2022-23 Ohio Division III High School Rankings

132 pounds

Luft, who beat former #10 Maple 2-0 in the Harrison Central district semi-finals, is a new face in the rankings. Maple returned to place third, so he is at the top of the bubble. #3 Christian proved his rankings in front of his home crowd, knocking off #6 Duncan in the Perry district final. Duncan also stays above Schmeltzer after beating him in the semi-finals of districts. 

The Troy district had the most significant results, and Wyatt Hinton definitely deserves the most outstanding wrestler from the 132 weight class. Hinton was on the lower side of the rankings heading into the postseason. However, Hinton beat #8 Wilcox in the semi-finals and then knocked off top five Vandeerhorst in the district finals putting Hinton at #4. The top five have been deep all season, and it got even more enjoyable.

Is there a result we might have missed? A college commitment or weight change we didn’t catch? Let us know by emailing us at rankings@flowrestling.tv and include Ohio HS rankings in the subject line. 

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