony ArtalonaPennSeffnerFLEIWA212, 1219, 22
1571716SRJarrett JacquesMissouriColumbiaMOBig 12WC24, C, 12, 3219, 20, 21, 22
1571817JRDerek GilcherIndianaNoviMIBig Ten8

1571918SRGarrett ModelWisconsinStoughtonWIBig Ten103222
1572019FRCael SwensenSouth Dakota StatePlymouthMNBig 125

15721HMSOAndrew ClarkRutgersCollingswoodNJBig Ten9

15722HMSRDerek HolschlagNorthern IowaLa Porte CityIABig 12WC3222
1572323SRPeter PappasGeorge MasonPlainviewNYMAC1

1572422SOTommy AskeyAppalachian StatePine BushNYSoCon1

15725HMJRJason KraisserIowa StateEllicott CityMDBig 124

15726HMFRPeyten KellarOhioCutlerOHMAC3

15727NRSOCesar AlvanColumbiaSpringfieldMAEIWAWC

1572820FRPaddy GallagherOhio StateChesterlandOHBig TenWC

1572924SRCorbyn MunsonCentral MichiganChelseaMIMAC43222
15730HMFRJared HillOklahomaBroken ArrowOKBig 126

15731HMSRAshton EylerLock HavenMillersburgOHMAC23222
15732NRFRVinny ZerbanNorthern ColoradoBethaltoILBig 12WC

15733HMJRNathan LukezArmyGibsoniaPAEIWA3

16511SRDavid CarrIowa StateCantonOHBig 121C, 1, 320, 21, 22
16522SOKeegan O'TooleMissouriHartlandWIBig 1223, 121, 22
16535SODean HamitiWisconsinJolietILBig Ten1622
16543SOJulian RamirezCornellMiamiFLEIWA11222
16554SRQuincy MondayPrincetonChapel HillNCEIWA232, C, 219, 20, 22
16567SOPatrick KennedyIowaKasson-MantorvilleMNBig Ten2

16576FRMichael CaliendoNorth Dakota StateGenevaILBig 123

165810SOMatthew OlguinOregon StateFresnoCAPac-1212422
165911SRShane GriffithStanfordWestwoodNJPac-122C, 1, 220, 21, 22
165109JRCarson KharchlaOhio StatePowellOHBig Ten3722
165118JRCameron AmineMichiganBrightonMIBig Ten47, 421, 22
1651214SRIzzak OlejnikNorthern IllinoisBakersfieldCAMAC1C, 16, 1620, 21, 22
1651313FRAlex FacundoPenn StateEssexvilleMIBig Ten7

1651412JRPeyton HallWest VirginiaChesterWVBig 12612, 821, 22
1651519SRJustin McCoyVirginiaNew ParisPAACC1C, 32, 1220, 21, 22
1651620JRJoshua OgunsanyaColumbiaRiver ForestILEIWA32422
1651717SRAustin YantNorthern IowaWaverlyIABig 12524, 1621, 22
1651815SOMaxx MayfieldNorthwesternLincolnNEBig Ten5

16519HMJRDan BraunagelIllinoisBellevilleILBig Ten8C, 3220, 21
16520HMJRHolden HellerPittRiverwoodsILACC33221
1652118SOGerrit NijenhuisOklahomaCanonsburgPABig 12716, 2421, 22
1652222JRTanner CookSouth Dakota StateIlionNYBig 128C20
16523HMSOConnor BradyVirginia TechPowellOHACC232, 2421, 22
16524HMSRRodrick MosleyGardner-WebbOklahoma CityOKSoCon124, 3221, 22
1652516SOBubba WilsonNebraskaManhattanKSBig Ten62422
16526HMSOBrevin CassellaBinghamtonClintonMAEIWA42422
16527HMJRWill FormatoAppalachian StateAcworthGASoConWC32, 2421, 22
1652824JRAndrew SparksMinnesotaCosta MesaCABig TenWC3221
16529HMJRCaleb FishMichigan StateEaton RapidsMIBig TenWC3222
16530NRSREvan BarczakDrexelCentral ValleyNYEIWAWC32, 3221, 22
1653123SRWyatt SheetsOklahoma StateStilwellOKBig 12WCC, 8, 2420, 21, 22
1653221SRCole MoodyWyomingSouth JordanUTBig 1242421
16533HMSOJosh KimHarvardCoronaCAEIWA5

17411JRCarter StarocciPenn StateEriePABig Ten11, 121, 22
17422SRMikey LabriolaNebraskaEastonPABig Ten26, C, 3, 719, 20, 21, 22
17433SRMekhi LewisVirginia TechSomersetNJACC11, 12, 219, 21, 22
17444JRChris FocaCornellCliffside ParkNJEIWA12422
174510JRDustin PlottOklahoma StateTuttleOKBig 12124, 621, 22
17465SREthan SmithOhio StateLatrobePABig Ten316, C, 5, 1219, 20, 21, 22
174711JRPeyton MoccoMissouriWest AllisWIBig 122C, 16, 1220, 21, 22
17486SRBailee O'ReillyMinnesotaGoodhueMNBig Ten4C, 3220, 22
17499SOEdmond RuthIllinoisHarrisburgPABig Ten6

174107JRRocky JordanChattanoogaSt ParisOHSoCon1C, 1220, 21
174118SRNelson BrandsIowaIowa CityIABig Ten52421
1741218JRMateo OlmosOregon StateImperial BeachCAPac-121

1741313SOCade DeVosSouth Dakota StateAltoonaIABig 12324, 2421, 22
1741417JRBenjamin PasiukArmyCarrolltonOHEIWA216, 2421, 22
1741516SRDemetrius RomeroUtah ValleyMeridianIDBig 12424, 12, 618, 19, 21
1741612JRSam WolfAir ForceWarsawNYBig 126

1741715JRDonnell WashingtonIndianaPortageINBig TenWC24, 3221, 22
1741814FRTate PickloOklahomaMustangOKBig 125

17419HMJRTroy FisherNorthwesternGarden PlainKSBig TenWC3222
17420NRJRAlex CramerCentral MichiganGrayslakeILMAC1INJ2021
1742120JRLennox WolakColumbiaColumbusOHEIWA3

1742219JRAlex FaisonNC StateWhispering PinesNCACC2

1742323SRMickey O'MalleyDrexelHasbrouck HeightsNJEIWAWCC, 16, 1220, 21, 22
1742421JRPhilip ConigliaroHarvardDedhamMAEIWA4C, 1220, 22
1742522SONick IncontreraPennFlemingtonNJEIWAWC2422
17426NRSOSal PerrineOhioNorthfieldOHMAC43222
17427HMSRTyler EischensStanfordAnokaMNPac 12WCC, 2420, 22
17428HMFRLuca AugustinePittWaynesburgPAACC3

17429HMFRCael ValenciaArizona StatePico RiveraAZPac-122

17430HMSOJackson TurleyRutgersChesterVABig Ten7821
17431NRSOTyler StoltzfusLock HavenMifflinburgPAMAC3

1743224FRWill MillerAppalachian StateHelenaALSoCon2

17433NRSOJohn WorthingClarionOwegoNYMAC2

18412SOParker KeckeisenNorthern IowaGlendaleWIBig 1213, 321, 22
18423JRTrent HidlayNC StateLewistownPAACC1C, 2, 520, 21, 22
18431SRAaron BrooksPenn StateHagerstownMDBig Ten1C, 1, 120, 21, 22
18446SOTrey MunozOregon StateMission ViejoCAPac-12124, 1221, 22
18454SRMarcus ColemanIowa StateAmesIABig 12224, C, 16, 719, 20, 21, 22
18465SRKaleb RomeroOhio StateMechanicsburgOHBig Ten2C, 12, 620, 21, 22
18479SRHunter BolenVirginia TechFloydVAACC332, C, 7, 2418, 20, 21, 22
18487SRMatt FinesilverMichiganGreenwood VillageCOBig Ten324, 24, 1618, 19, 22
184910JRIsaiah SalazarMinnesotaGreeleyCOBig Ten42422
1841011SRTravis WittlakeOklahoma StateCoos BayORBig 123C, 420, 21
184118SOGavin KaneNorth CarolinaMiltonGAACC23222
1841215JRAbe AssadIowaCarol StreamILBig Ten7C, 2420, 22
1841313FRLenny PintoNebraskaStroudsburgPABig Ten5

1841420JRWill FeldkampClarionPinckneyMIMAC13222
1841512SRLayne MalczewskiMichigan StateMacombMIBig Ten8C, 32, 3220, 21, 22
1841616SOReece HellerPittRiverwoodsILACC4

1841717SRTate SamuelsonLehighCastle RockCOEIWA124, C, 24, 2419, 20, 21, 22
1841814FRBrian SoldanoRutgersWantageNJBig Ten6

1841921JRJacob NolanBinghamtonSaranacNYEIWA232, 3221, 22
1842018SRNeil AntrassianVirginiaLa SalleMIACC5

18421NRSRGiuseppe HooseBuffaloLakewoodNYMACWC

1842222FRColton HawksMissouriWentzvilleMOBig 124

18423HMFRDylan ConnellIllinoisMarengoILBig Ten9

18424HMSRCade KingSouth Dakota StateWasecaMNBig 12WC

18425HMSRBrian BoninoDrexelParamusNJEIWA4

18426HMSODavid KeyNavyNorcrossGAEIWA31622
1842724SRCaleb HopkinsCampbellPalmerAKSoCon124, 2421, 22
18428NRSRJacob FerreiraHofstraMt KiscoNYEIWAWC

1842923SODeanthony Parker Jr.North Dakota StateMolineILBig 12WC

18430HMSRMatthew WaddellChattanoogaEllijayGASoConWCC, 32, 3320, 21, 22
18431HMSOZayne LehmanOhioAkronOHMAC2

18432HMSOJha'Quan AndersonGardner-WebbConyersGASoConWC3221
18433HMSOAnthony CarmanWest VirginiaGlen DaleWVBig 12WC

19711SRNino BonaccorsiPittBethel ParkPAACC112, C, 2, 1219, 20, 21, 22
19723JRBernie TruaxCal PolyOceansideCAPac-121C, 4, 420, 21, 22
19732SORocky ElamMissouriKansas CityMOBig 1215, 421, 22
19744SREthan LairdRiderMcKeanPAMAC116, C, 1219, 20, 21
19757JRMichael BeardLehighReadingPAEIWA2721
19765SOIsaac TrumbleNC StateSpringfieldNEACC22422
19776SRTanner SloanSouth Dakota StateAlburnettIABig 122C, 12, 2420, 21, 22
19788FRSilas AllredNebraskaAndersonINBig Ten1

19799SRMax DeanPenn StateLowellMIBig Ten28, 2, 118, 19, 22
1971010JRJacob CardenasCornellKearnyNJEIWA12422
1971111FRJaxon SmithMarylandCartersvilleGABig Ten3

1971212JRZac BraunagelIllinoisBellevilleILBig Ten4C, 24, 1220, 21, 22
1971316JRYonger BastidaIowa StateTrinidadCUBBig 126522
1971413SRJacob WarnerIowaTolonoILBig Ten57, C, 4, 219, 20, 21, 22
1971514JRLuke SurberOklahoma StateTuttleOKBig 1232422
1971615JROwen PentzNorth Dakota StateMorganUTBig 12416, 2421, 22
1971717SOBraxton AmosWisconsinMineral WellsWVBig Ten72422
1971823SRTanner HarveyOregon StateElktonORPac-12332, C19, 20
1971920SRCameron CaffeyMichigan StateCarbondaleILBig Ten616, C, 12, 1619, 20, 21, 22
1972019JREvan BockmanUtah ValleyAnchorageAKBig 1253222
1972122JRAndy SmithVirginia TechChristiansburgVAACC3

1972221SRMichial FoyMinnesotaCreteILBig Ten83222
1972324SOLuke StoutPrincetonMt LebanonPAEIWA32422
19724HMJRLevi HopkinsCampbellPalmerAKSoCon1

19725HMSRMichael BattistaVirginiaAshburnVAACC43222
1972618SRGavin HoffmanOhio StateMontoursvillePABig TenWC622
19727HMSONick StemmetStanfordYorkvilleILPac-1223221
19728HMSRJacob KoserNavyDillsburgPAEIWA432, 2421, 22
19729HMSRTrey RogersHofstraHastingsMNEIWA53221
19730HMSRAndrew DavisonNorthwesternChestertonINBig Ten93222
19731NRSOAustin CooleyWest VirginiaSomersetMABig 12WC

19732NRSOMax ShawNorth CarolinaPittsburghPAACCWC2421
19733NRJRCole UrbasPennPort MatildaPAEIWAWCC, 3220, 22
28511SRMason ParrisMichiganLawrenceburgINBig Ten112, C, 2, 519, 20, 21, 22
28524JRWyatt HendricksonAir ForceNewtonKSBig 12112, 1621, 22
28532JRGreg KerkvlietPenn StateInver Grove HeightsMNBig Ten27, 421, 22
28543SRTony CassioppiIowaRoscoeILBig Ten3C, 3, 720, 21, 22
28555SOCohlton SchultzArizona StateParkerCOPac-1214, 221, 22
285612SRYaraslau SlavikouskiHarvardRechitsaBLREIWA3C20
28579SOOwen TrephanNC StateSummervilleSCACC1

28586SRSam SchuylerIowa StateKings ParkNYBig 12224, 3221, 22
28597SRLucas DavisonNorthwesternChestertonINBig Ten5C, 16, 620, 21, 22
285108JRZach ElamMissouriKansas CityMOBig 12312, 16, 1219, 21, 22
2851111SRTrent HillgerWisconsinHollyMIBig Ten68, C, 6, 2419, 20, 21, 22
2851221SRColton McKiernanSIU-EdwardsvilleRichmondMIMAC13219
2851314JRTyrell GordonNorthern IowaWaterlooIABig 1243222
2851413SRAJ NevillsSouth Dakota StateClovisCABig 12632, 32, 2418, 19, 22
2851522JRGrady GriessNavyGrand IslandNEEIWA1

2851610SRTate OrndorffOhio StateSpokaneWABig Ten416, C, 8, 1219, 20, 21, 22
2851719JRTaye GhadialiCampbellWarrenMISoCon132, 2421, 22
2851817JRJosh HeindselmanOklahomaPiedmontOKBig 12724, 3221, 22
28519HMSRJonah NiesenbaumDukeAllentownPAACC2

2852016SOKonner DoucetOklahoma StateComancheOKBig 125

2852123FRNathan TaylorLehighBrookvillePAEIWA2

2852215SOHunter CatkaVirginia TechBrookhavenPAACC32421
28523HMSRJacob BullockIndianaCahokiaILBig Ten9

2852420JRBoone McDermottRutgersDubuqueIABig Ten8

2852518JRMichael WolfgramWest VirginiaYorkPABig 1283222
2852624SOCory DayBinghamtonBuffaloNYEIWA5

28527HMSOBen GoldinPennOrlandoFLEIWA42422
28528HMJRDorian CrosbyBucknellEriePAEIWA6

28529HMSRJaron SmithMarylandColumbiaMDBig TenWC2422
28530NRFRHayden CopassPurdueGeorgetownILBig Ten7

28531HMFRTrevor TinkerCal PolySt LouisMOPac 12WC

28532HMSRGarrett JolesMinnesotaBoycevilleWIBig TenWC

28533NRSRTravis StefanikPrincetonNazarethPAEIWAWC32, C, 2419, 20, 22

Apologies if this is an illegible mess. Here's a link to a google sheet that should be easier to read.