2022-23 Illinois High School Class 1A Rankings

132 pounds

Blakely will be the odds-on favorite to win a fourth state title. Doty drops based on the dominance of Blakely's regional win. The field looks fairly wide open for the balance of the spots and the road to success at this weight may be to get cross bracketed from the Dakota standout.

Mark won HIC, Hinton over Edwards in the Lovellette finals. 

Notable Regional results and finishes: Blakely (1) and Doty (2), Hilton (1), Mark (1), Brazelton (1) and Poole (2), Edwards (1), O'Connor (1) and Lahr (2), Dial (1) and Corder (2), Moreno (1), Williams (1) and Merida (2).

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