Big Ten Rankings 2017-18

B1G 157: Can Nolf Go?

The top four and bottom three just fell into place when ranking this weight. As for the middle seven, that was anything but easy to rank. There is no way to rank those seven without making some wrestler or coach unhappy. But that is what happens when you have solid wrestlers all around. Ultimately, seven will battle for a NCAA bid, with one or two on the outside looking in depending on the number of allocations the conference gets at the weight.

As for the top four, returning national champion Jason Nolf holds on to the top spot, with his only loss being by injury default to John Van Brill. Michael Kemerer is undefeated and ranked No. 2. Kemerer would have liked an opportunity to wrestle Nolf in the dual meet but will have to wait until either the conference tournament or NCAAs. Alec Pantaleo has two wins over Micah Jordan this season and is ranked #3 at the weight.

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