Big Ten Rankings 2017-18

B1G 141: Another Lee Freed

There was a big shake-up in the Big Ten since the last time we updated 141 pounds. Nick Lee gets his redshirt torn off and debuts at #1 thanks to his win over Josh Alber at the Scuffle and his subsequent wins over Javier Gasca, Sal Profaci, Ryan Diehl, and Nate Limmex. Tommy Thorn beat Joey McKenna to claim the second spot. Both remain serious B1G title threats along with Lee. 

Mike Carr took out Chad Red in a battle of redshirt freshman studs. Cole Weaver and Limmex also continue having breakthrough seasons. 

Questions or corrections regarding the rankings? Get in touch with our rankers Dan Seifring and Andrew Spey via email at or Twitter @SpeyWrestle and @obrats, and thanks for reading!

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