NCAA Rankings 2017-18

133: Game, Seth, Match

No upsets at 133 means everyone, including #1 Seth Gross, stays in place, except for Cam Kelly, who upon further review is having a season that warrants a ranking and nudges Bakersfield's Sean Nickell out of the top 20 to claim the #20 spot. 

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RankGradeNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1JRSeth GrossSD State1
2SOLuke PletcherOhio State2
3SOKaid BrockOK State3
4FRAustin DeSantoDrexel4
5FRMontorie BridgesWyoming5
6SOStevan MicicMichigan6
7JRJosh TeraoAmerican7
8SOJack MuellerVirginia8
9JRScott ParkerLehigh9
10SRDom ForysPittsburgh10
11JRJohn ErnesteMissouri11
12FRTariq WilsonNC State12
13SOMitch McKeeMinnesota13
14JRBryan LantryBuffalo14
15FRJason RenteriaNebraska15
16SRScott DelVecchioRutgers16
17SRAli NaserArizona State17
18SOKorbin MyersEdinboro18
19JRDennis GustafsonVirginia Tech19
20JRCameron KellyOhioNR