2022-23 Ohio Division III High School Rankings

157 pounds

The Perry district made a mess of the rankings from #4-6. Jacob Starkey came into the district weekend as a sectional runner-up. However, he would upset #6 in the second round and then make the district finals before losing to #1 Greene. Greene proved his status after winning such a strong field. Starkey lost to Coppersmith in the section finals, and even though Coppersmith missed the top four, he will remain in the rankings after a solid regular season. McKibben had a great run, finishing in third, getting revenge on Fox to put himself in the top five, and bumping Fox down to #6. 

Perry created a fun ranking case study, but there is more to discuss from the other districts. #2 Cooper looked strong, beating #3 Wireman, who had to wrestle back to take third. Cooper then beat Doran, the #8 ranked wrestler. Finally, #10 Wellman also took home a district title looking impressive.

Is there a result we might have missed? A college commitment or weight change we didn’t catch? Let us know by emailing us at rankings@flowrestling.tv and include Ohio HS rankings in the subject line. 

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