2022-23 Illinois High School Class 1A Rankings

160 pounds

Martinez and Astacio are the most probable finals. Both have not only survived but have excelled through brutal schedules and will come in battle-tested. Altensey will be in contention as well and has the tools to take home the bracket board as well.  Gentes will be coming in hot as well and should finish high on the podium.

Tournament results: Gentes won HIC. Seed with Eastern IL. McKinney over Schwartz in Lovellette finals, Dvorak 3rd.

Notable Regional results and finishes: Martinez (1), Astacio (1), Altensey (1) and Lower (2), Gentes (1), McKinney (1) and Schwartz (3), Watkins (1), Dvorak (1), Seed (1)

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