2022 Walsh Ironman

Complete Preview & Predictions For Ironman

Complete Preview & Predictions For Ironman

The 2022 Wash Jesuit Ironman is loaded! Here's a complete preview and with predictions for all 14 weights.

Dec 8, 2022 by David Bray
Complete Preview & Predictions For Ironman


106 lbs - 5 Top 20s


1 - #3 Tyler Dekraker, Blair Academy

2 - #4 Dominic Munaretto, St. Charles East

3 - HM Ayden Smith, Notre Dame

4 - #8 Davis Motyka, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

5 - #19 Javaan Yarbrough, Copley

6 - #16 Leo Pezone, Malvern Prep

7 - HM Jason Goodin, Edmond North

8 - HM Aydan Thomas, Stillwater

9 - Emeric McBurney, Massillon Perry

10 - Liam Davis, Lake Highland Prep

11 - HM Rylan Seacrist, Brecksville

12 - HM Nicholas Garcia, Marmion Academy

13 - Ethan Timar, St. Edward

14 - HM Revin Dickman, Brownsburg

15 - HM Lukas Tsirtsis, Mt. Carmel

16 - Devon Harrison, Liberty

Freshmen Tyler Dekraker and Dominic Munaretto hold the top two seeds. Dekraker finished 4th at Super 32 and notched victories over Munaretto and Ayden Smith, the second and third-seeded wrestlers in this field.

Second-seeded Munaretto is currently ranked 4th in the country after finishing 6th at Super 32 and, more impressively, winning a U17 World title over the summer.

Ranked wrestlers #8 Davis Motyka, #16 Leo Pezone, and #19 Javaan Yarbrough are also in the mix along with a number of other tough lightweights looking to prove themselves.

Prediction: 1) Tyler Dekraker 2) Dominic Munaretto 3) Davis Motyka 4) Leo Pezone 5) Javaan Yarbrough 6) Ayden Smith 7) Aydan Thomas 8) Jason Goodin

113 lbs - 8 Top 20s


1 - #1 Bo Bassett, Bishop McCort

2 - #4 Beric Jordan, Stillwater

3 - #6 Nathan Desmond, Bethlehem Catholic

4 - #10 Mack Mauger, Blackfoot

5 - #13 Anthony Mutarelli, Malvern Prep

6 - #8 Seth Mendoza, Mt. Carmel

7 - #12 Louie Gill, Reynolds

8 - #7 Jayden Raney, Union County

9 - HM Deion Johnson, Homewood-Flossmoor

10 - Preston Haines, Brownsburg

11 - HM Carson Dupill, Greeneville

12 - HM Jaxson Rosselli, Olentangy Liberty

13 - HM Tyler Washburn, Palmetto Ridge

14 - HM Dale O'Blia, Mullen

15 - HM Jacob Bond, Baylor School

16 - Kaiyon Mckinney, Elyria HS

Bo Bassett earned the top spot in the country after securing a Super 32 belt with a victory over Anthony Knox in the finals. The freshman now aims for an Ironman title, but he'll have a deep field in his way. A potential quarterfinal with Jayden Raney looms large as Raney's twin brother Jordyn pinned Bassett in Fargo. 

Should Bassett win that match, his semi could be against either #10 Mauger or #13 Mutarelli whose potential quarterfinal match should provide a fascinating clash of styles.

If seeds hold on the bottom half of the bracket, we would see a rematch of last year's overtime final at 106 lbs between #4 Beric Jordan and #6 Nate Desmond. Jordan would probably need to get past #12 Louie Gill while Desmond would probably defeat #8 Seth Mendoza in the quarters. Neither Jordan nor Desmond have seen these opponents in recent memory.

Beri Jordan vs Nate Desmond in last year's Ironman final


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Prediction: 1) Bo Bassett 2) Beric Jordan 3) Jayden Raney 4) Nate Desmond 5) Seth Mendoza 6) Anthony Mutarelli 7) Louie Gill 8) Mack Mauger

120 lbs - 8 Top 20s


1 - #1 Jax Forrest, Bishop McCort

2 - #2 Luke Lilledahl, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

3 - #8 Marcus Blaze, Perrysburg

4 - #3 Jordyn Raney, Union County

5 - #12 Kael Lauridsen, Bennington

6 - #13 Leo DeLuca, Blair Academy

7 - HM Ethan Rivera, Lake Highland Prep

8 - #20 Sebastian Degennaro, Jensen Beach

9 - #14 Hunter Taylor, Liberty

10 - HM Gylon Sims, Joliet Catholic Academy

11 - HM Jake Hockaday, Brownsburg

12 - HM Thomas Link, Malvern Prep

13 - HM Sam Smith, Stillwater

14 - HM Cole Campbell, Bethlehem Catholic

15 - HM Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport

16 - Christian Belford, Edmond North

Buckle up for 120 lbs. Three of the top four seeds are the three highest-ranked wrestlers in the country, and the other won this tournament last year. The seeds at the top of this weight maximize drama because U17 World silver-medalist #1 Jax Forrest is seeded to see #3 Jordyn Raney who pinned him in the Super 32 quarterfinals. Meanwhile, U17 World champ #2 Luke Lilledahl is seeded to see #8 Marcus Blaze who beat him in last season's Ironman final. Should the top two seeds survive, Forrest and Lilledahl would meet in a rematch of their exciting Journeymen final that Forrest won.

Raney's wild fall over Jax Forrest at Super 32


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None of those matches are guaranteed because of the depth of this weight. #12 Kael Lauridsen, #13 Leo DeLuca, #14 Hunter Taylor, and #20 Sebastian Degennaro are all dangerous as are the rest of the top 16 seeds. 

Fifth-seeded Lauridsen finished top six at both Fargo and the U17 Trials this year. He's expected to wrestle Raney, an unfamiliar opponent, in the quarters. Raney is a pinner with an insane motor, but Lauridsen has massive big-move potential. Somebody's ending up on their back if this match happens.

Leo DeLuca holds the #6 seed which means he's supposed to wrestle Marcus Blaze in a quarterfinal between Fargo champs that would be rematch of last year's semifinal that Blaze won 4-1. Ethan Rivera earned the #7 seed. He finished 5th here a year ago and will likely wrestle #2 Luke Lilledahl in the quarters.

The potential round of 16 match between #20 Sebastian Degennaro and #14 Hunter Taylor could be one of the best of that round regardless of weight. A match with #1 Jax Forrest is the reward for the winner. When it comes to top talent and depth, this bracket seems like one that will stack up against even the best historically.

Prediction: 1) Jax Forrest 2) Luke Lilledahl 3) Jordyn Raney 4) Marcus Blaze 5) Leo DeLuca 6) Kael Lauridsen 7) Hunter Taylor 8) Ethan Rivera

126 lbs - 9 Top 20s


1 - #2 Benjamin Davino, St. Charles East

2 - #4 Marc-Anthony McGowan, Blair Academy

3 - #3 Mason Gibson, Bishop McCort

4 - #9 Max Gallagher, Bayport Blue Point

5 - #17 Dillon Campbell, Legacy Christian Academy

6 - #11 Jacob Joyce, Ponaganset

7 - #16 JJ McComas, Stillwater

8 - HM Logan Frazier, Crown Point

9 - HM Nick O'Neill, Malvern Prep

10 - #19 Draegen Orine, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

11 - #20 Jameson Garcia, Marmion Academy

12 - HM Ryan Avalos, Perrysburg

13 - Gage Walker, Bixby

14 - HM Luke Poore, Caravel Academy

15 - HM Jacob Myers, Ponderosa

16 - Matthew Martino, Bishop Kelly

The top four seeds at this weight all have history. #1 Ben Davino beat both #3 Mason Gibson and #4 Marc-Anthony McGowan this fall at Super 32 and Who's Number One respectively. Gibson has a victory over McGowan from an underground wrestling-club matchup in 2020, and #9 Max Gallagher took out Gibson just last month at a Journeymen event. A year ago, McGowan won the Ironman crown taking out Davino in the finals.

Davino vs McGowan at Who's Number One


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The seeds script potential semis between Davino and Gallagher who haven't wrestled in recent memory and between Gibson and McGowan who haven't wrestled in two years and have never wrestled in a setting like Ironman.

For those semis to happen, Davino will likely need to get by either tough top-wrestler Nick O'Neill or Indiana state champ Logan Frazier. McGowan's likely quarterfinal opponent is either #16 JJ McComas or #19 Draegen Orine whose round of 16 match you won't want to miss. Gibson has no easy task either as either #11 Jacob Joyce or #20 Jameson Garcia are expected to battle before the winner sees him. Gallagher is seeded to face Dillon Campbell in a rematch of a match from Fargo that Gallagher won.

Plenty of landmines will be scattered throughout this bracket, so don't expect every seed to hold here.

Prediction: 1) Ben Davino 2) Mason Gibson 3) Marc-Anthony McGowan 4) Max Gallagher 5) JJ McComas 6) Jacob Joyce 7) Dillon Campbell 8) Logan Frazier

132 lbs - 7 Top 20s


1 - #1 Sergio Lemley, Mt. Carmel

2 - #2 Cael Hughes, Stillwater

3 - #9 Vincent Robinson, Homewood-Flossmoor

4 - #5 Zan Fugitt, Nixa

5 - #12 Jack Consiglio, Malvern Prep

6 - #16 Jaxon Joy, Wadsworth

7 - #17 Matty Lopes, Blair Academy

8 - HM Matt Hart, Western Reserve Academy

9 - HM Hunter Hollingsworth, Edmond North

10 - HM Matthew Botello, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

11 - Brady Ison, Brownsburg

12 - HM Brogan Tucker, St Paris Graham

13 - HM Kyison Garcia, Mountain Ridge

14 - HM Cael McIntyre, Bethlehem Catholic

15 - Jayce Caviness, Bixby

16 - Trace Ragland, New Kent

The big story at 132 lbs is a potential #1 vs #2 matchup between Sergio Lemley and Cael Hughes. Both wrestlers have had solid wins this fall as Lemley beat Kannon Webster at Who's Number One and also won a tough bracket at Super 32. Hughes recently beat both #6 Kyler Larkin and #5 Zan Fugitt at the Wild West Wrestling Showcase.

Lemley's path to the finals is likely to run through either Hunter Hollingsworth or Matthew Botello in the quarters then either Zan Fugitt or #12 Jack Consiglio in the semis. Fugitt has been a lightweight staple atop many of the nation's toughest podiums for the last couple of years while Consiglio is one of the few high schoolers in America with a victory over Luke Lilledahl. He also took out #13 Dalton Perry at PA Power's True Power event.

For Hughes to make the finals, he'll expect to see either Matthew Botello or #17 Matty Lopes in the quarters followed by either #9 Vincent Robinson or #16 Jaxon Joy in the semis. Robinson actually won this tournament a year ago and beat Sergio Lemley, Kannon Webster, and Nick O'Neill to do it. Lemley later beat Robinson in the Illinois state finals.

Robinson's victory over Lemley at last year's Ironman


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Prediction: 1) Sergio Lemley 2) Cael Hughes 3) Zan Fugitt 4) Jack Consiglio 5) Vincent Robinson 6) Jaxon Joy 7) Matty Lopes 8) Kyison Garcia

138 lbs - 9 Top 20s


1 - #1 Nasir Bailey, Rich Township

2 - #3 Kannon Webster, Washington Community

3 - #6 Kollin Rath, Bethlehem Catholic

4 - #7 Vince Bouzakis, Notre Dame

5 - #4 Hunter Mason, Greeneville

6 - #9 Omar Ayoub, Dublin Coffman

7 - HM Chris Coates, Liberty

8 - #14 Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland Prep

9 - HM DJ Gillett, Crescent Valley

10 - HM Tyler Guerra, St. Charles East

11 - HM Spencer Barnhart, Malvern Prep

12 - #20 Jakob Romero, Pomona

13 - #19 Brandon Cannon, Ponderosa

14 - HM David McClelland, St. Francis Desales

15 - HM Jeremy Ginter, Whitmer

16 - HM Emmitt Sherlock, Gilman School

The top two seeds at this weight, #1 Nasir Bailey and #3 Kannon Webster, both made the finals of this tournament a year ago. Bailey won the title at 132 lbs while Webster was a runner-up to Vincent Robinson at 126 lbs. Bailey won their most recent meeting at the Junior Trials this summer.

The favorite, Bailey, will likely either see Oregon State commit DJ Gillett or Princeton commit #14 Eligh Rivera in the quarters followed by either #4 Hunter Mason or #7 Vince Bouzakis in the semis. Mason and Bouzakis have not faced one another in recent memory.

Webster's path to the finals is seeded to run through Either Chris Coates or Tyler Guerra in the quarters then either #6 Kollin Rath or #9 Omar Ayoub in the semis. Both Ayoub and Rath finished top six at both Super 32 and Fargo this year.

Ranked wrestlers #19 Brandon Cannon and #20 Jakob Romero hold the #13 and #12 seeds respectively, and they could throw a wrench in this bracket. The Colorado natives have gone back and forth throughout their careers. Cannon finished 5th here a year ago.

Prediction: 1) Nasir Bailey 2) Kannon Webster 3) Hunter Mason 4) Kollin Rath 5) Vince Bouzakis 6) Omar Ayoub 7) Eligh Rivera 8) Brandon Cannon

144 lbs - 9 Top 20s


1 - #6 Mac Church, Waynesburg Central

2 - #13 Brock Herman, Brecksville

3 - #9 Sam Cartella, Western Reserve Academy

4 - #17 Collin Dupill, Greeneville

5 - #10 Kael Voinovich, Stillwater

6 - #19 Gavin Linsman, Liberty

7 - #14 Layton Schneider, Edmond North

8 - HM Jaydon Robinson, Homewood-Flossmoor

9 - #20 Q'veli Quintanilla, University

10 - HM Ty Wilson, Dublin Scioto

11 - Dy’vaire VanDyke, Walsh Jesuit

12 - #17 Logan Paradice, Baylor School

13 - HM Brodie Dominique, Archbold

14 - Mitchell Younger, Bishop Watterson

15 - Logan Rozynski, Blair Academy

16 - HM Brady Conlin, Lake Highland Prep

This bracket may not have a top-ranked wrestler, but it does have more top-20s than it does spots in the quarterfinals. #6 Mac Church was in the finals here a year ago, and he's the favorite to win. to do so his quarterfinal could be against Jaydon Robinson or #20 Q'veli Quintanilla followed by a semi against either #17 Collin Dupill or #10 Kael Voinovich. Church actually fell to Voinovich at Super 32 although Church end up 5th while Voinovich missed the podium.

Brock Herman holds down the second seed and is expected to see #9 Sam Cartella in the semis. Herman was 5th at the U17 Trials this year while Cartella is coming off a 7th place finish at Super 32.

Prediction: 1) Mac Church 2) Brock Herman 3) Sam Cartella 4) Kael Voinovich 5) Layton Schneider 6) Logan Paradice 7) Gavin Linsman 8) Q’veli Quintanilla

150 lbs - 6 Top 20s


1 - #3 LaDarion Lockett, Stillwater

2 - #2 PJ Duke, Minisink Valley

3 - #5 Weston Dalton, Pueblo East

4 - #9 William Henckel, Blair Academy

5 - #16 Wynton Denkins, Perrysburg

6 - HM Jeremiah Price, Surry Central

7 - #19 Christopher Crawford, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

8 - HM Kody Routledge, Edmond North

9 - HM Jacob Bostelman, Ponderosa

10 - HM Clayton Giddens, Bixby

11 - HM Ethan Mojena, Lake Highland Prep

12 - HM Frank Volpe, Hauppauge

13 - Eugene Harney, Sycamore

14 - Tristin Greene, Keystone

15 - Eddie Enright, Mt. Carmel

16 - Kolby McClain, Liberty

Two months ago, a matchup between PJ Duke (who won Super 32 at 138 lbs) and LaDarion Lockett (who won Super 32 at 152 lbs) would have only been a hypothetical battle for fans to speculate about, but since that time, Duke bumped up two weight classes and already beat Duke at a Journeymen event in November. Now, the two hold the top seeds and may be on a collision course for a rematch in the Ironman finals.

LaDarion Lockett's Ironman title a year ago against Kyle Dutton


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Attempting to play spoiler on Duke's side of the bracket are #5 Weston Dalton, Fargo placer Jeremiah Price, #19 Christopher Crawford, Bixby's Clayton Giddens, and more. Most wrestlers struggle against Duke's physicality, but Dalton, of this group, seems best equipped to deal with it. The Colorado native has two victories over Joel Adams this year and finished second at Super 32.

Challengers on Lockett's half are Fargo champ #9 Will Henckel, Perrysburg's #16 Wynton Denkins, Fargo champ Kody Routledge,  and Northwestern commit Jacob Bostelman.

Prediction: 1) PJ Duke 2) LaDarion Lockett 3) Weston Dalton 4) Will Henckel 5) Wynton Denkings 6) Christopher Crawford 7) Kody Routledge 8) Jeremiah Price

157 lbs - 3 Top 20s


1 - #3 Joseph Sealey, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

2 - #6 Ethan Stiles, Conant

3 - #14 Paul Ognissanti, Blair Academy

4 - HM Christopher Earnest, Wadsworth

5 - HM Ethan Birden, Dublin Coffman

6 - Landyn Sommer, Stillwater

7 - Anthony Rinehart, Crown Point

8 - Logan Swaw, Lockport Township

9 - HM Reed Fullmer, Malvern Prep

10 - Mason Alessio, Joliet Catholic Academy

11 - HM Luke James, St Paris Graham

12 - Hunter Sturgill, Baylor School

13 - HM Dominic Paterra, Indian Creek

14 - Jude Randall, Edmond North

15 - HM Andrew Harmon, Bethlehem Catholic

16 - Owen Eagan, St. Francis Desales

Wrestling State fans will want to keep their eyes on recent Penn State commit Joe Sealey whose offensive output might be unmatched in all of high school wrestling. He's a heavy favorite in this bracket although #6 Ethan Stiles and #14 Paul Ognissanti could offer nice challenges in the finals. Without the same number of ranked wrestlers in action, this could be a weight where new stars emerge.

Prediction: 1) Joe Sealey 2) Ethan Stiles 3) Paul Ognissanti 4) Ethan Birden 5) Reed Fullmer 6) Christopher Earnest 7) Luke James 8) Anthony Rinehart

165 lbs - 4 Top 20s


1 - #1 Angelo Ferrari, Melissa

2 - #3 Lorenzo Norman, Blair Academy

3 - #4 Daschle Lamer, Crescent Valley

4 - #9 Sam Goin, Crown Point

5 - HM Holden Garcia, Notre Dame

6 - HM Colin Kelly, Mt. Carmel

7 - HM Gunner Cramblett, St Paris Graham

8 - HM Moses Espinosa-Owens, Viewmont

9 - HM Cade Ziola, Skutt Catholic

10 - HM Tyrel Miller, St. Edward

11 - Josh Boykin, Lake Highland Prep

12 - HM Duncan Christensen, Malvern Prep

13 - HM Hudson Rogers, Meridian

14 - Blake Hinrichsen, Washington Community

15 - Brandon Batson, GlenOak

16 - Dante Hutchings, Pomona

Angelo Ferrari is the number one wrestler in these seeds, in the nation at 160 lbs, and in the class of 2024. One of the most interesting elements of this bracket is that #3 Lorenzo Norman and #4 Daschle Lamer are both coming down from 170 lbs. Both have a length advantage over Ferrari, and both can scramble well (although Ferrari can, too). The lack of familiarity with these opponents makes them interesting.

Angelo Ferrari's 2021 Ironman final


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Norman and Lamer met at Ironman last year in a match that Norman won 6-3. He would eventually finish second in that bracket to Rocco Welsh. Lamer fell one match short of the podium. Ferrari, who won this tournament last year, could see #9 Sam Goin or PIAA champ Holden Garcia in the semifinals.

Prediction: 1) Angelo Ferrari 2) Lorenzo Norman 3) Daschle Lamer 4) Sam Goin 5) Holden Carcia 6) Cade Ziola 7) Colin Kelly 8) Tyrel Miller

175 lbs - 6 Top 20s


1 - #1 Rocco Welsh, Waynesburg Central

2 - HM Gage Wright, Parkersburg South

3 - #12 Luke Vanadia, Brecksville

4 - #5 Tyler Eise, Ponderosa

5 - #7 Dominic Federici, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

6 - Jarell Miller, St. Edward

7 - #17 Omaury Alvarez, Baylor School

8 - #20 Dylan Newsome, Bishop Hartley

9 - HM Myles Takats, Perrysburg

10 - Andrew Filip, Minisink Valley

11 - Eddie Neitenbach, Buckeye

12 - Cody Goodwin, Crown Point

13 - Connor Havill, Troy Christian

14 - HM Marcus Espinosa-Owens, Viewmont

15 - HM Talon McCollom, Edmond North

16 - HM Peyton Westpfahl, Liberty

Rocco Welsh will look to win his second Ironman title in a row. To do so, he's expected to see #20 Dylan Newsome and either #5 Ty Eise or #7 Dom Federici in the semis. At Super 32, Welsh majored Eise who beat Federici 5-3.

Rocco Welsh's 2021 Ironman final


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The bottom half of the bracket features Gage Wright, #12 Luke Vanadia, Jarell Miller, #17 Omaury Alvarez and others. Vanadia, who placed at this summer's U17 Trials is the highest ranked among that group although Gage Wright, who finished 5th here a year ago, has the highest seed.

Prediction: 1) Rocco Welsh 2) Luke Vanadia 3) Tyler Eise 4) Dominic Federici 5) Omaury Alvarez 6) Dylan Newsome 7) Gage Wright 8) Jarell Miller

190 lbs - 9 Top 20s


1 - #1 Brayden Thompson, Lockport Township

2 - #5 Jude Correa, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

3 - #7 Rune Lawrence, Frazier

4 - #8 Camden McDanel, Teays Valley

5 - #6 AJ Heeg, Stillwater

6 - #18 Nate Taylor, Green Farms Academy

7 - #11 Orlando Cruz, Crown Point

8 - #20 Justin Griffith, Sanford School

9 - Peter Marinopoulos, Marist

10 - #19 Kingsley Menifee, Fauquier

11 - HM Gunner Henry, Brownsburg

12 - Coen Grimm, Wadsworth

13 - Nick Nosler, Unity

14 - Jack Lesher, Marmion Academy

15 - Westin Hoffschneider, Ponderosa

16 - HM Kael Bennie, Layton

Brayden Thompson took over the top spot at 195 lbs this week after moving up from 182 lbs and beating Cole Mirasola in the Dan Gable Donnybrook finals. He's been ultra-consistent in the last year and hasn't lost a domestic bout other than matches against senior-level competition.

Thompson's excellence does not mean he'll be unchallenged this weekend. To win, he'll likely need to get by #20 Justin Griffith in the quarterfinals and either #6 AJ Heeg or #8 Camden McDanel in the semis. McDanel is a big, powerful 195-pounder who finished second at the U17 World Team Trials while Heeg is a Fargo finalist who will be Thompson's eventual teammate at Oklahoma State.

The bottom half of this bracket is deep. #5 Jude Correa and #7 Rune Lawrence could have a rematch of their physical Super 32 bout in the semis, but #11 Orlando Cruz, #18 Nate Taylor, and #19 Kingsley Menifee will attempt to keep that from happening.

Lawrence vs Correa at Super 32


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Predictioon: 1) Brayden Thompson 2) Jude Correa 3) Rune Lawrence 4) AJ Heeg 5) Camden McDanel 6) Orlando Cruz 7) Nate Taylor 8) Kingsley Menifee

215 lbs - 6 Top 20s


1 - #19 Jersey Robb, Bixby

2 - #7 Max Shulaw, St. Francis Desales

3 - #9 Dylan Russo, Olentangy Liberty

4 - #10 Kyle Snider, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

5 - #12 Cash Henderson, Woods Cross

6 - HM Ethan Gallo, Minisink Valley

7 - HM Oscar Williams, Edmond North

8 - HM Erick Brothers, Wheeling Park

9 - #18 Max Vanadia, Brecksville

10 - Will Clark, Crown Point

11 - Zach Delsanter, St. Edward

12 - HM Josh Cordio, Wyoming Seminary (PA)

13 - HM Brennan Carey, Nixa

14 - Jose Rosales, Pomona

15 - Bryson Getz, St. Vincent-St Mary

16 - HM Eli Makel, Waynesburg Central

Jersey Robb is making the move up to 215 lbs, and he holds the top seed. If all goes according to seeds, he could see either Erick Brothers or #18 Max Vanadia in the quarterfinals followed by either #10 Cash Henderson or #4 Kyle Snider in the semis. Snider was 6th here a year ago while Henderson won both NHSCAs and Fargo last spring and summer.

On the bottom half of the bracket, #7 Max Shulaw, last year's 4th place finisher, and Super 32 finalist #9 Dylan Russo are seeded to collide in the semis unless someone like Ethan Gallo, Oscar Willims, or Will Clark can intervene.

Prediction: 1) Max Shulaw 2) Jersey Robb 3) Kyle Snider 4) Dylan Russo 5) Cash Henderson 6) Max Vanadia 7) Oscar Williams 8) Ethan Gallo

285 lbs - 5 Top 20s


1 - #9 Dillan Johnson, Joliet Catholic Academy

2 - #4 Parker Ferrell, Christianburg

3 - #7 Matthew Moore, Mesa Ridge

4 - #5 Carter Neves, Blair Academy

5 - HM Leighton Jones, Brownsburg

6 - #11 Austin Foye, Palmetto Ridge

7 - HM Aaron Ries, Wadsworth

8 - Aiden Compton, Notre Dame

9 - Todd Allen, Buckeye

10 - Austin Barrett, St. Charles East

11 - Paul Clark, Crown Point

12 - Richard Thomas, Edmond North

13 - Joey Thurston, Teays Valley

14 - Sean Scheck, Marmion Academy

15 - Garrett Ritter, Bixby

16 - HM Lucas Stuerenberg, Archbishop Moeller

Joliet Catholic's Dillan Johnson is the top seed at heavyweight. He just won the Dan Gable Donnybrook and finished second in Fargo this summer. His potential semifinal would be against #5 Carter Neves or Leighton Jones if the seeds hold. 

The bottom half of the bracket features #4 Parker Ferrell, #7 Matthew Moore, and #11 Austin Foye. Moore beat Foye at Super 32 and Ferrell at NHSCA Duals although Ferrell won the Super 32 bracket that included both Foye and Moore.

Prediction: 1) Dillan Johnson 2) Parker Ferrell 3) Carter Neves 4) Matthew Moore 5) Austin Foye 6) Leyton Jones 7) Aaron Ries 8) Aiden Compton