picture of 2022 Pitt Visit

CP and the Flo crew visit the Pitt campus while on the content tour for the 2022 NWCA All-Star Classic. Watch all the interviews with Cole Matthews, Coach Gavin, Micky Phillippi, Nino Bonaccorsi, and many more.

Matthews Has A Target On His Back This Season

Cole Matthews Coming Into The Season With A Target On His Back

Oct 5, 2022

CP sits down with returning all-american, Cole Matthews, before the start of the 2022-2023 season. They discuss coming into the season as the #1 ranked wrestler, his matchup with Real Woods at the NWCA All-Star Classic, his time at Pitt, and a list of other things.

00:00 - Cole on being the #1 ranked guy in the country

00:32 - Cole on his progression

01:12 - Cole on his adjustments

01:53 - Cole on his college wrestling goals 

02:23 - Cole on jumping levels

3:34 - Cole on the changes he’s made

4:15 - Cole on NCAA Semifinals against Kizhan Clark

5:00 - Cole on Kizhan Clark Surprises

5:44 - Cole on Preparation For NCAA Wrestle Backs

6:44 - Cole on Real Woods First Takedown

7:37 - Cole on All-Star Matchup

8:19 - Cole on Real Wood’s Tactics 

8:58 - Cole on his style

9:34 - Cole on his leg defense

10:30 - Cole on the changes at Pitt

11:14 - Cole on working with Coach Pletcher

11:40 - Cole on competing against Coach Pletcher 

12:50 - Cole on coming up at Reynolds High School

13:50 - Cole on state champion pressure

14:58 - Cole on his off mat lifestyle

15:46 - Cole on his NIL Sponsorships

16:55 - Cole on his ACL injury 

18:38 - Cole on self growth while wrestling though injury 

19:00 - Cole on realizing he could wrestle through his injury 

19:30 - Cole on 5 point move on real woods

20:33 - Cole on balancing All-Star Classic and U23’s

21:46 - Cole on coming into this season with a target on his back

22:15 - Cole on coming on staying ahead of the competition.

23:12 - Cole on his youth OW Trophy made of Mountain Dew