2020-21 Wisconsin High School Rankings

2020-21 Wisconsin High School Rankings: 106

This weight had three trends:

1. Very few matches existed in 2019-20 between the top placewinners of the middle/small schools and those from the big schools. The few that did exist (Jaden Bird over Brayden Sonnentag, Parker Kratochvill and Riley Nilo over Chase Beckett, Kratochvill and Lucas Johnson over Rhett Koenig) all went the way of the big schools. Hence why the rankings at this weight are so Division 1-heavy.

2. The web of wins and losses between wrestlers #4 - #8, plus a few unranked wrestlers, has enough threads to hold the weight of a human, specifically one that only ways just over 100!

3. Maybe more than any other weight, this was one where you could see improvement during the season. Unranked Noah Tonsor, as an example, was probably a top-10 wrestler by the end of the season, but his early-season resume really hurt him.

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