2021 Domestic Rankings - Men's Freestyle Olympic Weights

57 kilograms

This one is tricky. I kept Gilman above Gross in the last ranking because of his total resume. However, after Gilman took got pinned by Zach Sanders he has to drop. Daton drops with him because the last time Daton competed, he lost to Gilman. Seth Gross jumps to #1 because he has wins over Gilman and Suriano and has only lost at 60+ kilos. 

Spencer also takes a big jump because the last time he and Suriano were in a bracket, Spencer dominated his way to first while Suriano lost to Vito. Suriano slots in at #3, however, because at the 2021 Henri Deglane, Suriano brought home gold and earned common opponent wins over Gilman and Vito. 

Vito stays below Gilman and Daton because Vito lost to Gilman at Deglane. Joe Colon falls below Vito because of his common opponent loss to Suriano. Lastly, Zach Sanders enters at #10 after beating Gilman. This bumped out Dylan Ragusin.

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