2022-23 Ohio Division III High School Rankings

144 pounds

The outstanding wrestler and new #1 at 144 are easily Brodie Dominique after winning a solid district field. He beat #3 Kuhn in the semi-finals before taking out the former #1 Medina of Edison in the Rossford district finals. Dominique will have a tremendous momentum push into the weekend after this huge win. Right below the top three, there were more exciting shakeups. #4 Tague defaulted to #5 Chase in their district finals, so we missed seeing them battle it out. Since this was a default, the ranking can't switch; we may see them wrestle at state. Tague beat #7 Smith in the semi-finals, so he got a high-quality win. 

Is there a result we might have missed? A college commitment or weight change we didn’t catch? Let us know by emailing us at rankings@flowrestling.tv and include Ohio HS rankings in the subject line. 

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