NCAA Rankings 2017-18

125: Updated PortFoley-o

With a victory over Drew Mattin, Rayvon Foley adds a top 10 win to his portfolio of achievements. He climbs up several spots to #16. Some ugly early-season losses stopped him from going further ahead of Zeke Moisey, who has quietly assembled a very decent season himself. 

Mattin falls due to the loss but not too far thanks to wins over Lizak and Millhof.

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RankGradeNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1SONick SurianoRutgers1
2SRDarian CruzLehigh2
3FRSpencer LeeIowa3
4SRNathan TomaselloOhio State4
5JRSean FauszNC State5
6SONick PiccininniOK State6
7FRTaylor LaMontUtah Valley7
8JREthan LizakMinnesota8
9JRRonnie BresserOregon State9
10FRSebastian RiveraNorthwestern11
11FRDrew MattinMichigan10
12JRRyan MillhofArizona State12
13FRLouie HayesVirginia13
14JRSean RussellEdinboro14
15JRZeke MoiseyWest Virginia15
16FRRayvon FoleyMichigan State20
17SOChristian MoodyOklahoma16
18SRLuke WelchPurdue17
19JRJake GromackiClarion18
20SOTravis PiotrowskiIllinois19