U.S. Women's National Team Shows Diverse Paths To Success

U.S. Women's National Team Shows Diverse Paths To Success

Our current U.S. women's freestyle national team proves there are multiple ways to reach the highest levels of the sport.

Oct 9, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
U.S. Women's National Team Shows Diverse Paths To Success

There’s more than one way to reach high-level success — and this year’s women’s national team proves it. The top three finishers at every weight are on the USA Wrestling National Team, which leads to funding and first-in-line preference for international competitions. 

Below is the 30-member national team and their wrestling paths as it relates to schooling. Anyone listed as “No College” means that the individual did not wrestle in college, although she may have attended college or taken classes. 

50 kilograms

Sarah Hildebrandt (NCAA), King
Audrey Jimenez (High School)
Erin Golston (No College)

53 kilograms

Dominique Parrish (NCAA), Simon Fraser
Katie Gomez (No College)
Samara Chavez (NCAA), King

55 kilograms

Jacarra Winchester (NAIA), Missouri Valley
Alisha Howk (No College)
Areana Villaescusa (No College/WCAP)

57 kilograms

Helen Maroulis (NAIA/NCAA), Missouri Baptist/Simon Fraser
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (No College)
Amanda Martinez (NCAA), North Central

59 kilograms

Jennifer Page (NAIA), Oklahoma City
Michaela Beck (No College)
Maya Nelson (NAIA), Cumberlands

62 kilograms

Kayla Miracle (NAIA), Campbellsville
Adaugo Nwachukwu (NAIA), Iowa Wesleyan/William Penn
Bridgette Duty (NAIA), Cumberlands

65 kilograms

Macey Kilty (No college)
Mallory Velte (NCAA), Simon Fraser
Maya Latona (College-RTC), Columbia

68 kilograms

Emma Bruntil (NCAA), McKendree
Forrest Molinari (NCAA), King
Alexandria Glaude (NCAA), McKendree

72 kilograms

Amit Elor (No college)
Joye Levendusky (NCAA/NAIA), McKendree/Southern Oregon
Brooklyn Hays (NCAA), Augsburg/Transfer

76 kilograms

Adeline Gray (No college)
Kennedy Blades (College-RTC), Arizona State
Kylie Welker (NCAA), Iowa

Breakdown By Classification (some may be listed twice since multiple options apply)

Sarah Hildebrandt (King)
Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser)
Samara Chavez (King)
Helen Maroulis (Simon Fraser)
Amanda Martinez (North Central)
Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser)
Emma Bruntil (McKendree)
Forrest Molinari (King)
Alexandria Glaude (McKendree)
Joye Levendusky (McKendree)
Brooklyn Hays (Augsburg)
Kylie Welker (Iowa)

Jacarra Winchester (Missouri Valley)
Helen Maroulis (Missouri Baptist)
Jennifer Page (Oklahoma City)
Maya Nelson (Cumberlands)
Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville)
Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan/William Penn)
Bridgette Duty (Cumberlands)
Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon)

No College
Erin Golston
Katie Gomez
Alisha Howk
Areana Villaescusa (WCAP)
Xochitl Mota-Pettis
Michaela Beck
Macey Kilty
Amit Elor
Adeline Gray

Maya Letona (Columbia)
Kennedy Blades (Arizona State)

High School
Audrey Jimenez